How To Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival

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How to Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival
How to Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival
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Rhisiart Gwilym: Ingenious little stove, but it's not a Rocket: No insulation; riser too short for the cross-sectional area. Right proportions and insulation are essential to get the full Rocket effect developed over many years of both theoretical study and practical field-work by Larry Winiarski, Ianto Evans and their many collaborators. Don't re-invent the wheel. Study their work. Try this first: Also see this PDF for the basic, well-evolved design principles of a genuine Rocket, which will work at much higher temperatures (because of the essential insulation), with complete clean fuel burn, and therefore great fuel economy: And no, don't use galvanised steel anywhere near high heat. Or burn the zinc off first, whilst standing well upwind.

саня короляк: всім привіт

Duggy Dugg: First attempt rocket stove

Duggy Dugg: neat ...i used a 4" tee turned on one end with a soup can flattened for the shelf very well ..

envirosponsible: You're probably right. I have an extension that I'm going to try on it to see if I get the rocket effect.

amackey313: looks like you stole that knife from Mad MAx. Dig the vid

MrJoeyBoombotz: The burn chamber is not high enough to let containment of the fire to increase heat to burn smoke which is 8-12 in above the fire. The galvanized steel used is dangerous. Use 3, 12 in aluminum stakes for a grill top and use a digging stick to dig a dakota fire hole with an 8in hole on top, 16in deep and 16 wide at the bottom and a small air feed 24in from the center of the fire hole dug 45 degrees. The cone shaped fire hole increases heat as the contained fire rises with almost smokeless result

Glassman TV: Nice design! I'll have to make one. I actually made the worlds smallest rocket stove out of glass in 2011. Check it out sometime!

dascooker: modified meat cleaver! Cool. One could survive down on the shores of the mighty Hudson river banks with these items for a nights stay. I like it.

jermlac: Where did you find that small stainless steel cup and lid?

Logan Butters: @keesurt Ive got my eyes on a crow myself!

newtubetubetube: That duct material is galvanized and will produce very toxic fume when you heat it. Use sheet of stainless steel, which will be cheaper because is is a raw material.

LeonRFpoa: that's tight

Ryan Johnson: if that's galvinized it could kill you if it's heated

envirosponsible: Good call outback. I think you're right.

echosixnoble: neat

envirosponsible: @RonRay I call it the Crow.

Rhisiart Gwilym: Not a rocket. No insulation. Needs an outer can wrapped around the burn tube, with AT LEAST an inch of wood-ash, vermiculite or perlite insulation. Fibreglass no good; melts. Ratio of riser tube length to cross-sectional area of burn tube too small. Needs to be 2-to-3 to one. Whole x-sect area throughout tube needs to stay constant, but can change shape. This means a too-cool, smoky burn. Handy little camping portable though. Does the job well enough. But be prepared for strongly-sooted pans.

2dividedby3: Really cool idea man! I'll definitely give it a try if I can, good stuff, thanks for the vid and take care!!

LLuE88: Not to disagree with your stove, I'm still wondering why so few don't make these a bit higher relative to the loading and fire elevation? Because the fire would be so much more forceful, easier to light, easier to control the temperature/amount of flame with more draft. Think you did a fine job with what you started with as a finite starting point. regards,

Ken Johnson: I would not use galvanised steel as the zinc fumes coming off the heated steel could give you a case of “metal fume fever”. Not deadly but it will give you 4 bad hours of fever and chills. So don't use it if your inside a closed room or tent.

LeonRFpoa: I may have said it before but that is frikkin sweet

justclickgo: I made one out of the galvanized metal and it killed two of my friends... Thanks.

Devon Blacksmith: @outbackgear Aprovechos own research show that insulating rocket stoves make very little difference to the efficiency at about a 2% improvement.

Devon Blacksmith: @hitachi088 How small does physics say a rocket stove can be ? I have had much success in building rocket stoves of all sizes from this small one in the above video to very large ones like my rocket stove oven also on my channel.

OZme Bush n' Blade: Good work on making such a stable compact package! How is the rocket effect? It seems to be getting but little difficult to tell from video. I had problem getting proper rocket effect on one I made as could not see much difference between wood gas stove and the Rocket stove I made so wondering how it is working with your stove.

ExtremeTeam2010: Excellent design, thanks for sharing! It's spurred me on to an idea I'm trying, similar to yours with some mods. I'll post with it when it's completed, if you'd like :) In your vid, at around 23 seconds, your feeder shows an arched wire inside. Is this to lay the wood on for air flow underneath, or another reason? And do you suggest the feeder be at the base for air to feed the flame; middle; or near the top to allow ash to drop down inside? Love to see a how-to vid on this, thx again! :)

SurviveN2: That's a nice idea for a stove, thanks for sharing. Take Care :-))

thesimpleoutdoors: Hey, great project. My history with rocket stoves has proven their unbelievable fuel efficiency. Do you think yours would be even more efficient if outgases could escape unhindered just under the pot? You seem to have plenty of intake air, but I could not tell if it was exhaust vented sufficiently under the pot. Just an observation...What do you Think?

wow sly: its good, i like it :D

Solem Aris: KICK ASS KNIFE.....great idea and very useful...thanks for the video

W Themim: I think this 's only a wood stove , not a rocket stove, your pot turns black from incomplete oxidation, thanks for trying.

drewhon: Nice video thanks

skecanj: Practical, fairly easy to make... good job.

outbackgear: Rocket stoves are usually insulated around the burn chamber and stack. This design is more hobo stove than rocket stove. Thanks for sharing through.

micsolaire: Good job. But when you put the pot filled with water, can the smoke escape ?

Patrick Floyd: Where did you get the cup with lid? I cant find a similiar one on Google or eBay, I love to have a few though. Nice post, keep them comming!

envirosponsible: @TheWendingRoad I bought them at an army surplus store. They were used by the Canadian military for holding magazines.

pistonar: Never mind. I saw the answer in your comments about it.

apples13able: Cool stove, because it's not insulated it will cool down faster when you are on the go, also you could just add chimney to it using cut out bean cans for a bit more draft or shoot some air into the air feed if you have a foot pump or other air blower contraption. I'll be looking for ss cans. Thanx for posting!

keesurt: when will those wolverines be available?

TheSonofthunder7: Very nice, what do you use as a fire starter for your rocket stove? I though about maybe half of a wetfire or esbit tab that should get some wood going so you can have coffee on those cold days and get some food cooked.

fatpius: niiice

RonRay: This is a great idea! I'm sure you lose the vent/jet action with the loss of insulation and chimney height, but you certainly gain portability and ease of use. What is the brand/model name of that knife/hatchet? That is really neat!

Kakashi101sensi: For a true rocket effect you have to have the stove insulated to reach the high heat inside that instantly heats/drys/ and com bust the material in its "fire" area. I would suggest to keep that design and just kick/pack some dirt around that. And call it as you have a portable/micro rocket stove, just add "substrate", which could be dirt, sand, etc....

MrJoeyBoombotz: For Urban survival a 32 fire brick rocket stove is great or a dakota hole if you have your own yard.

armouredcockroach: Great little stove for some reason text arrived but not the VR feel free to resend my best. Roach

Gen Eric: If you put the lid back on, it will reach boiling temperature much quicker.

Devon Blacksmith: Insulation is not necessary for a clean burn, check out the DK rocket stoves Quick to heat up, clean burn and quick to cool

KenshinBattousai374: Be very careful heating that duct material. WHen the galvanizing heats up high enough, it will give of fumes that can easily give you metal fever. Which is lethal.
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How to Micro Rocket Stove - Urban Survival