397| Twist & Curl Tutorial CURLS Creme Brule, Kukui Nut Oil And Passion Fruit Paste

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Pretty Clarinet: I really love this style that you have done in this video. I am going to try this method. I love doing bantu knots in my hair it last for about 3-4 days but i am going to try it this way.

Pretty Clarinet: I see these products in walmart Is it good to use on transition hair or natural hair. I am looking for the paste i hear its wonderful for your edges. Mines so think I need something to hold it down better the olive oil edge control doesn't hold that long

NaturallyCe1209: my hair is type 4b and i've been natural 18 months and have shoulder length hair now, and I still can't get a nice bantu knot!! No matter what products I use or methods, tried them all. I do love this look, think i will try this tonight! Love your channel btw, been a follower since I was transitioning! :-)

Игорь Чугунов: Hello! I'm Hannah.I did -30 lbs in 1 month.Go to hddiet.gs\#wgag

Petite TJ: At Target in San Diego.

Amber Coxfield: I can do this using Shea Moisture too right. I love it. I have to get flexi rods. The y have those here in china.

snugglez41685: Looked for this at my local Walmart in NY and couldn't find the products :(

mysmilewow: All I see in this video is your little ones face.

curliefro: That came out beautifully :)

girish sahu: wow super cool dude. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from this website on behalf of me. be mature and do this, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy :) >-> bit.ly/12nGoTP?=kopobn

ashes4beuty: so does the paste get hold all day or does it get oily like jam by the end of the day???

The Modesta: Glad you shared this, my bantus come out funky too. I will try this method *crossing my fingers*.

constanceao: aww it's not at my walmart here in California :(

Chel 95: ooh ignore the question mark

Chel 95: awwwwhhh thanks and i will be doing that and i cant wait to see growth?

chocodeluxe: I love the curl control paste!

Fleurdelis35: Your hair is beautiful. I always enjoy your vids. I also use the Creme Brule and Passion Fruit Control Paste, and right now I'm using the Goddess Curls Botonical Curls Gel from Curls along with the Creme Brule. The two together are great, and it gives you a little more hold than just using the Creme Brule especially if you live in a humid area.

CHOCOVIXEN85: that stuff probably smells great

msdeev1: Oh did I miss one? You took your sew-in out? What was the progress ? Will you do it again? How was your hair when you took it out?
397| Twist & Curl Tutorial CURLS Creme Brule, Kukui Nut Oil and Passion Fruit Paste 5 out of 5

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David Stoll: see the description for the "before" video
Kapski NL: Nice video and very nice pictures and video.
Really like it.

Alex- Chan: La mayoria de personas lo busca...
HifiCentret: I wouldn't exactly say that the 20''' Ideal burner sips fuel... But it's less than an Aladdin.
I do however think you should look at a Kosmos burner too. I think the 14''' isn't much shy of a 20''' Ideal and in many respects even better. Especially if you have a lamp that fits a Sans Rival glass.
I have a few kerosene lamps among them a Stelton 100. Prohibitively expensive outside Denmark and even in Denmark they're expensive but a local hardware store had them at sale one time at less than half price so I bought One. Well the point is not the lamp but the burner. As standard it's equipped with a 20''' Ideal burner. While it do get pretty bright it's also quite heavy on fuel and when blowing it out the flame spreader which can be faintly red hot is warm for a fair amount of time so it gives quite some fumes. Having a smaller lamp with a 10''' Kosmos I thought why not try a 14''' Kosmos in that lamp. The bulge look of the Ideal may better suit the lamp but in just about all other respects I think the Kosmos is the everyday winner. I haven't noticed any decent in light output. In fact I even think it's a hair more and perhaps even a little whiter even though it's a standard burner glass (no room for a Sans Rival). Can be part of it is because of the way light is distributed in the lamp suits the Kosmos better. Using a little less fuel than the Ideal and only very limited fumes when blowing out.
I'm looking for a lamp which is easier to refuel. Have my eyes on a DHR stainless Galley lamp. It's available with either Ideal or Kosmos burner (same base thread) but based on my experiences I think I'll start out with a Kosmos and a Sans Rival glass. I can always try the burner from the Stelton 1001 to compare light output - but of course changing base doesn't do anything about the fumes when blowing it out. Using a longer burner glass may help a little on both fumes and overall light output as that lamp has no length limit but all in all I don't think difference will be so much. So I kind of think the Kosmos will remain my favorite. A shame though that they don't make the Kosmos with such a nice wick raiser as the Ideal though.

Unique and Hilarious Username: lol the end of the flrst flashback in the episode played a song that sounded exactly like the walking dead theme it was funny

397| Twist & Curl Tutorial CURLS Creme Brule, Kukui Nut Oil and Passion Fruit Paste