10mm Double Tap & Winchester Silver Tip VS. Refrigerator

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10mm Double Tap & Winchester silver tip VS. Refrigerator
10mm Double Tap & Winchester silver tip VS. Refrigerator
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japimportssuck: Why dont you gafs say something to him in person about his nasty finger nails with him holding a 10mm hand cannon. Just doesnt happen.

TTEVAL: Lovely, another guy shooting up an appliance somewhere. This is why we are losing places to shoot every year.

subysuby: the bullet shouldn't open up when hitting hard surface me thinks.

sherm696: Great job! Very nice evaluation of differing weights and bullet types! Thanks!

fieldx200: @EMace45 10mm has more joules of energy there tough guy. Size doesn't matter, it is the performance of the cartridge that makes the difference. I own a 9mm, .45acp, and a 10mm and I would trust my life to any of these cartridges. As a matter of fact, I like buffalo bore and I use buffalo bore. 9mm +p J.H.P (1,300 fps/M.E. 461 ft. lbs.)... .45 acp 185 gr. J.H.P (1,150 fps/M.E. 543 ft. lbs.)..... 10mm 180 gr J.H.P (1,350fps/M.E. 728 ft. lbs.) All shot from a Glock platform.. NUMBERS DON'T LIE!!

tylersummerlin15: U can get a 230 grain bullet in a 10mm goin up to 1000fps

jawbonedoc: Nice video, like someone said the 135 would be the best ccw or home defense round it seems. Devastation but not over penetration.

Oh Kay: Trim those freaking fingernails!

japimportssuck: that 180, reminded me of my hot 158gr XTPs. didnt expand.

usdm420: So, safe to say the 135gr. might just be the best defense round for 10mm as to not over penetrate, yet still open a nice gaping wound?

grappler3x: @outkasst88 people like to see how the bullet they use will peform on difference surfaces so they have a better understanding of what the bullet will do if you have to shoot though something to get the perp.

fieldx200: What platform are you using to test these cartridges?

onogolf: Thank you for the video. I would just like to know what hand gun you were using in this test.

ibanezkid07: that 135 would freak you upppppppp

inked506: LMAO, " WET DIRT ".. Is " WET DIRT " anything like mud?

MrMjsmith626: I appreciate the info on the 230 grain 10mm.bullets.Cool!!.I wonder what the max velocity and muzzle energy would be with a load like that.

SuperSneakySteve: Dood, cut your fingernails! That's sick!

ashton mullis: @MrPaen yes bigger heavyier faster more force than a 45

2628802: what brand of pistol were you shooting?

HK416m4: Why are you testing the expansion of the bullets after shooting through steel?

Oh Kay: Pointless? I guess you know for a fact that your going to have a clear shot at whoever your shooting out huh? Drywall, household appliances like a refrigerator, doors and auto glass are all ideal tests...so you fail.

pjicleanair420: Great video, 10mm shoots true, bullet stays on a nice line.

MrMjsmith626: I like that.A 10mm is bigger heavier,faster than a .45.I need to know how much crack this guy smokes.The .45 Is a larger bore diameter,first of all.It can also handle heavier bullet weights.A top scale 10mm can handle up to 200 grain bullets.A top scale .45 can handle up to 230 grain bullets.But,the 10mm is BALLISTICALLY heavier.Higher muzzel velocitys,and much flatter flatter trajectorys with 10mm.

mattc1683: you will never get good performance out of a bullit shooting into dirt. its just going to clog up the hollowpoint cavity. they are made to expand in flesh, not mud

kmayberry5263: Can you do it with 40c in a glock 27 now

chopinbloc: There are .401" handgun bullets up to 230gr. They don't leave much case capacity but they exist.

Metallica man Trevor Taylor: Mattc 1683 is right on. I carry every other in my service pistol 135 dt, Winchester silver tip. Love the 10mm

MrPaen: so does the 10mm have more power than a 45acp?

EMace45: @warduckythe1st First of all, "heavyier" is not a word, so I will substitute it will "heavier". 10mm is not bigger or heavier than .45 cal. Please stfu when you don't know what you are talking about.

Goldie10mm: I'm in Chicago and I can't find Double Tap ammo anywhere. HEEEEEELP!!!!

fordxbgtfalcon: dude I love all of your vid's but you have the nastiest nails i'v ever seen!

razr: You are a good shot mister! Great vid!

smokey7869: @TTEVAL oh shut up douchenozzle...he is USING a place to shoot. Probably lives in the country and has the room. I doubt he shoots in a subdivision.

andrelemalle: Thanks for your selection of bullets for this test. It was good to see the effect of bullet weight and design on performance. I am in situations where I can need a lot of penetration without expansion. The modern bonding process seems to be working.

outkasst88: Of course it doesn't expand if it hits metal first. This is a really pointless test.
10mm Double Tap & Winchester silver tip VS. Refrigerator 4.1 out of 5

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10mm Double Tap & Winchester silver tip VS. Refrigerator