How To Make A Homemade Bio Filter For Your Pond That Really Works! No UV

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How to make a homemade bio filter for your pond that really works! No UV
How to make a homemade bio filter for your pond that really works! No UV
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Zachary Hanson: what size pump do you use?

Virtualhiccup: Actually it appears that you are filtering too much. A healthy goldfish and koi pond has to have beneficial bacteria to not only help keep the water clear but also to protect the health of the fish. You have at least one sick fish there, (the one twisting and turning at the bottom--flashing.) A healthy pond is supposed to be green with algae to a degree. If you stick your hand in there up to the elbow and can still see your hand, the pond is healthy. You need to quarantine and treat your sick fish so that the entire pond doesn't get diseased. Or simply treat the entire pond with medicine. Also, plants are awesome for fish ponds as they provide not only oxygen but also fish food. BUT...the plants have to be non-toxic to fish as koi and goldies love to eat them. That could be the reason that your fish got sick before from the plants, not because the plants harbored parasites. While keeping the water crystal clear is great for us humans so we can enjoy watching the fish, it's not good for the fish themselves. It is possible to over-clean a pond. I know what I'm talking about, having raised goldies for a couple decades in an outdoor pond. They actually thrive on less than perfectly clean water. Other than that, I love your filter idea...but plants also provide filtration for your water.

sissy murphy: I clean all the soil off plants I buy that go into the pond and dip them a couple of times in peroxide and water and then they go in a holding tank with an aerator and plant food and then after 2 or 3 weeks I plant them in 100% clay kitty litter and then they go in the pond .

Anderson Chang: Plants usually will not harbor aquatic parasites, and if you feel that they do, you can always do a quarantine and flush of them for a few weeks. There are probably gill flukes in this pond. One of the fish is knocking on gravel; the parasite is irritating, but not fatal. 

Chris Kerwin: your fish already have parasites dude.

Tony Bui: yup, parasite infected. Fish is flashing

jiarealty: Try netting over the pond rather than electric fence. Try a diffuser rather than letting a powerful stream of water going directly in one spot into the filter (not maximizing the entire filter surface area). Fish looks sluggish in the pond with one fish flashing (parasite infection). Other fish sluggish may also indicate serious parasite infection.

Stephen Craig: Do you have a pre-filter on your pump? I have a quiet one 3000 pump for my 260 gal pond and if I don't use a pre-filter it will get clogged.Every once in a while I will have to clean it out because it does get clogged or slow flow.I like the flow that you have on yours.I have a youtube video under pond filter if you'd like to check it out to see a better visual.

arcadegamer117: awesome set up!

RichardB1985: I see that your something fish sick is

Jodie Bonfrer: try an venture on your outlet where it enter the water

TheJWolfProductions: Nice set up. What type pump? GPH?

Soper79: Agree with this line of thought. Everyone has the right to setup their pond the way the want it. But to put out there that you're anti plants for fear of parasites then at the very beginning of the video we see a koi that's flashing and has a parasite problem I found pretty ironic. Also not a huge fan of the electric fence. It takes away greatly from the beauty of the pond. I'd suggest simply getting some traps and relocating them.

Jeremy van wichen: you said you stapled the shade cloth together to make a carbon bag, that's a big mistake. you don't want any metals in contact with your water because it will poison the fish.

Richard Wilfong: there is no carbon in a bio filter, it will kill the good bacteria that decomposes the waste in the filter.

Layhle Lovely: VERY CREATIVE!!! I love this idea.

David Deyllot: so you put plant for not using drugs on the water, but then you use drugs to kill what is making the parasites? lol

tazno1: Great setup despite what miyagijoe says. are you still using the green garden hose? i only ask because they are known to leach lead and mercury in to the water.

Hiwa Puu-Wood: Mahalo :), for sharing, your bio filter system works wonderfully. It's been overwhelming in making 2 slider turtles & iao fishes happy. I live on the desert part of Maui and the algae from waste and sun. AWE!! (burden) for ol'wahine. With a tight budget. I just down sized your set-up for my little pond. It's day 4 and already the difference is beyond. I appreciate and I am so grateful that you shared. Mahalo :) Hiwa
How to make a homemade bio filter for your pond that really works! No UV 5 out of 5

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How to make a homemade bio filter for your pond that really works! No UV