LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP, 3G Mobile Web, And Text To Speech

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LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP. 3G Mobile Web. and Text to Speech
LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP. 3G Mobile Web. and Text to Speech
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Chris Girard: Can someone help me figure out how to get pictures from the LG 440 and into my computer? Thanks :)

Phil Storsteen: how do you disable the speaker. I want it never to work?

torn mask: hello Mr. Shambhu, can u please explain to me what is the thin black rubber square piece that comes with the phone that's inside the discount minutes booklet used for? thank u in advance if u choose to answer my request.

semitar6: For some time I've been trying to figure out how to take a video off of this phone and save it on the com. I've downloaded the driver to do so, but when I plug my phone into the computer, it doesn't even read???

Ravula Ranjith Reddy: HI Can we use this in India ? 

Suann Alexander: thank you

sergioalpert66: Just bought this phone at Target for $4.99. They are on sale til February 22, 2014.

torn mask: great cell phone & wonderful review!

theRecONcile: Does it have sim slot? In other words, is it CDMA or GSM?

tornmask: very impressive phone. can you also show how the camcorder video works please?

bo2guy14: I CANT ADD AIRTIME!!! Ugh

Eltrio2: +bestprep11 HOW DO I SEND PICS AND VIDEOS!?!? I've been at this for a while now and it just makes me want to break something!

John Millthorpe: There is no way to transfer pictures to computer I believe. Unless someone else has found a way...

Holly Shirt: Excellent Review! How sad Tracfone markets its handsets as having features they don't! Have large campaign donations effectively removed consumer fraud from prosecution?

bestprep11: Thanks.

bestprep11: You can't do it on the phone. I believe this has to be set at the network end. You can try calling customer support to see if they can help you.

bestprep11: You can use Bluetooth if your PC has a Bluetooth adapter.

khartz100: I have another question: is there any way to disable auto-correct? Thanks!

nomadrpg: okay,thanks .I will try that . : )

khartz100: How long do you have to charge it for the first time and how long should you chagre it after that? Thanks!

William Combs: I had to call LG to find out how to activate voice command dialing. Answer: open the phone, press and hold the clr button. At the audio prompt say "call" followed by a contact name.

bestprep11: The message does appear on the external screen. You can see screenshots if you click on the link in the description above and scroll down.

bestprep11: Yep, thanks for the comment.

Holly Shirt: Carriers quit printing paper manuals to cut costs, directing us to the Internet to learn product details, I complied. I chose the LG 440G for its WiFi and Music Player with external memory and headphone output to feed music to P.A. systems. Running out the clock so we can't return them, Tracfone's lying about handset features (to outsell its competition) is company policy. Until 1970, that was fraud. Fraudsters went to jail. Why are the reviews so positive? Are they from Tracfone? .

nomadrpg: stupid question-how do you tell when this lg440 g phone is completely charged. I charged mine all day and still no icon/sound telling me it's charged fully.

nomadrpg: okay, another question I cant find the answer for- is there a way to increase the number of rings so I can have extra time to answer the phone before it says I missed the call. : )

Nancy Sternberg: i need a user's manual, tracfone doesn't include one with the phone and trying to access the manual online has been impossible for me. any suggestions,

Nancy Zortman-Jones: How do I set this phone to show the persons name on the outside and not number? I have tried everything I know. Thanks for any help!

bdhman71: like it better than my old one. but cant figure out how zoom when taking pics. works on video but not pics..

bestprep11: How do you like it?

khartz100: Thanks so much!

Moviefan2k4: This phone works fine, but it doesn't read as connected to my PC when I use a USB cable. I want to transfer pictures taken with the built-in camera; anyone know how?

bdhman71: i have this phone

nomadrpg: thank you very much . I had the phone open when charging ,and had not pulled the outside protective covering off after unpacking it. I thought I would leave it on to protect the phone.doh! : )

bestprep11: Yes, I assume you mean the predictive (T9) texting feature. Go to Create Message select Options > Text Entry Mode and select "Abc" instead of "T9 Abc".
LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP, 3G Mobile Web, and Text to Speech 4.9 out of 5

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LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP, 3G Mobile Web, and Text to Speech