HowTo Setup Permissions For MC Server. Works For Bukkit (for Tekkit Get PermissionsBukkit)

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Swen B: can you give a group ALL permissions standard? (to 1 group)

Thibau Verberckmoes: Can you do a video for a owner permissions and for normal players 

Seb Rob: thanks 

Jonny19191: OKAY, where the hell do I buy that black box that you freaking use, and have no freaking reason explaining how you got it. The black box with the text/.

Indy Bori: Hey m computer is so weird and I was wondering if you have a Skype or something that you could go through step by step with me if not that's ok but if you can I'll subscribe

Den2467: I want to set permissions for what people can craft or not and also my friend couldn't build on my server please help

theminecrafter897: help i'm trying to create a group called VIP but its not letting me!!!

Maguz: hehe thank you!:) Btw if you are using this on a tekkit server, get PermisionsBukkit instead. I found out later that this particular plugin caused my quarries on a tekkit server to not work at all! However, using the permissionbukkit plugin is like 90% and if you do get it, the defualt config file will have some examples of how to set it all up in the same way, good luck! and if you need help with ANY plugin while tryin to use permissions or anything permissions at all lemme know n ill cover it

Krillin Bitch: any toutorial that does not mess up my server (permissionsex ruins the commands)

Monkatore: Whats your wallpaper? :P

Nathan Gray: My mods folder is clogged with all the mods from the tekkit modpack. What do I do?

Maguz: For blocking or allowing of specific crafts you will have to search for a plugin that will allow this to happen @ bukkit(.)org. There has to be one that does this, once you find one that has permissions nodes just add them in as needed, it would prolly be somethin like, the default group has (for exmaple) 15 items blocked from being crafted, and then ur VIp group can have only 5 of those items banned, with admins having no items banned or something. I know it's possible, just dunno what plugin

Canh Lam: You made this video at 6 in the morning, that's dedication man!

Jonny19191: at 1:35 it just magically freaking appears there, wow, you suck.

Maguz: hurray for gamerscore :D

Maguz: well thank you :)

Shirley Justice: a jav exception has occurred what is this erroe do you know??

juleZtigers: good job i'll be giving that a go cant wait for your next vid on spawns and stuff keep up the good work :)


SamBoy991: Very Detailed Video. You Earned A sub!

ADEdge: Thats nice, but... what about people who do use quarries?

supergangsta1998: essentials all the way!!!

DerpymegustaHD: Your Random Swallowing Is SOOO freaking Annoying.. sorry

Maguz: For your friend, make sure he has true rather in his specific player permissions or make sure he is in a group that his this node set to true. If in game, you can type this in to fix it /perm player setperm playername true /perm reload

Maguz: part 1 ) Mmk.. well i'll be honest im not sure what the problem is, but what ID do to try to figure it out is the following: Try settings up a new and completely seperate server with no plugins at first. (just rezip the server files from technicpack(dot)net/tekkit into a new folder) Once that's done do your launch.bat stuff and when the console is open see if you can type anything.

Shirley Justice: dont use quarries no bother

Brian Alvarez: I cant use pex when i do pex group member create in the config it says unknown command


PlayTheGame: It ist ChatManager, i think

tekkman boxmb: a can you help me i got a server and i want Mod and Admin. and if you r not op you can not brack blocks, im a newbie,,, can you help?

Maguz: Oh woops, here i'll give ya a link in a PM inna minute for ya!

Thebeardedorphan: hey one question i think its working but how would i get the tags to show up in front of my name so if i tyoed something in chat it would say [Admin]Beardedorphan

Maguz: i found this one in google images under "tekkit background" i think this was quite a while back so it might be hard , i dont even have this file anymore but i did have permission to use back then

Aidan A: doesent matter now i got it fixed just had to delete permissions folder and start a fresh

Maguz: Hrmm , strange, what kind of Server are you using. Bukkit or tekkit?

Maguz: Thanks for the critisism. And I totally understand. Sometimes i try to manage video length vs taking a breath :P Thanks for subbing. As i find out more kool things with subs I'll be sure to letcha know :) Do you think perhaps it be helpful if i added a blip to the video with the actual commands im using that stick around for a bit?

Sam Pentin: non ops cant break blocks PLZ HELP


juleZtigers: hey Maguz what would i type in the server launch thing to stop my NewMember using worldedit?

Aidan A: dint know if ill sound like a noob here but its both, tekkit server with plugins

RulezTheDragons: How can i block normal players from using the NEI screen to spawn stuff in. I want that to be something reserved for the Admin(Me). I use the commands for several things that need to be done, but no one else should be able to use them. Also need them to be blocked from going into creative mode, or messing with the times. Basically anything on the NEI screen, except for recipes.

Shaun Leo: how do i make it work with paidRanks?

Maguz: yar, i mostly just use energy collectors now anyways, ill use quaries early early on, but once i have enuff for energy collectors i stop wasting time on quarries except maybe one at maximum size but even then. quarries however DO work with this perm plugin, but they DO NOT WORK inside a region protected area if ur using world guard or w.e

Maguz: This may be because you have it set in a way that you need to give people permissions before they can beak blocks n stuff, feel free to add me on Skype @ maguzex and I can look over your code if you copy.paste it to me

SilverMCSilva: help me plz, when you write pex group Admin add permission.* it apperars the commands, but when i do that it only shows permission "permission.* added to admin

Maguz: I'm not specifically sure, but generally what I would do if I were you, is go back to the paidRanks download page on bukkit or w.e and look for the dev page, get yourself familiar with the permissions nodes for the bukkit plugin if any, then set up your permissions.yml to include these nodes for each user or group. if thereIsNoNodes see if you can find another way to set it up the way you like or perhaps even, see if you can find a permission-node working bukkit plugin that will work with perms.

Zer0Skillz: u just got a SUB :D

BlijfEric: I am OP in my own bukkit server but still I dont have permissions to do ANYTHING.. I checked the plugin ''groupmanager'' and it SHOULD work... but it doesnt... help please?

ManCracked: made a development build tekkit server ip:

Maguz: aww dude, thanks so much for your support! it means alot, like i said in an annotation if you are using this for tekkit servers find and download PermissionsBukkit add on instead otherwise your quarries will fail to start. Don't wurry tho the codes is like 90% the same, so what you learned from this video will still be good to know for using PermissionsBukkit plugin instead. I'll be happy however to cover it specifically and give you the codes to copy paste if needed!
HowTo Setup Permissions for MC Server. Works For Bukkit (for tekkit get PermissionsBukkit) 4.8 out of 5

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HowTo Setup Permissions for MC Server. Works For Bukkit (for tekkit get PermissionsBukkit)