Kasparov Vs Deep Blue - Real Time Commentary By GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)

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FichDichInDemArsch: Yasser Seirawan is not fit to lick Kasparov's shoes.

Spiriev Peter Alain: Very good video! Thanks! The great Robert James Fischer should be proud as the video shows his ultimate supremacy in chessworld as a player , which was in reality in fact !
I like Spassky most in the chessworld, also Mr. Karpov is nice, Mr. Portisch is professor ! Thanks Mr. Yasser Seirawan! What about Michael Tal is best in 1960? I like the style of Smyslov and also Botvinnik, Please may you offer me some real disk to buy 'not online'. I can send you my adress and can you send disks I can buy here? I would like to buy traditionally by post not by internet. Thanks in advance, grandmasters!

Seymore Butts: he looks a little like Borat here!

menemme: a woody harrelson clone that guy on the right

MoodiFLEX: Yasser is passionate towards chess, which is why he says things like "disgusting". He complimented Kasparov a lot in the documentary about Deep Blue, so don't think he has some personal grudge against Garry.

MoodiFLEX: Kasparov the GOAT.

SuperLalulalu: now try that with stockfish.....

tutube998: No A4 king. Oh!?

tutube998: NOT! LOL

tutube998: White should try to mirror blues moves!! What a riot!!!!

Farzy Aqili: i luvvvvvvvv yaser    big fan from iran\

boogiecakes: this makes boxing boring!

CT2507: lol...this Yasser guy comes across as rather arrogant. the way he goes on about disgusting movements from Kasparov is a bit much, and then giving an example supposing the computer would make 2 bad moves is a bit stupid. why even attempt at giving examples expecting 2 bad moves from the computer so early in game?

idiotic comments from this sniveling snake. this video is more about how much this creep hates Kasparov and trying to promote himself, rather than giving a good and objective commentary on the game itself.

Jon Scot: freaking annoying commentary, we don't need the camera constantly directed at the commentators it's about chess not the commentators,  keep it on the board.

Zex Konjina: He was trying to get the computer out if its opening book. Because computers use opening "books" too. They aren't fast enough to compute perfect moves on the fly in the opening. They use precomputed moves at start, saving the time for mid game.
Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997) 5 out of 5

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didokiuchukov: AHD done this 9 years ago :)
Calamity556: You guys are hilarious. Subbed.
Beezle TheTwizzle: I thought at first that you were deaf.
JohnCena158: wwe vs tna game plz
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Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)