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*Updated* Walther P22 FDE Review
*Updated* Walther P22 FDE Review
SHTF Walther P22q What Ammo Is Good/Best?
SHTF Walther P22q What Ammo Is Good/Best?
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lawdog89: I saw that they sell P22 and P22Q magazines. Any idea what the difference is?

moey nolala: Hmm I brought one of these yesterday just out of the blue,and I was wondering why mines looked different than the other ones I've seen online 

MyNewTVNetWork - My New TV NetWork: A Very Good Video about the Walther P22Q Pistol by Carl Walther

TheJhaley12: I got this for my girl friend and one thing I do not like about it is the safety is exactly opposite of what it should be, to my experience when S is showing that means it's on fire but this is not that way, you click the safety to fire to have it on safe which i believe can cause a lot of confusion.

Bon jour: Thanks ! What's the difference between this new model and old ? (p22 or p22q)

Jody Colquitt: I have over 10,000 rounds through mine with absolutely no problems, only ammo it will not shoot is Remington golden bullets, they're junk. Even my ruger 10/22 doesn't like them

SaintNobody: Thanks for the updates, SnM698. I bought a Walther P22 (not P22Q) and used 1917-1911M's Walther Bible for the fluff and buff. That summer, I ran better than 3,500 rounds through the gun without significant issue. I would expect it to shoot 10,000+ rounds, but liquidated mine at the end of the summer. I'm wanting to buy another one as a gift. How would you say this weapon compares to the P22? Do you think the P22 Bible would be effective on this sidearm? Thank you for the effort, sir.

Chad Hurley: I have some questions about buying an extra mag. for my Walther p22. Looking on e-bay the mag sellers have a "WAF 22002" or a "WAF 22000". Whats the difference? Will a P22Q mag fit my p22? And what about the improvement that Walther made to the mag. to let it auto chamber the rounds without sticking. The serial No. should end with an "A" or a "B" as stated on wikipedia. And why do some sellers offer the mag for $18.00 buy now and others want $50.00 for the same mag? Really need answers.

KevinFish556: 4,000 rounds through my P22Q and no issues. Federal and CCI

J Rad Man: Do you have a concealing holster for this gun? I can't seem to find one that custom fits the new Q model P22.

Gunsource: Yeah I do still love it. I shoot it all the time. It's cheap and fun. It still works great.

Kyle Norton: Do you still like this gun now that you've had it for a while? I see a deal up on slickguns(.)com for one of these for $360, and I'm thinking about getting it.

AmmoPlus: does the slide still crack?

ConditionLefty: That grip was actually developed in about 1999 by Radom when they modified the Walther P99- eight years before H&K released such a grip. H&K still rocks.

Toyman07: You had to glue a part on? Damn you weren't kidding about the build quality were you? I was looking for a cheap .22 for my youngest daughter who is about 10. I'm thinking a Ruger SR22 may be the better choice and get a threaded barrel for a suppressor.

Toyman07: You want a good .22 plinker do what I did get a Sig .22 conversion for the P226 or 229. I got mine for my 226 and the sucker eats everything I feed it and since its a conversion I can switch it to my original .40 or my drop in 9mm conversion barrel. And everyone knows a Sig P226 is a quality pistol. A bit expensive tho I admit in all total everything came to about around $1400 US. But hey several pistols in one and built to last. I can't complain.

Wangan300: so the p22q is the model with the updated chamber lip and the rear part that slides over the hammer along with the wavy looking grip instead of that sharp boxy grip?

JakeAshley88: Hey man you'd be surprised how reliable these things are. I've had my walther p22, just regular p22 not the p22Q, going on 2 years, and it's a great and reliable gun. I've never had a bit of trouble out of it, knock on wood, LW lol. Idk how the P22Q's are, but i do know the p22 is a great gun. The only beef I have with it, is I have to adjust the sights every once in awhile and sometimes it will stove pipe (not eject the used round properly or load up the next round)

AmmoPlus: is the slide potmetal?

SnM698: The quality is probably similar to an airsoft gun. Don't think this gun will get passed down to your grand kids because it wont make it there. It is just a toy for shooting cheap. And it is great at it's job. It's so fun to shoot. I shot the m&p 22 and it was more accurate at longer distances but not as fun to shoot. This feels like a bigger gun but shoots 22lr.
Walther P22Q 5 out of 5

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