How To Use Fancy Abyss Blue LED Touch Screen Watch With Snake Skin Band

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How to Use Fancy Abyss  Blue LED Touch Screen Watch with Snake Skin Band
How to Use Fancy Abyss Blue LED Touch Screen Watch with Snake Skin Band
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Linda Love: I guess this has been out for a while. I just learned about it, but the comments are hysterical!

TheKeelster Hehe: got mine, I love ittt! Its for my boyfriend Im excited to see what he thinks c:

John Munkey: Why are nerds so afraid to talk in their videos? Unsociable freaks.

Torin Witmer: mine goes off every 10 seconds then shuts off and repeats. if anyone knows how to fix this please help

Irina Vlas: Alright there! Have you considered - Sebweb Smashing Wholesale Domination (do a search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got great wholesale options to choose from with it.

williams castañeda: burn it and throw to the river

thepigofminecraft: I cannot change the time on my watch

Notium: The manual is absolute garbage, doesn't tell you how to change finer function, just hour and time, and doesn't tell you how to use reset key. No videos or websites have this info, i am very disappointed

Pat Gurr: You get better results if you use a ball peen hammer instead of your finger.

NIHAL SINHA: my watch is not working properly , when i touch it to see the time its time starts changing time tak tak tak..... after 5min its stops , somtimes when i just hover my fingur over it, it waks up and the time is changed very fastly digits moves very fast , what should i do help me , i bought it in dec,2013 

squirrelsdotnet: I've found that the main problem with setting this watch is just that the "touch screen" is not always responsive. If you are having trouble setting the time, it is probably because yours has a bad touch sensor - and I would return it. I have noticed with mine that sometimes it responds to my touch instantly, while other times it will not respond unless I give it several firm touches. If you are having trouble setting yours and don't want to return it, try touching once to light it up, then pressing twice slowly and holding for about 8 seconds. If this doesn't work touch it 3 times and hold....then 4 times...eventually you will get the hour light to blink faster. This isn't because there is some magic number of times you have to press it, but because the touch isn't always responding, and tapping several times sometimes will make it wake up and respond. Hope this helps others.

R3DStaR: help its not working when i hold down on the watch it just stays normal

JAMMYzai: good piece of expensive rubbish...

patwill0007: - What time is it bro ? - I actually have no idea !! LOL good looking watch though ;)

clerlic: When it's 6:30, all the leds up to 30 flash instead of just the bottom one. Same goes for 2:10, 3:15, etc.

Ðreâm Ácė: I have an apple touch screen and setting the time worked for me XD

Travis Olson: The description changed my life.

GaaraOfTheSand5: @l2804l Thanks :)

RGRandom Vidz: Going back to porn,./'

triplejayvideos: hey how do you like the watch?

kushy04: @xxxTECHTALKERxxx1 touch screen for 9 or so seconds, then you will be able to change the hour. Tap the screen to change the hour. Once you are done wait a few seconds and then you will be able to change the minutes. Tapping the screen will change the minutes. Once done wait some more seconds and the time will be set. if that doesn't work... When the lights is not lighting, touch the centre of case 6 times , hold on 4 seconds when touch The 6th times, then it come into set mode automatically.

Ahmad Atwei: i need this bute i am in ksa -- pls. answer me - and ty.

rockee06: Now how do you use it when u are drunk?

Erb5020: how to you actully tell the time? i wouldnt want to go online and memorize where the dots are

aparaajita10: @rockee06 that's when u don't need the time...the black represents the time ...

Stevenson James: look on abyss led watch it is sold for 45 I think and free international shipping

ankakaCOM: Please contact for support.

ShadowWallrunner: how do you turn it on?

Kobomb10: Oh, the look of my peers faces this Fall will be great.

dkandreasprip: ok so it would seem as if there is more than one type of these watches out here, one which as the one in the video above only requires you to touch the screen once to show time and one that require you to touch the screen twice. for those of you who have the double touch screen all you need to do is tap the screen 10 times firmly and with some interval. you should then be able to change the displayed time hope this helped those of you troubling

MrsPhim: Best watch ever: "I had a few drinks, then I couldn't figure out the time on this watch so that's why I'm late...."

Janelle Largaespada: When the battery dies, how do you get it working again?

Mercer Byrd: Is it waterproof

Erik Danskine: I can't get the minutes i can only get the hours lol...

ankakaCOM: Please contact for support.Thanks.

gothicvampirefr: How do you use the watch out of the box? I just received one and it's not working. I tried taking out the batteries and putting them back in/putting it back together in under 5 minutes like the manual says but nothing is responding...

B00M3RD00M3R: @xinfected27x I don't think you can be a grammar Nazi if you capitalize every word. . .

deviantbreek: after 30 minutes i'm still trying to set the correct time...

legonerfzimdude: Does it have an alarm setting?

mrexcrete: Is there something out there which has a similar design but uses the traditional numerical display?

Kuri Gohan: 2:18

Hambardzum Abajyan: The music is great, anyone knows wha is it ?

LittleRock99: it is god damn ugly

mitchi: @ankakaCOM that really bothers me. its such a cool watch

Ryan McLaughlin: mine wont work either :(

gpsnavigators: From a wired in fan...

EverythingYGO: ebay 12 bucks

Tech Talker: ankaka, i have a quick question i have the same watch. When i tap it, it does display the time however its inccorect. I tried the methods to change the time as shown in the video however when i hold down on the watch nothing happens..Please help.

Elius: Hello, on the link it only shows the watch with a silver face/watch. Where can I get one that is black like the one in this video?

Victor Casas: After wasting time money and health learning by usung two watches like that,I, ve found out a very useful choice, probably the best and easy to do as well. If you can set property you can follow these tips, 1.- Place the whatch on any strong stone, 2. look for another stone which fit your hand to use as a hammer. 3. think about the time you can set the watch and then hit the watch strongly, few seconds after you'll be feeling like a child having his favourite candy.
How to Use Fancy Abyss Blue LED Touch Screen Watch with Snake Skin Band 4 out of 5

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Brady9364: I thought there were only 2 of them in the world
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snarky77005: I hat this commercial. I think the dubbed in baby noises are annoying.
steva30: looks like mine... I love the car BUT it has been in the shop 4 times for transmition problems....akkkkk
Zee Cee: be aware of this viehicle,(model 2009) around 40k miles tranny may go down. If u do not have manufacturer extended warranty u ----

How to Use Fancy Abyss  Blue LED Touch Screen Watch with Snake Skin Band