Hoya ND400, 9 Stop Neutral Density Filter ~ REVIEW

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Hoya ND400. 9 stop Neutral Density Filter ~ REVIEW
Hoya ND400. 9 stop Neutral Density Filter ~ REVIEW
Yeah!! Liking My Hoya Variable  Density Filter- Hands On
Yeah!! Liking My Hoya Variable Density Filter- Hands On
Photography Review - Hoya ND400 vs SRB-Photographic ND1000
Photography Review - Hoya ND400 vs SRB-Photographic ND1000
Silky smooth water using a Neutral Density Filter
Silky smooth water using a Neutral Density Filter
Why should not buy any Variable ND Filter (Hoya Variable Density Filter Review)
Why should not buy any Variable ND Filter (Hoya Variable Density Filter Review)

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Damian Berlik: Ach jak pięknie wygląda ten syf na matrycy...

thatsmagnificent: hi, you say 'unsurprisingly its moved the exposure up to 30 seconds', can you explain what moved the exposure. i.e. how was the camera set up to work that out for itself? thanks very much

Mikel Trako: which one is the best? Hoya 77mm ProND500 Filter or Hoya 77mm ProND1000 Filter?

simon44: Ive just bought the Hoya ND500 and I find its not dark enough. Before I send it back can I ask why I would rather keep this over an ND1000 version? Thank you. 

Donovan80898: Did you just screw the filter on to the lens?

Jim Breeds: Even more impressive is that the filter also added in the warning post at the end of the groyne in the first photo that isn't to be seen in the setting up footage at the start of the video! :-)

chessfun: Would you get very similar results with an ND8 filter, or would it not be good enough to slow the shot down.?

Mohamed LMISSAOUI: Hello, i have a question. what can the ND400 offer that we can't do in photoshop or lightroom ?

Andrew Bryan: How I wished I'd seen this review before I bought a Tiffen version.  This had an awful red colour cast and although the company was very helpful with advice it had to go back.  Having watched this now three year old presentation I bought a Hoya ND400 and it is brilliant.  Virtually no colour shift and not a trace of casting.  Thank you Gavin.  Can you give me a tip for getting sea spray off your filter without damaging it?

Hernani: I hope you can help me. I recently purchased an ND400 at Adorama after seeing your youtube video. But a red color keeps on appearing in the middle of my image.

YoonNyeanLiew: Thank you Gavin for sharing and also to Crookedimaging. I now understand how it works. I gonna get one. Cheers

Darren Breckles: Solution: Buy one of each filter needed for the largest diameter prime lens you own then buy a set of step down rings from Amazon ( or possibly just the few step down rings you need). Primes should be fairly close in size.

Doc Brown: I am using prime lenses, love them, have one 50mm, a 35mm on order, and will most likely get an 85mm in a few months. But now a bit bummed by having to work out what filters to get... as they all use different filter threads. Is there any easy solution for this? Not going back to zooms. I'm thinking I'll only get one red filter and one ND filter. Don't want to be carrying around that many with me either, so perhaps only two filters -but for the 35 or 50mm? :-S Arrggghh

Kandi Klover: I love the ND filters, I got one of these 9 stoppers for super wide aperture video :3

Launceston CC: With raw, you can easily change white balance properties without risking any change in the images quality or sharpness, all that extra data captured whilst shooting with raw is used. In a jpeg that data is discarded. So changing WB in jpegs is trouble in the making. And of course the WB setting registers, it always is used in every exposure you use

Launceston CC: It is a nine stop ND filter, thus reducing the available light down by about 400-500 times. Thats why you cant see crap! haha make sure you frame and focus your image before you put the filter on :P

Richard Rykard: Okay I've been reading some mixed ideas on WB and RAW capture. In the video gavin announces that WB is set to daylight, but, does that play a huge part when in RAW? Does the WB setting even register since the WB can be haggled over in the processing stage?

Kashyyyk Kamino: Hello Gav nice video, may i ask you an advice? i just got the gopro hero 3 and im curious to use some filters including the HOYA ND400, but i really dont know much about it, i just would like to experiment, do you know if this filter would make kind of the same effect like in your photos with the gopro hero3? regards.

Kholio Man: Watch out you don't die from wet feet syndrome

craig199: some photographers need to risk their lifes... that includes getting your feet wet
Hoya ND400, 9 stop Neutral Density Filter ~ REVIEW 5 out of 5

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Hoya ND400, 9 stop Neutral Density Filter ~ REVIEW