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Threenger Broasd: Thats cool might i make a request for a costum set
Ixur Cafè: Have you ever made a mistake on a real tattoo and just thought like... "Crap." ?
Supernautt: yeah this system is so freaked up I cant believe it, its almost comical and im pissed cuz i waited for this game for so long tried to wait for PC verison but caved and got an xbox one pretty much for this game and am just getting into this game. I literally just heavily customized my first spent nearly 100k on an SUV for missions and whatnot drove it to my garage and tried to save it and it said garage is full you must remove an old car first...so i was like ok move my new car to the side got out and got in a car to get ride of, came back out and guess what my brand new car i just spent all this time on is gone....WTF...i couldnt believe it....the game practically told me to get out and move an old car to save my new one so thats what i did....i checked the impound lot also and not there....so i did it all over again....just emailed rockstar cuz for me the vehicles and customizing is like the MAIN thing for why i wanted to play this game...im really into cars i know most people who play gta 5 dont car as much as i do about it but still it sucks.....they clearly spent alot of time makeing such an AMAZING car customizing system it blows my mind that the whole thing might as well not even be there.....at the very least they could of made it so that the player can swap each characters MAIN car and have atleast one custom picked car to use all the time and not have to worry about.....its incredible honestly i dont think im gonna play this much if this isnt fixed
Mário Held: Mto bom é só saber instalar e isolar tudo 
Rima Atria: hi,just wanted to ask you the price of this phone. is it cheaper than galaxy y?
lupu viorel: Interrsant dar nu extraordinar...
Brian B: Idk but if you contact the website I listed they would be able to help you. Good luck.

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