Review Stone Wave Microwave Cooker As Seen On TV

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Review Stone Wave Microwave Cooker As Seen On TV
Review Stone Wave Microwave Cooker As Seen On TV
Stone Wave Review - Epic Review Guys
Stone Wave Review - Epic Review Guys
As Seen on TV: StoneWave Microwave Cooker review
As Seen on TV: StoneWave Microwave Cooker review
StoneWave Cooker Reviews
StoneWave Cooker Reviews
Stone Wave - Official As Seen On TV Commercial
Stone Wave - Official As Seen On TV Commercial

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DanceLeena: this product is completely get stick and difficult to clean ...fry pan always rock...

MSUfan529: I like mine, but I wish that the lid would lock on. I've broken 3 lids and I'm to the point now where if I break another one, I'll just throw out all the bottoms! I use it a lot--poached eggs, small reheats. I wish that the stores here would have kept selling them. Now I can only get it online and it is hard to receive parcels where I live.

keke catty: you crack me up! in a good way. Thanks for sharing!

NaomiShops: Thanks so much for sharing.

SuniGirl 17: i got one at dollar tree what is this i have never seen this before

MrsClasdeArce: I just bought mine in Dollar Tree, I wanted one for  a long time but initially they were too expensive for my budget.  I happened to go to the store and there they were for a dollar so I bought eight. Haven't tested them yet but saved two for gifts. 

Mike Prangs: Great review ! Love the non stick stoneware product!!!! Heee. I guess the usual caution is recommended;Buyer beware! But then for $8.00 what do you expect?? From other reviews seems like can be used successfully for other things.Have fun and enjoy!

Brian Taylor: My lid fits better than yours. :) I'm curious and I was looking to find out if the glaze contains lead or anything else that may be harmful. I recently learned that many ceramic dishes of slow cookers do contain lead. Very important to know for the health conscious.

sueishere25: Thank you so much for your review. Have you cooked a potato in it?

Chocolaterain2471617: Mine slides out just find!

Thomas Holman: Needs to be larger. I had hoped to warm soups in it, but way to small for my cambells tomato soups

Joey Branham: I just received one as a gift for Christmas and have never heard about them before, partially due to never watching TV.  Your review helped out a lot, but do you have any other videos on making any other of the recipes?  I would love to watch before I try them out.  Let me know.  Thanks.

Scott Russell: So, I sent my secret-Santa an email asking for this "gadget" for Christmas because I would really like to have eggs without using oil.  Poaching them in water is a bit time consuming and this thing looked like a swell alternative.

Secret-Santa came through as expected.  However, I have mixed reviews about the  product.  Unfortunately, my poached eggs must be cooked to long.  The yolks cook hard before the whites are completely cooked.  The flip side is using it to make scrambled eggs/omelets is a nice substitute to a greasy pan.

Charles vanBlommestein: I received aStonewave Microwave cooker for Christmas.  -  I am eager to try any and all recipes in it.
I am a Single man who cooks any and all methods, styles and types of meals.     I have used old-timey (most from 1960's and older) "Pots-n-Pans" all my cooking life.  <-This was until I bought a few SALADMASTER(r) Cooking systems.     Still aiming to use more cooking methods, I am using my new Stonewave to cook (as advertised) Gourmet meals.
Aside from poached eggs, a few cakes or other single-serving ideas, what potential recipes am I overlooking?  -  The included manuals offer (I feel) a limitation of Meals to cook in the 4 inch vessel.  <-Does this system come in Larger cooking (size) vessels for full Meals?

And - for those of us who think outside the pan / box, technologically, how does this Stonewave-system work?  <-I am seeking more meals to cook in this device than those mentioned in the brochure.

lvlover58: the lid was made not to fit. Since the pot is hand made the sizes will very.... 
I have one and so does my roommate. His is almost 2 inches wider than mine...

Jack Mehoff: I bet its made in China too just like every other product! China will soon evade!

calamorico: Based on another review, it seems to be best for a 2 eggs omelet. I just purchased one @ Ross for $6.99, I think it will be great for my oil free diet.

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech: I actually do like it.

JDavid334: I would suggest buying it from wal mart, they have a as seen on tv section.. so at least if you don't like it you can take it back.

Mary Ann Bonneville: so do you still like it
Review Stone Wave Microwave Cooker As Seen On TV 5 out of 5

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Review Stone Wave Microwave Cooker As Seen On TV