4.3L Vortec V6 With Dual Straight Pipes - Exhaust Vid -HQ-

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nboldman: How loud is it in the cab at 60?

Mike Santos: Sup man. I'm getting mine straight pipped. Taking off the cat and having two pipes coming off each header.

brodie mccraney: when you cut your cats out did u somehow turn ur engine light off or is it on all the time?

EricTehRedneck: ya man, on vacation for awhile but will make new vids soon!

Ryan Murphy: is that one auto cause i drove a 06 silverado 4.3 5 spd and that was pretty tit

1flynlow: this sounds great. would be awesome with a turbo

Yohhon: Sounds good.

EricTehRedneck: @roman13w I'm going to make a video explaining the install, i'll have it up today hopefully. What problems are you running into? anything specific? I'm go going to try to cover everything from part numbers needed to the steps of installing it the video. Thanks for watching man!!

EricTehRedneck: Ive had it from early 2010-present. The only way I'd sell would be to get a sierra with quadra-steer!

nboldman: hey man, im 16 im not getting a gmc, but i am getting a 03 chevy regular cab long bed truck with the 4.3L v6. how much cab noise is there with the straights? And one more question, do you think it would sound good straight as true duals without the cat?

jordan puckett: straight pipes are illegal

MagicMan1022: Can you do an installation video?? I REALLY like that sound, and want it on mine since mine is a v6 too. Id greatly appreciate it

EricTehRedneck: thanks man

MrRedsoxnumber1fan: I straight piped my v6 and it sounds nothing like this at all.

Jerret P: Haha so I take it your cats are gutted in this video? I wanted mine to sound loud and crackley, but I don't want to jeopardize the reliability of my truck. The cats would be the only thing to cause backpressure without my muffler...

EricTehRedneck: flowmaster outlaw shorty with a 3" to 2.5" y-pipe welded after it. then put duals out the back. that would sound sick, otherwise just go with straights they sound good on the 4.3L. none of my previous exhaust mods have taken away my gas mileage either. check out my newer video called morning start up

TheCirclePfarms: Hey man, I never thought a v6 would sound good when piped. It's hard to tell on the vid, but how good does it really sound?

jacob mcafee: Yes, straight pipes are illegal. But they're never really checked. Now you can cheat like I did, I have hollowed out glasspacks. So it looks legal.

blargblarghonk: Just to point out 4L60e's are only 3 with overdrive. Not to be a pickle or anything,

EricTehRedneck: yah that's expensive as frig lol. I'll probably buy them after I buy a new spider injector for the motor. damn thing is getting hard to start I'm pretty sure my regulator is trash. It runs so rich right now that if I put high flow cats on it would probably throw codes at startup for sure.

YankeeSoutherner1945: sweet XD Ill have to make another of mine before I sell it. Lookin to get a f250 460 or 7.3

Walter B: Sounds good. Great video. Thanks.

Zach Bennett: ugliest tail lights ever :l

playamade8000: Can my 4.2 trailblazer sound like this

bloodguiltsolution: Sounds sweet

blargblarghonk: 4L60e's are 5spd? Mine has 3 with overdrive. I think you have a 4L65e.

metalicadudeguy: I have the same setup pretty much check it out, sounds good btw man

EricTehRedneck: 3'' midpipe to 2.5'' duals, really sounds sick still have this set up on my truck. doubt it would sound any better with true duals, maybe with headers. cheers man

John Johnson: that sounds good, im thinking about doing that to my 98 gmc sierra 1500 4.3 v6, did u lose gas miliage when u did that. Because i really dont want to lose my gas miliage.

EricTehRedneck: lol when did I ever say it was a 5 speed?

nick17winchester: hey man i have a 2000 GMC Sierra Stepside 4.3L the same as yours. I've been wanting to put a new exhaust on it for awhile i just dont want to get something i dont like. what would you recommend for a nice beefy sound that wont take away from my gas mileage?

bglowark12: do you know any place were i can find aftermarket headers for this motor?

roman13w: @EricTehRedneck I can take the i guess "cover' from it but then i don't know where or what screw so the stereo can actually come out. And thank's for everything.

One Step Closer: That sounds great!!!! I have a Chevy Silverado v6 and i have the basic flowmaster on mine and it sounds great but i want something LOUDER, deeper and more mean sounding. i was thinking about going with the super 10 but i dont know. I was thinking about running straight pipes but i wasnt sure. but this truck sounds great! What would i need to say to the shop i take it to, because im a girl and dont know how to do that! haha i let the pros do it. haha

blargblarghonk: Nvm sorry I looked at the guy on top lol. Tuesdays after a screwed up monday are horrible.

bglowark12: do you still have the truck?

EricTehRedneck: '97 had TBI 4.3L's for full size trucks, not sure about the s10's but if so i'd imagine it would sound even more bad ass. Get yourself a nice CAI intake, gut the cats, and dual straight pipe it if you law allows it (i just put a muffler on mine when it comes time for inspection, then take it off right after lol), would be sick. thanks for watching man!

zx8401ztv: Thats a beast :-), i can hear it from the uk without my pc on!!, lol

MRmegaVideoz: same exact truck as yours otherwise.

EricTehRedneck: I'm going to build an LQ4 6.0 and swap it in sometime in the near future, along with a 4l80e and 12 bolt. probably wont be the way I want it until I'm out of college. I love my 4.3 though, solid motor. thanks for watching

Brandon Williams: Hey man I gotta 98 sierrs reg cab n I chopped my muffler off right behind cab n just left it it sounds ok but I wonder does puttin the y pipe n tips does it chang much or should I just put super 10 series with tips?

Jordan DeWall: dude, that crap sounds sick!! me and my friend are gonna straight pipe my 5.9 360 v8 but we havent had time

EricTehRedneck: I recommend you set yours up like mine. It sounds marginally better with cats removed but, 03's have even more emissions bull crap to work around, also doing true duals is a pain in the ass unless you have a lift. cab noise isn't bad at all. check out the rest of my vids. I'm getting headers soon it will change the sound as well. thanks

YankeeSoutherner1945: How long have you had the truck?

AStaticCharacter: Thanks a lot man, sounds sick, hope you're still workin' on this truck. It's sickk

joseph gonzalez: Hey bro, do u have any pics of the exhaust set-up? Thinking about something like this on my 04, at least till i drop the 6.0 chillin im my garage. Lol

Brent Carlson: Love it! I did it to my 55 international R-100 with full 97 S-10 running gear, and also my Monte Carlo SS with the 3.8. Doesn't sound too bad either!

Joshua Adkisson: Sounds good man I was thinking about cutting my muffler off my 3.9L Dakota an Y pipe it into Duals with dual glasspacks an 4" tips. Would it sound better or as good as yours?? I want it to be loud but sound good!!

Jerret P: I literally replaced my spider injector within the last week. Lol must be a typical 4.3 problem. Mine was missing on a cylinder due to the bad injector, though. It wasn't cheap, that's for sure!

speakersGOthump: HOLY crap! sounds like a v8
4.3L Vortec V6 with Dual Straight Pipes - Exhaust Vid -HQ- 4.7 out of 5

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4.3L Vortec V6 with Dual Straight Pipes - Exhaust Vid -HQ-