Kasparov Vs Deep Blue - Real Time Commentary By GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)

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Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)
Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)
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ensayofr: Yasser accurate comments. People do not know him.. that's why maggots nowadays complain about him

boogiecakes: this makes boxing boring!

Jon Scot: freaking annoying commentary, we don't need the camera constantly directed at the commentators it's about chess not the commentators, keep it on the board.

McStroke Griffin: Disgusted. Lol. 

roswell1965: ...and the air was heavy with the aroma of Vitalis and Grecian Formula 16

waxythread13: Right... now show me Gary commentating one of Yasser's games ^_^. by the way houdini often doesn't agree with Yasser's opinions.

Stipica Ključe: ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him /▌ all over youtube / \ so he can take over and return the old comment section

CT2507: lol...this Yasser guy comes across as rather arrogant. the way he goes on about disgusting movements from Kasparov is a bit much, and then giving an exmaple supposing the computer would make 2 bad moves is a bit stupid. why even attempt at giving examples expecting 2 bad moves from the computer so early in game? idiotic comments from this sniveling snake. this video is more about how much this creep hates Kasparov and trying to promote himself, rather than giving a good and objective commentary on the game itself.

CT2507: lo... the expert pronounces fianchetto wrong... what an expert. ;)

Hall Newman: Kasparov said that IBM may have cheated, but if we are to go by the comments in the video, Kasparov committed several blunders that could have been avoided. So surely, some, if not all of the blame, lies on Kasparov's shoulders.

soulofthebang: People say this is boring but I don't find it different than people talking about fundamentals in basketball or Taekwondo.

DavisonIncorp: I think the issue here is that they're assuming the computer can be "confused" by strange moves. Whereas the computer is doing nothing but calculating "how many moves to win and how from this position" every single time.

pinko pallino: if all the moves are disgusting mybe he should play...give me a break

elbobdude: I love his use of the word "disgusted"

Joseph Zimmermann: This host is always trying so hard.

Arnold D'Souza: Nice video! Question: How is it 'real time' if the analysis is being conducted much after the game?

BlackSN8K: finger-bang!!!

GrandmasterJoel1273: This video looks very interesting! Im thinking of buying it! How much is it?

Ashley Oakes: Okay, if ads keep popping up I can't see the board. And Youtube, I gotta watch video ads in the middle of stuff now, not just at the start? Thanks a heap.

montezumasrevenge: My furry mustache and I were DISGUSTED with Garry Kasparov and we spit on his chess skill.

jaco schut: true but the computer also calculates the opponents moves and so if you place a tread the computer cant ignore but is easy to deal with and when you as a player then find a way to turn this into an advantege you "confuse" the computer. but ofcource the computer (if its a good one) calculates this too ect ect. so in the end it kind of dependes on the intelligents of the computer if your able to confuse it. just like with people :)

jonoderidder: If Selrawan ever got a rating like Kasparov or beats the top computer he can call moves "disgusting". Before then, its disrespectful

aWild Wookie: Yasser is a Legend

Лествичник Звериње Куће: gg,hit us up with some Svetozar Gligoric games=)

drpwn100: I'm sorry, but I really really dont like the commentator without the mustache, I dont want to sound mean, but his accent/ lisp is bugging me

ciprianoroi: 15:23 'The computer should be really happy.'

FearDeniesFate: Nice video. Hope to see more of this. It's a really interesting series :)

ZipLineAttack: LOL @ 12:50. "Remember Yasser, the king needs to be on h8." Pfft.

OnlineChessLessons.NET: i get the same feeling when i try to play against the latest rybka/fritz/etc.. - they just dont miss ANYTHING!!

Ozalacob: thanks for the upload :)

LetsTalkSense1: Haha yes, total blast mannnn

OnlineChessLessons.NET: well i think they`re trying to say that computers do calculate objectively and essentially perfectly - but computers often don't understand deep, subtle positional plans/moves

MrBrotmafia: Computers are just perfect at calculating tactics, not at calculating the whole game from advance. But tactics are how chess is won and far more important compared to subtle long-term plans... Which is why no GM today would win against Rybka or sth. similar without a computer himself.

OnlineChessLessons.NET: good deal - just your messages, I just sent over the coupon code. cheers, will

OnlineChessLessons.NET: it's on sale for $7.90 for download version but send me a message and I'll give you a 50% off coupon.

nopackdrill: i wasn't expecting such a reaction

pirate0bloodyskull: This guy (not yasser) is a maggot.

dommafia: You must be a blast at all the parties.

Zex Konjina: He was trying to get the computer out if its opening book. Because computers use opening "books" too. They aren't fast enough to compute perfect moves on the fly in the opening. They use precomputed moves at start, saving the time for mid game.

Graham6762: That is way too simplistic.

Ken Ward: You also have to understand that this was 1997 before the computers were really really good... Deep Blue was the first exception.

OnlineChessLessons.NET: just sent for you Joel - cheers, will

Fjodor Mihailovich: Indeed. The commentator makes it sound so simple.

ElPatriotaLX: Interesting what you are saying. At this point in time those Chess engines you mentioned rybka/fritz/Houdini/Stockfish/critter/Deep Shreder don't even need a super computer. It's being said that Deep Fritz "on a slow computer" has the same level that Deep Blue had (very optimized nowadays). So you can see why Laptops or i7 desktops are beating grandmasters. The reason to make engines stronger is mostly to fight each other. Kasparov said at google that computers are beating every player.

end1dream: What an excellent commentary!

jonoderidder: No. You win, if the game is knowing about chess. I maintain my opinion that this guy's language is disrespectful when talking about a man whose name transcends the game he plays. Or any fellow sportsman, actually. And I think it's ever more the case when he's talking about the world's premier player, at the time.

GrandmasterJoel1273: this funny! i dont know how to send a PM! send me on!

hoangminh24081998: the guy on the right looks like Ronan Keating.

JohnnySkillish: Yasser writes some great books, BUT he's no Kasparov! "...so let's say the computer makes two bad moves..." What?! LOL All to justify why Garry didn't play h3!? Huh?! Terrible! The whole concept of the Nf3 Knight "MUST clear the way" for the d5 square, jumping to d2, then to e4; or Ne1, to c2, e4, to d5 is preposterous! No need, no time, no way! I like Yasser, and granted this is an older game with the infancy of chess engines, but some of his analysis is innacurate. Ng5 was a good idea though.

Kane Brimley: Disgusted by that move I actually loled
Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997) 4.6 out of 5

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Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)