Meet The Admin - Minecraft

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Ro Bot: admin is mean


Joshua ????: PrebzOgDennis

Databyte Mystry: This admin is bad

mordici 1990: HEY bad admin ever HATE YOU

TuMatar: Sounds like Almanos from the Minebox server. Heh, worst mod ever.

Zach So: Ahhh all the 10 yr olds who wanna be admin and take this crap with no humor makes me cringe

‫גיא המלך‬‎: worst admin ever :~:-D

uToxicCake: My favourite

Raven Maglonzo: ah for fox sake delete admin

Cape: i remember watching this back in 2011 this crap was the bomb to me

The Blockheads ELECTRICITY: Oml xD

Khang Pham: WTF


ZoombieFart: This is a comedy video retarded 10 year olds...

Leslie Perez: The reason i disliked it is NOT because i didnt like the video. It was funny, but i think i could be a better admin.


kennybee kenny: The admin shouldnt Grief and ban

Your Old Ty Hill: I would pm the owner of minecraft if he was the admin

Chuglet: all the people who dis-liked are passably minecraft admins
Meet The Admin - Minecraft 5 out of 5

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Adam Ruse: R.I.P Jeremy Morris. I'm glad the jazz got to see the love you had for thier team. In this his favorite moment he was happy to be apart of the Jazz family. You will be missed and thank you Jazz for letting us be apart of the team.
Woo: I think Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are without doubt the best DIVAS/KNOCKOUTS around
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jeff Vega: is your whole family vegan? how old are you?

Meet The Admin - Minecraft