Bleeding Shimano BR-M575 Brakes

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Bleeding Shimano BR-M575 brakes HQ/HD
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amstudio: My method is easier and quicker

Josh Bevis: Holidays Greecehotels

Adolf Hitler: porn music

Craig Rogers: Hmmm, 1:53 when the syringe is fitted, the pipe has air in it.  Push the plunger like that and it'll fill the system with air.

Kenneth Chew: great video.. most comprehensive i have seen! good work..  one thing, please leave out the cheesy background music next time :)

Dmitry Khimoroda: Awesome guide! Followed it and the brakes operate again. Many thanks!

Bixio Rimoldi: Thanks a lot. My brakes were no longer effective, but after following the procedure you describe they work great.

Outpost Omega: thanks a lot! ordered that tool and did everything like in the video. works perfect! thanks!

thePavuk: I have them too, and front 180mm disc can catapult me from seat with one finger pull. Just that bleeding doesn't look user friendly like SLX/XT.

Alex Gynnild: LOL Mr know n´do it all. Bleeding´s easy... and if you can stop on a dime, you´re going to slow ;) Piston leak showed to be my problem (not uncommon with these brakes). And if you think I´m saying stupid things, why do you need to point it out instead of sharing you great wisdom as the bike mechanic you are?

Josh Davis: Im a bike mechanic and to compare the braking force of a cantilever to these brakes is a joke. I just finished a successful bleed and I was able to stop on a dime using just one finger... maybe you should learn how to actually bleed and adjust hydraulics better before you say stupid things.

krush59: what do I do with the "old" oil in the funnel and the bag/bottle after the procedure?

neonbluen851: the voice sounds kinda like the guy on "How It's Made"

Alex Gynnild: Thanks a lot (very quick response :) :. Won´t waste time or money on these then. Looking forward to being able to go absolutely mental instead of having to be careful. Best regards

Jimmi Jagged: Hello Alex. These brakes are terrible. I suggest you replace them with M596. I have those now and its like poetry braking with 1 finger. Best regards

Alex Gynnild: Anyone have experience with improving the stopping power on these (different pads and bigger rotor)? I´ve bled mine and i´ve never been so disapointed. My bike with cantilever brakes will kill it any day in a brake test, even if i do it one handed vs two handed.

Alex Gynnild: Nope

juancapitan: thanks!

Jimmi Jagged: Hi. I've tried few Shimano Non-series brakes just after bleeding and fine adjusting and were snappy responsive except my M575. Mechanic needed 2 hours to set them right. After one 30km drive brakes were loosing power, air bubbles in system and so on. Really for your own safety buy M596, which are not that expencive and they have a lot of stopping power. Shimano M575 are rubbiesh. =S

Hairy Redflapps: I've re-adjusted the caliper after bleedin by loosenin the bolts, applyin the brake so it aligns itself onto the rotor, then slowly tightenin the bolts up. As i used a spacer when bleedin the pistons were pushed back so when i refitted the pads they should of re-adjusted themselves also i believe??? I looked online & alot of people have said Shimano brakes have a bit more travel than others, I'm used to my Magura rim brakes havin low travel, about 20mm. The Shimano has around 30mm.
Bleeding Shimano BR-M575 brakes 5 out of 5

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Bleeding Shimano BR-M575 brakes