LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP, 3G Mobile Web, And Text To Speech

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LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP. 3G Mobile Web. and Text to Speech
LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP. 3G Mobile Web. and Text to Speech
LG 440G Straight Talk Cell Phone
LG 440G Straight Talk Cell Phone
Lg 440G Unboxing and Review
Lg 440G Unboxing and Review
TracFone   LG440G   [REVIEW]
TracFone LG440G [REVIEW]
LG 440G Senior Settings TracFone
LG 440G Senior Settings TracFone

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jack slayer: how do you change your voicemail

francis mingora: this fhone is out of stock at wallmarts have the lg441g its good fhone its like this one
the lg441g talks to u

Lois1593: How can you block a phone number from this phone?

Stacy Miller: what does TTS do on phone>??

Ash Huesler-Wood: what is the sim card size????????

Mike Jones: Have an older model tracfone lg flip for about 6 years now, never had a problem, had verizon for about 4 years before that, I'm a tracfone convert.

Dan Smith (N2PTF): I recently left mine on my car and drove off-it smashed the screen. Got a replacement at Family Dollar for 5 bucks-good thing that they are cheap!

Francis D: CRAP!!

Esteban Cota: How can I get music in this phone?

The Salty Chip: I bought this phone 2 years ago, it was a pretty good phone. I ran out of minutes and lost the phone. im probably gonna get another one.

John Brooks: Does anyone know how to add a subject line when creating a message. I've done it before but, I forget how. :-)

J Truman: For all those looking how to disable Voice Command on this phone go to MENU> SETTINGS> APPLICATIONS(7)> TTS(4) and turn it off. That is all.

clujborn: this phone is a piece of junk.My wife and I have the same phone thru Net10 and we are sick of it.same problem.Does Not receive calls very well.We get voicemails the next day.Something wrong with this phone.Do not buy!!!

abelincolnparth: it is a mystery to me how text is entered into this phone.

Linda Easley: This is a good phone if you are budget minded. All I really need is phone service and texting ability. Dont need to watch movies or surf the net all day. Cost me $15 at Walmart.

moofushu: This phone works, but I've noticed it gets two or three bars of reception. I've read online after I got it that this was common with this model phone. Anyone else experience that as well?

Geee Wzzz: I made my own  sd slot with a hacksaw.

Geee Wzzz: Can you recomend a cheap bluetooth interface or... , so I could transfer my pictures to windows 7 laptop ?

VampireWillowRain: on the box it claims to be an mp3 player as well and be  blue tooth compatible- is this accurate? have you tested those features as well?

_Storm_ Wolf_: how can i fix the service disabled
LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP, 3G Mobile Web, and Text to Speech 5 out of 5

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LG 440g Review - 1.3 MP, 3G Mobile Web, and Text to Speech