Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation

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Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation
Toyota ALTEZZA. 2001. 3S-GE Black Top BEAMS Dual VVT-i. 210 hp - краткий обзор
Toyota ALTEZZA. 2001. 3S-GE Black Top BEAMS Dual VVT-i. 210 hp - краткий обзор
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine
How Toyota VVT-i system works in engine
How Toyota VVT-i system works in engine
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Review Toyota Corolla XRS 2013 (Canal Top Speed)
Dual VVT-i
Dual VVT-i
Toyota Yaris 1.33 Dual VVT-i
Toyota Yaris 1.33 Dual VVT-i
Corolla 2011 - 2.0 16V Dual VVT-i Flex
Corolla 2011 - 2.0 16V Dual VVT-i Flex
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2014 toyota yaris 1.2 dual vvt-i 0-140
TOYOTA  V6  Dual VVT-I engine
TOYOTA V6 Dual VVT-I engine

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Peteris theFish: English or gtfo

Glenn Hynes: maka higha ding ding!

Kebong De Guzman: Is it ok if u missed a gear change in dual vvt-i??

Javier Luzzi: Motor de Corolla 

ابراهيم شرقاوى: مجتمع الهندسة الميكانيكية والمحركات

Frankenslide: thats chinese not japanese u ignorant moron

Christy Bobby: Vtec loses compard to this

SapoCururu: it's not chinese, it's Japanese A98Girl

mogas: well if u don't want those Vtec, VVTi or MiVEC, just get a new set of cams.. =)

dawnnati: i did undestand very well ....yes i did :)

sahirbutt4008: @WestLosHomiez when the timing of valvs is changed the n injection time should also fuel is wasted???

kubson012: vtec forever

Balázs Fazekas: Good to watch this animation. I'm work as test engineer where this Toyota ZR VCT and OCVs manufactured. :)

Guanaco91: scion xd! =D

Jonko: Dutch is the worlds most known language...

Jeffrey Vargas: does the scion tC have the dual VVT-I??

Sahil Bhatia: who says English is international language no more than 15 nations has mother tongue Enghish in United nations \you can speak in French, Hindi, Arabic etc etc

sahirbutt4008: @WestLosHomiez ok dear no problem thnx for the knowledge...:-)

BlackmorePK: TOYOTA

Imreadingthisaloud: @kuvuakoj they have - 2zzge. Stepped bucket on the valve stem. And now they have VALVEMATIC - dual VVTI with Continuous lift, not this 6K lift, but always lifting. :P

hmong power: why can toyota put vtec on there too, k20 has vtec and varible value timing.......

luckyme namnam: The freaking video in Chinese!!!

illlanoize23: That vvt just kicked in, yo!

Terbaek666: so this is how vvt works....i thing vtec is much cooler and much powerfull than this enjine built..i love how to hear when the vtec came..sounds much better and furious..XD

JTheGuitarPlayer: English version?

nissanprimerare: VVL only !!!

Terbaek666: @iENJOIskating209 no...vtec use rocker arm to push down the valves more deeper as it reach usually upper 4500 rpm compare to vvt that only switching the cam pully...XD

Litestorm17: Which engines have Dual VVT-i? Is that the 2.4L's?

almarai185: CAMRY V6

twistedyogert: The last Toyota car my mom had was a 1990 Camry station wagon. But i don't think it's insides were anything like this.

QU1ZA5: @riceball83 friend, I speak Spanish, but i like your native laguage.

Emil Wadsager: this would have been so great in English

zimmyb6t11: What. Frkn English would be great

Damo_2j: @panggilnamaku19x that sounds like my girlfriend

Guanaco91: scion xd = dual vvt-i >=D

Bow Maboonkong: it in thailand only

WestLosHomiez: @sahirbutt4008 Im guessing no. Because if it did change then it would be a waste.

ALDO villa: vtec and i vtec is better than this

riceball83: i m Chinese, and this video is speak by Chinese.

Franco Tulusianto: any translation for this video?

rx8emperor: retard, please stop talking to me.

ericb11211: i totally understand now...-___-

madhatter786: 2zz ge??

dandim23: @iENJOIskating209 not even close

Dissez503: y put the title of the video in english when it's explained in chinese or japanese? whatever it is I don't understand it

WestLosHomiez: @sahirbutt4008 Of course they do. Do you see a carburetor in new vehicles? NO

Niwat KaewKlang: toyota namber 1

edison19920: a lot of people tell me the xrs engine and the celica gts are not the same...and can i make my vvti sound more kick hard


edison19920: to plynix ...the dual vvti can be use for racing and is the same strong as the vvtL.
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation 4.7 out of 5

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Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation