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MAGNUS R: um well the admin cant ban but he can kick only owers ban

CakeBuilder Playz: <---Do not click here

SadGhoster87 | PokeSpriterAce: This reminds me of Emberwhite from the Kastia server. Say a message twice? MUTED. Kill a player more than 5 levels below you? BANNED. Get stuck in a hole and ask for help more than once? KICKED. Invite too many people to your party? BANNED. Say something impolite or swearing? BANNED. Talk down to someone? MUTED. Kill him? PERMABANNED.

Dan Oracle: i think i just saw the definition of the words MINECRAFT, SERVER and ADMIN in this video

AJNINJAGO19101: that is the meanest and worst admin ever

The Fite Show (ToonTown): XD Toonbook mods in a nutshell... If you know what I'm saying you are amazing.

TheGamingGeneral: There really are some admins that so that they suck :(

Erick Miller: This is more like meet the pickle admin no afence

Jasper V: this video is racist for admins

Canadian Bacon: This is affensive to so many sever owners

EvenspillerMc- Norsk: meet the mom

CoolMages Pedro: I think Meet the Admin should be Meet the Hacking Admin Impersanating Griefer

Chaotic the Gaming Hedgehog: And this is why I like single player

RadDevVan: Yup, dis is da beest adman evva!

Connor Clarke: HE IS A GREEFER he only became an admin to ban stuff!

-Oce Plays MC-: the admin is an asshole

BlockRage: The Admin And Then There's This Asshole =========

NatureGoddess: You should do "Meet the hacker."

TransparentCoconut: that voice.

New023: Copyright LOLOLOL

Epicgamer898: Is the admin a kid?

jesus lopez: the admin is a noob,stupid,a d!ck adn he sucks at minecraft...WHO THE FCK picked this dude for admin XD

craftxbox: I think the admin is the griefer and the griefer is the admin

Matthew Casillas: I HATE THAT ADMIN!!!!!!! HES A NOOB 

Alex Martin: Worst. Admin. Ever.

Sean Kearns: No, HE IS THE COMPLETE OPPISITE (if i spelled it wrong srry)

larz sesante: admin is STUPID

Nick Gable: And he always says BAN! witch is annoying

Laya rebustillo: No girls on the internet? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! D:<

ThePsychoticCow IRL: Worst Admin Ev... BANNED!

Herobrine xander: Epic love your videos can't wait till you are on my channel! 

Brendon Nguyen: The admin in this video kicks and ban people for nothing

Aiden Sunkewaste: BANNED!

Dhamari Williamson: The worst admin ever

Freddy Fazbear: The asshole

Nina Meza: That is stupid -_-

DeadPool: Well...Its like a Grifer admin

Lloyd Hunat: That admin shouldnt be an admin because he banned them for no reason and anyhow ban people

xX CreaperReaper Xx: I'd find where this guy lives and kill him.


Nick Gable: Does it really matter what build it is or if it matches it so he's a terrible admin then

Spartan Buddys: #worstadminever

Carson Chang: Possibly the worst admin

samantha murray: meet the nerd!!

Quentin Romanin: that's a TERRIBLLE admin

mamachita linda: what a mean admin

M og T: LOL


Rob Haines: because i farted get it beaned

Meet The Admin - Minecraft 4.7 out of 5

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Meet The Admin - Minecraft