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Ishtelte: Az audio borzalom.. De am köszi a véleményed,nagy valószinűséggel Ford mondeon gondolkodom,Titanium.
Nopa Sitna: หุ่นกู น่าเย็ดกว่าค่ะ อีดอก
Poor Redneck World: To the person interested in the mustang2 on the 1:30 mark of my video. Im sorry. The owner of the lot wont sell this car. So hear is a brief explanation of what is and not for sale. Any older FORD stuff is off the selling table. SORRY. He says there are some things he would rather have the cars than the money. The mustang 2 is in that list. Cars truck that are GM, DODGE, CHEVY, CHRISTLER, and ALL Forign is up for sale ready to sell. He is also selling off all newer frount wheel drive. SOME shrystler is not avalible. Just have to go on a car by car basis on that. Hop this helps some.
Silentwolf10uk: by the way what do u use to record im doing a diabolik lovers more blood shu translation and i use camtasia which wont pick up game audio and i dont really wanna find music each time to replace the silence.
thefinegals: Great video! Love it<3 Could you check out our beauty channel sometime? :)
Liliann31: Omg your such a gorgeous pretty girl! !! Love your hair T_T so shiny and long too!!
turntechGodhead: oh my god that dutch one though

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