Meet The Admin - Minecraft

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Ro Bot: admin is mean


Joshua ????: PrebzOgDennis

Databyte Mystry: This admin is bad

mordici 1990: HEY bad admin ever HATE YOU

TuMatar: Sounds like Almanos from the Minebox server. Heh, worst mod ever.

Zach So: Ahhh all the 10 yr olds who wanna be admin and take this crap with no humor makes me cringe

‫גיא המלך‬‎: worst admin ever :~:-D

uToxicCake: My favourite

Raven Maglonzo: ah for fox sake delete admin

Cape: i remember watching this back in 2011 this crap was the bomb to me

The Blockheads ELECTRICITY: Oml xD

Khang Pham: WTF


ZoombieFart: This is a comedy video retarded 10 year olds...

Leslie Perez: The reason i disliked it is NOT because i didnt like the video. It was funny, but i think i could be a better admin.


kennybee kenny: The admin shouldnt Grief and ban

Your Old Ty Hill: I would pm the owner of minecraft if he was the admin

Chuglet: all the people who dis-liked are passably minecraft admins
Meet The Admin - Minecraft 5 out of 5

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factbook2 factbook2: we got dumb ass #1 and stupid ass #2 AKA YOUR BOTH IDIOTS! (you cant get away with it now)
Steelnpurple: @mochichu8 Over those two I prefer the Neutrogena one. But I have since this video found a new fav which is the Boots no.7 lifting & Firming foundation. I have a review up on it. :)
HLSGaming: How do you creep the car slowly when going to junctions without stopping and setting the gas and clutch?
Government Liquidation: Sorry about that, it does go by a little quickly! We will see what we can do!
bnza10: boring
Wais Kuba: give him a sponsor for freak sake
skinny720: I found some! YAAAAS

Meet The Admin - Minecraft