Rear Shocks And Coil Springs - 2000 Honda Odyssey

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Rear Shocks and Coil Springs - 2000 Honda Odyssey
Rear Shocks and Coil Springs - 2000 Honda Odyssey
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Tony Elamparo: Great video! did you ever change out the coil spring insulator. if so where did you purchase the part?

Tan Nguyen: Good video, dizziness watching

Fran Leysath: Man.....we wanted to see how you removed the spring is it under compression by chance did you video that part? Could you post it please ?

peachferrari: And also like most people on the internet you don't know the difference between silicon and silicone.  Overall good job though.

SergSpace: Thanks a lot! Your video gave me a confidence. I replaced 2 shock absorbers on Honda Odyssey 97. But in my case. there were no cables attached to fork bracket, where spring goes. In my case, the upper part is connected with 2 bolts, which are held by nuts, which I could reach from inside of car by removing a plastic cover after folding 3rd seat row and removing spare tire. It's easier than sounds. By the way, my spring seats weren't worn as yours, but I replaced them anyway.

SergSpace: Perhaps, you were looking for Control Arm bushing but this one is not.Try e-bay for"Strut Mounting Bushing" I had the same problem with squeaking and I saw the same bushing wore off on my 1997. I went to 2 shops of Autozone, 2 O'Reilly stores and Honda Parts. The last one could recognize the part and order it and 1 man from O'Reilly. Others had not a clue. Anyway, check e-bay "Replacement Strut Mounting Bushing". This should be it. In my case, replacing shock absorbers, stopped squeaking.

copycatproduction: I hear scraping with a full load on my 95 honda ody. I found the control arm bushing is worn and the control arm is scraping with the rim. Right at 2:10, That bushing just above your foot is worn on my 95 honda ody. I noticed it is not part of the Control Arm, and mounted onto the knuckle. Cant seem to find that bushing anywhere, or at least the name of it or part number. Can you help me locate that bushing so I can replace them. Local Parts stores here are Oreillys, Autozone, and Napa.

forseeit: Shocks are probably shot, so the van is just bouncing on the springs. Either that, or your dad is gunning it over teh bumps just to make you bounce around in the back.

forseeit: Just the bushings at the bottom of the spring - if your obsessive or the bushings are cheap. I went with no bushing on bottom of spring, and see no bad effects 2 years later.

showmethedammovie: I am about to do the same job. You recommended bushings or anything?

James Crowton: Awesome video!! I had both my rear coil springs busted so I replaced them and replaced my shocks. Took my 4 hours to do both sides because I had to mess with my rear swaybar links, I only have heat and penetrating spray, No air tools just deep impact sockets and a wrench.

forseeit: @MrYankeeplayer - happy it helped. It's one of those jobs that sounds a lot bigger than it turns out to be. Fun to tell others about though: "Yep, changed the shocks and springs on the van...special equipment needed?...Ohh yeah, LOTS of tools...big job..." (don't mention the "stomp on it with your foot 'till the spring comes free" part - it takes the magic out of it...)

forseeit: OdyClub? - Yes, I'm a member - probably any Odyssey owner who has ever had a transmission problem or "side door not opening" problem (I think that cover everyone) has at least visited OdyClub - super helpful site. I didn't post a link there to this video (I'm lazy) - but will eventually get around to it.
Rear Shocks and Coil Springs - 2000 Honda Odyssey 5 out of 5

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Rear Shocks and Coil Springs - 2000 Honda Odyssey