Top 10 Ps Vita Games 2013

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My Top 10 Best PlayStation Vita Games
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Top 10 Best PS Vita Games of 2013
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danny salazar: BONE TO FART

Rachelle Goraya: as3

Mario NVS: persona4goldenfreakingbestpsvitagameforeverdust514crapp4gbestrpg2008-2014

Tyler Lopez: The ps vita is an amazing handheld gaming system. How can you complain it mean the graphic are great. It's powerful I have so much fun and I can play for hours. Killzone, need for speed, MLB the show, injustice, mortal Kombat, madden, uncharted batman plus many more and it's growing.. All these games are just fun plus many more that you can download . They got an huge indie market on the store. I'm not really in to those games but I mean hey what can you say the more the better. I mean it's just fun. Not to mention the remote play for the ps4 is awesome. Netflix is great on it. I take my vita everywhere I mean I'm not a gaming freak but but I love it I effing love this device. If you skeptical about getting this device I wouldn't think no more get it and give it a chance. What can you complain. Yeah everything are gonna have some cons but this HAND HELD DEVICE HAS MORE PROS. It's amazin

Dsevn: Killzone is the best bitchesssss

Felix Frost: dude killzone is better that black ops declassified Ive played both

Ethan Sims Boxing: How is cod declassified better than persona

MagicAye17: s

GamingMad24: Does dust 514 have multiplayer on ps vita ???

ChiTownNekst: That line up was good enough to make me want to buy a vita previous videos I'd seen just secured my thought that my I pad 4 was all I needed for mobile gaming but this definatly shows a better side of the vits

conor kane: song?

ÁtomoTrix: name music song?

GeyLord: Dust 514 fail :(

jaxon gas: That isn't even coming 4 the vita

Eduardo Gª-Almuzara: cuando me compre la ps vita esperaba que sacasen juegazos, no mierda rara japonesa, de las cuales la única decente es gravity rush, y de todos los que hay, los unicos buenos son little big planet,need for speed most wanted, assasins creed y poco más, a ver si sacan el gta v para la vita o un battlefield, algo a la altura de esta consola

Gentlman Darkone: What is dust 514

Sam: I hope that the idea for a gta for vita becomes reality

DerZalandoBote: Killzone MErcenary.... The Final game is really different from the beta and the trailers and stuff , but AWESOME

st-tches: Yeah, KZM hadn't been out at the time either, and Dust 514 will (sadly) never come to the Vita. The companion app is what was (Or is going to, not sure if it's out yet) going to be released for the Vita. This was a very... uneducated... list.

Bojan456: Vita needs kh. Kingdom hearts drop distance, dun
Top 10 Ps Vita Games 2013 5 out of 5

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danny salazar: BONE TO FART
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Top 10 Ps Vita Games 2013