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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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MrTonyoftheDead: awesome stuff bro!!!! I'm subscribing!
thegezar: wrong ret paly pve dps is very bad compared to others
coolcat001100: Man, I loved playing the original Diablo. I got Diablo II a month or two ago to see if it was just as good, but I just wish it worked on my computer. I think my computer is just so advanced that it looks at this incredibly old game and thinks "Heh... no. I have standards, you know."
Indra Ida Bagus: Actually air above wing and under wing doesn't reach the and in the same speed/together.
Victor Luis: it freakin happens
aduka1985a: Does this camera has a manual focus in Video ?
♦ RaulixLopezMC / survival y reacciones! ♦: gracias a todos por apoyarme en esta reaccion :D pero recuerden que tambien hay otras reacciones en el canal ademas de gameplays y mucho mas ! GRACIAS A TODOS :D y a alcanzar los 10,000 views !

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