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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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mememojo: steel core ammo is armor piercing
prdc999: Muito loka, se fizer umas modificações como pintar de preto, coronha, diminuir a bitola da munição, a força fica maior ainda. Parabéns.
Jk Ayson: Nice car :) btw does hemi cudas come with airconditioning system????
DicloniousXzero: to be honest, this kid looks kind of spoilt, why does he need this size of tank? and its not a 150 gallon tank, its about 112 metric gallons which is about 130 US gallons :) unless you have a sump and if thats so, thats a small sump for that size of tank for it to be worth it :) and again, you said your '1 INCH OFF" a cube lmao, do they teach maths at school still? a cube is the same all sides being 36x36x36 :) 36 x 36 x 25 inch would not be a cube :) not moaning at you just making corrections
Yahiha Hassen: dude freak you im trying to activate the passport while i bought a used game and so it tell's its expired im trying to get the 2014 one here
andrew michael: I just bought and assembled this antenna this past weekend. I am thus far really impressed with it. One thing that I didn't like was that the hardware has been updated several times since the instruction manual was printed, minor annoyance having to figure some things out for myself, but it wasn't too difficult. 
alexander della vedova: Fusion 360 is better and for slicing repetier with cura engine

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