Meet The Admin - Minecraft

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TheButterMiner AF: this admin runs his server like an @$$!

Herp Derpson: The asshole

Nina Meza: That is stupid -_-

Epicgamer898: Is the admin a kid?

craftxbox: I think the admin is the griefer and the griefer is the admin

Snowolf Owens: (walks in front of my friend) Banned

LuigIan2000: The jokes are so predictable, but it's still SO funny

AJNINJAGO19101: that is the meanest and worst admin ever

The Animal jam best contest: Meet The Noob

Laya rebustillo: No girls on the internet? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! D:<

Erick Miller: This is more like meet the pickle admin no afence

EvenspillerMc- Norsk: meet the mom

ShadowMaster021: BANNED!

Chaotic the Gaming Hedgehog: And this is why I like single player

norchaaa: admin -i'm such a good admin. me -he he true that pal :D but I've created 2 stored dirt house today at tekkit all with extras :D

Carpool Tele: WORTS

Michael Witt: banned!

Lyra Heartstrings: Please tell me what the BGM is

deadpoolmc wilson: stupid retard

LeonTG77: Don't anyone get that this is like alitle joke xD

Cedrick101: Hes like every admins on every server....

Gold Mario: Your not a good admin your a moronic idiot

Xander Dacanay: The admin is very DAMN STUPID

ShokhWorld: This is why I never go online

Naomi Kim: he runs like poop

TheSuper AsianMan: The prick -_-

Paul Paniccia: The greifer should be the admin

the EPIC enderman12121: hes the worst admin in minecraft

Sheryl Alejandro: he's a griefer,so mean and stupid

Brisk Lloydavator: The admin is a freaking pickle AND a noob

Kittykat Milashka: Hahahahahaha good admin) THIS IS NOOOOOOOOB

How Do I Type?: Meet Mod Mark

RyanMc8: Thx admin pickle

Aleps0219: I've met an admin like this

cameronsimpson04: hmm.... is it medic?

retroledeom: This should be renamed "Meet the goat".

Hunter Vander Linden: Was this sniper?

amofuno: Sounds about right

Mangos world: Lol

Liduvina Elizalde: Meet The Pwner

Rex Neolyse: To all mean ad mins u guys r pickles (no offense)

kirsten nylander: wow the admin in that server is an idiot he destroyed that player work on building that castle and then he just destroy it and really he can make a house pff as if he is like a noob

ALEJO GALAN: i wish that there were no admins becuse they bann

Donart Plays Games: So fun!! xD

Dennis Lokey: Oops

maddy leichty: That admin is mean!!!!!!!!!!

Grantcfo L.: Meet the ServerOwner with SKYDOESMINECRAFT and friends like minecraftuniverse/trumu

KiesandNoob: Wow that just about summarizes every admin on every server ive ever played, except for like 2 admins who were ACTUALLY NICE

Eddie Dombrowski: Trolling in a nut shell. I'm into single player as well.

Anthony Nguyen: If the admin builds like that all the players should be admin
Meet The Admin - Minecraft 4.7 out of 5

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TheButterMiner AF: this admin runs his server like an @$$!
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Meet The Admin - Minecraft