Meet The Admin - Minecraft

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SadGhoster87 | PokeSpriterAce: This reminds me of Emberwhite from the Kastia server. Say a message twice? MUTED. Kill a player more than 5 levels below you? BANNED. Get stuck in a hole and ask for help more than once? KICKED. Invite too many people to your party? BANNED. Say something impolite or swearing? BANNED. Talk down to someone? MUTED. Kill him? PERMABANNED.

Chaotic the Gaming Hedgehog: And this is why I like single player

AJNINJAGO19101: that is the meanest and worst admin ever

MAGNUS R: um well the admin cant ban but he can kick only owers ban

Jasper V: this video is racist for admins

norchaaa: admin -i'm such a good admin. me -he he true that pal :D but I've created 2 stored dirt house today at tekkit all with extras :D

Epicgamer898: Is the admin a kid?

twotailedavenger: Every admin on MinecraftCraft

BlockRage: The Admin And Then There's This Asshole =========

Canadian Bacon: This is affensive to so many sever owners

Laya rebustillo: No girls on the internet? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! D:<

Turnabout Akamia: Brotherhood of Nod insignia at the back wall of that last building? lol

EvenspillerMc- Norsk: meet the mom

Nina Meza: That is stupid -_-

-Oce Plays MC-: the admin is an asshole

Surfin Turd: banned!

Erick Miller: This is more like meet the pickle admin no afence

Dhamari Williamson: The worst admin ever

ShadowMaster021: BANNED!

CrunchGaming: BAAANED

Dan Oracle: i think i just saw the definition of the words MINECRAFT, SERVER and ADMIN in this video

EestieGaming: That's why i never play on servers :D

RadDevVan: Yup, dis is da beest adman evva!

ThePsychoticCow IRL: Worst Admin Ev... BANNED!

LuigIan2000: The jokes are so predictable, but it's still SO funny

Snowolf Owens: (walks in front of my friend) Banned

CoolMages Pedro: I think Meet the Admin should be Meet the Hacking Admin Impersanating Griefer

Alien MilkShakeTV: It's a shame that this is actually how admins are like on a lot of games.

DatCrazyGamerGuy (DCGG): Please tell me what the BGM is

craftxbox: I think the admin is the griefer and the griefer is the admin

Jeremiah Barnes: Admin: This Video Is BANNED

Herp Derpson: The asshole

Matthew Casillas: I HATE THAT ADMIN!!!!!!! HES A NOOB 

Alex Martin: Worst. Admin. Ever.

Sean Kearns: No, HE IS THE COMPLETE OPPISITE (if i spelled it wrong srry)

larz sesante: admin is STUPID

Nick Gable: And he always says BAN! witch is annoying

EzpadaZS: I was owner of a somewhat big spanish server (200 ppl on always) until i shutted it down, This video described me in the building part XD, i'm so bad building things...... (not everything i can survive, but my buildings are, and will never be, the best). but the part of banning everyone is not that correct. yet.

Bleffen og Timberland01: Meet the HeadOwner

Carpool Tele: WORTS

condoesminecraft: Your the worst admin

Zurgarhu: Wow.......this is why you never OP noobs :)

TheEpicRobloxian AF: this admin runs his server like an @$$!

UnknownTeenageWarrior: That's the best admin ever if i met that admin we would talk... ABOUT HIM GETTING BANNED

Marc Dainiel Geron: You need to BANED your self XD

Ender Talios: Child admin in a nut shell 

Henry Asano: "Baaned!"

The Animal jam best contest: Meet The Noob

billyjoe parker: no girls on the internet!

Elle Miles: Umírám tu :DD
Meet The Admin - Minecraft 4.7 out of 5

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Meet The Admin - Minecraft