Review Of Martha Stewart Knitting & Weaving Loom Kit

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Review of Martha Stewart Knitting & Weaving Loom Kit
Review of Martha Stewart Knitting & Weaving Loom Kit
Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit Review
Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit Review
Tips & Tricks on Martha Stewart Crafts Knit & Weave Loom Kit
Tips & Tricks on Martha Stewart Crafts Knit & Weave Loom Kit
Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Kit Review
Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Kit Review
Opened Martha Stewart Loom Knit and Weave Kit by Lion Brand
Opened Martha Stewart Loom Knit and Weave Kit by Lion Brand

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Marcia Rachel: bonjour pourriez vous me dire le prix s'il vous plais? je suis folle du tricotin mais en france c'est très peu courant encore et je ne trouve que des tricotins basics

amufarreh2007: Does the round loom big enough for adult hat?

Elida Murada: i keep reading from others about putting tissues in the holes and it helps ....nòoooo this is not right we paid good money to enjoy looming on Marta Stewards but there should be a recall back regards if you have or not its a piece of crap

Elida Murada: i really am so sorry i had bought this as the hook bend right down and the pegs keep pop up what a piece of crap no wonder Adelaide no long sells this i rate this as 2 out of 10

Maria Hernandez: yes it is a bad boy!..bad quality loom pegs pop off its not worth the money they should do a recall I should have kept my receipt and returned it .

Claire Bacchi: I just bought the Martha Stewart loom because you can change the gauge to the size thread you are using. I also bought last year a expensive board loom. I have the Knitty Knifter and another brand of plastic looms. To me I don't want to be limited in what I make. I must have the ability to change the gauge. If I want a super bulky scarf and hat that I'd loom on the plastic looms that's great. But I want to knit socks and dish cloths as well, which requires a smaller gauge. I am new to all of this myself. The scarfs and hats were sent up North to friends and family. I don't need them in Florida. But I love the old fashion dish clothes and socks our grandma's made. So I guess what I am trying to say is don't be restricted to a specific size loom. That's why I would suggest the Martha Stewart. I think you can make socks on her too.

c&m: I love my loom but I want to up grade I was thinking about get that cine I think I mite. If u want to see what I make u can go to my page.

c&m: Thanks

Micki Brisbin: I love the versatility of this loom kit.  I do not like the way the pegs go in.  I find it hard to put the pegs in. They are not even when I put them in.  I find that I have to force them in.  This is the only thing I don't like about the loom kit.

Ellen Hofer: Not even as easy as it looks. The pegs kept popping out.
I purchased it at JoAnn's although they are also at Michael's.
I got it for around $17 with a 40% off coupon.
These things were so frustrating I went back and bought the Knifty Knitter looms that come in many sizes and shapes and because the pegs are permanently attached it was much easier to use.  Hint:  Don't pull the yards to tight or they are hard to pick up and over the pegs.  There are also several loom weaving books at Michael's and a whole lot of projects and easy instructions and pictures for each. 
Don't waste your money on this cheap Martha Stewart item. 

Virginia Blackwell: Well I'm going to try this and I hope that I can learn to use it every day to make a lot of things I'm going to Walmart on Friday wish me luck. Virginia

Kimberley Dunphy: I bought this kit yesterday before reading the reviews... I don't like the way the pegs keep popping out but I see the comment previously about putting tissue paper or yarn into the hole and it fixes it.  I will have to try that, otherwise I will be returning it.  

MsEnajaseret: I bought this loom kit today. You must have gotten lucky with the pegs. It is very slow going and the pegs are always popping out. I don't think people should have to modify the kit to keep the pegs in. I think I will return it.

Melissa Plumley: Video was blurry

Jason Wirtzfeld: how much does it cost?

LiLtinee: I just bought this loom.  I haven't used it yet (just got home from Walmart).  I have other looms but have wanted to get this one for the weaving and different configuration possibilities.  I hear a lot of people say they don't like the way the pegs pop out when you're using it, but some said that if your pegs are loose you can put tissue paper or yarn into the hole and it fixes the issue.  Thanks for your review! 

gabriell thomas: I bought one of these last week I've already made a hat & scarf , but my pegs won't stay in & my hook broke

Shann Hall-LochmannVanBennekom: My daughter bought this for me a year ago on Black Friday for under $10. I loved it at first. I made a baby blanket and several practice things. Then in May, I decided to make an Afghan. With just a few rows done the pieces started breaking. I super glued it back together and it worked for a short while before breaking again. Then the pegs kept falling out. This year she gave me the round looms and I've been able to do things much faster. Though I wouldn't pay over $30 for it, it was well worth the ten dollars.

mosslynn: I bought the Martha Stewart Knitting and Weaving Kit and returned it 2 days later..about 20 of my pegs were broken at the bottom and when I was working on a hat a lot of the pegs popped out. I ended up getting the All-In-One loom and I love it.

Lori H: you make me dizzy but very informative thank you
Review of Martha Stewart Knitting & Weaving Loom Kit 5 out of 5

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Review of Martha Stewart Knitting & Weaving Loom Kit