Berta Rotary Plow

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BCS 853 Berta rotary plow - breaking new ground
BCS 853 Berta rotary plow - breaking new ground
Berta Rotary Plow
Berta Rotary Plow
Making Raised Beds With the Berta Rotary Plow
Making Raised Beds With the Berta Rotary Plow
BCS 853 with Berta Rotary Plow
BCS 853 with Berta Rotary Plow
BCS Tractor and Berta Swivel Plow Review by Ian
BCS Tractor and Berta Swivel Plow Review by Ian

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SD Customs: BCS vs Gravely Who has the better tractor? good vid man!

Jasper Edwards: I'm buy a Belarus

Nige NZ: is there an equavilant attachment to the power harrow which they have for the BCS?

Hardwoodbuyer: Thank you for your video.. I've been looking at the GRILLO and BCS... videos on the internet.. Both of them seem like nice units.. Any particular reason on your preference of the one you have over the BCS.. . I'm still learning.. ..Looking for your opinion and any others... strengths and weaknesses?

Michael Guadagnoli: I am on my second season with one of these running on a BCS 853.  I have even used it to dig trenches for electric lines and drain tile.  Fantastic machines for the hobby farmer, even if you already have a 4wheel tractor.

JOSE CARLOS Destro: showw

chuck chaney: it would.nt take much to lose a leg on that contraption........

Mike Strothotte: I can't believe you are demonstrating this wearing first!

susan dowling: my husband just got his today ,out using it now.

jr: do you wish you had the grillo131 instead of the 107?

AJKandK: Your bar tires are running backwards.

jimmy5F: The show starts at 5:45.

AccuracySpeaks: Excellent!

jr: where are your boots ? lets be a little more safe .

Sprankmaster: Seriously, great video. I couldn't help noticing your American Bulldog, blue scrub pants, and appreciation for agricultural. You should watch my American Bulldog Tater video to see your doppelganger. Not me, just the guy in the video. I think you two must have been separated at birth. Cheers.
Berta Rotary Plow 5 out of 5

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Berta Rotary Plow