How To Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival

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Tom Keir: Good effort.

van cass: to make it a true rocket stove add an internal can, and use a "spam" can rather than what you used :-)

Kevin Finkel: if you figure out how to incorporate a wire rack on the inside and keep the lid unaltered, then that would be fun.

impactajuvenile: Don't burn galvanized metal, the fumes are very toxic!!!

Gary T: if it works it works, very portable, light, this lil cheap stove could save your life ina survival situation I'm sure.

Eddie Schirmer: that looks like Galvanized metal... you should be Super careful of that...

DEADIN: всім привіт

Duggy Dugg: First attempt rocket stove

Rhisiart Gwilym: Ingenious little stove, but it's not a Rocket: No insulation; riser too short for the cross-sectional area. Right proportions and insulation are essential to get the full Rocket effect developed over many years of both theoretical study and practical field-work by Larry Winiarski, Ianto Evans and their many collaborators. Don't re-invent the wheel. Study their work. Try this first:

Also see this  PDF for the basic, well-evolved design principles of a genuine Rocket, which will work at much higher temperatures (because of the essential insulation), with complete clean fuel burn, and therefore great fuel economy:

And no, don't use galvanised steel anywhere near high heat. Or burn the zinc off first, whilst standing well upwind.

WSNmin: No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known - JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

Gen Eric: If you put the lid back on, it will reach boiling temperature much quicker.

Mike Jones: some type of insulation placed around the barrel would burn more the wood gasses and get less smoke and need less fuel.....peace my friend

amackey313: looks like you stole that knife from Mad MAx. Dig the vid

dascooker: modified meat cleaver! Cool. One could survive down on the shores of the mighty Hudson river banks with these items for a nights stay. I like it.

mockingmoose: Are you a hobo ?

vgg huu: Very nice stove. For urban survival knowing how to turn some of the infinite amount of junk laying around into a stove in a good skill to know.

justclickgo: I made one out of the galvanized metal and it killed two of my friends... Thanks.

envirosponsible: Yeah man! That's an excellent idea. Keeps the current set up light and utilizes what can be found. Thanks for sharing that.

Kakashi101sensi: For a true rocket effect you have to have the stove insulated to reach the high heat inside that instantly heats/drys/ and com bust the material in its "fire" area. I would suggest to keep that design and just kick/pack some dirt around that. And call it as you have a portable/micro rocket stove, just add "substrate", which could be dirt, sand, etc....

Devon Blacksmith: Insulation is not necessary for a clean burn, check out the DK rocket stoves Quick to heat up, clean burn and quick to cool
How to Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival 5 out of 5

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How to Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival