Kasparov Vs Deep Blue - Real Time Commentary By GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)

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Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov Game 2 (1997 Match)
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monsterkiller5: 9:45


Ronbo710: State of the art graphics !!!

Mike Beta: d3 is very unkasparovian

melomaniakjm: And let's not forget that in 1997 TVs had not been invented yet which is why the commentators had to rely on a good old ugly ass paper board.

Mitch Levy: 2:09 "Since the David Levy match, the computer's have advanced greatly"

Max Pheby: Oh god the tash yasser the tash ahhhhh my eyes.

Baiba Kreiere: Yasser so yong :D

Hrit Kandel: This game looks so defensive , it looks as if the computer was trailing kasparov's moves rather than attacking .

Mamta Sunil: Oh my god what is Chandler Bing doing here!!!!

PendulumJustice: 23:16 "If his bishop could magically transport...", I chuckled a bit to myself here because recently a new version of Chess is being developed called Quantum Chess. It allows pieces to move in super position so that there is a probability that a piece is both in its original position and at another position, which can be at a space that would ordinarily be 2 moves away. It's a very interesting type of chess. Whether it makes for a "good" variant, who knows, but its main objective is to allow interaction with quantum phenomena in a fun environment.

Nick Schmader: This Yassar fool is bad mouthing both Kasparov and Deep Blue on quite a few occasions. I'd like to see him play either.

FichDichInDemArsch: Yasser Seirawan is not fit to lick Kasparov's shoes.

Spiriev Peter Alain: Very good video! Thanks! The great Robert James Fischer should be proud as the video shows his ultimate supremacy in chessworld as a player , which was in reality in fact !
I like Spassky most in the chessworld, also Mr. Karpov is nice, Mr. Portisch is professor ! Thanks Mr. Yasser Seirawan! What about Michael Tal is best in 1960? I like the style of Smyslov and also Botvinnik, Please may you offer me some real disk to buy 'not online'. I can send you my adress and can you send disks I can buy here? I would like to buy traditionally by post not by internet. Thanks in advance, grandmasters!

Seymore Butts: he looks a little like Borat here!

menemme: a woody harrelson clone that guy on the right

MoodiFLEX: Yasser is passionate towards chess, which is why he says things like "disgusting". He complimented Kasparov a lot in the documentary about Deep Blue, so don't think he has some personal grudge against Garry.

MoodiFLEX: Kasparov the GOAT.

SuperLalulalu: now try that with stockfish.....

tutube998: No A4 king. Oh!?
Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997) 5 out of 5

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Kasparov vs Deep Blue - Real time Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan (1997)