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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Nelson Leal: vlw cara o meu funcionou novamente e obrigado novamente consegui desbloquear tb. Agora da mais ajuda ai, aki esta dando falha na busca dos canais.
zc630: My knees hurt enough just from standing at attention for too long. If I marched like that, my legs would look like dog legs.
jjrimz99: if you reply to this comment i will subscribe...i want to know if you will interact with your subscribers
Chris Notap: its been almost a year since you uploaded this vid. How are the lights doing? Are they as bright as when new? I bought some on ebay, 5m length, and they have dimmed to about 1/4 of their original brightness(lost 3/4) Who was your seller on ebay?. 
HELL1430: I am thinking is Spartan 4 is better than other spartans? I think we should conduct a match between Noble Team and Fireteam Majestic. Because the new Spatans are fighting with forerunners and their robots which are more advanced than covies
Dominik Zagler: Kann man darauf auch Spiele spielen
Fabio Spelta: Hello, here are two questions for you. One, what do you think of rectangular tarps over square ones? Are those more limited in their setup options? Or is the opposite true? Second one. What configuration would you recommend in case of high winds, above tree lines, if you expect the winds to change direction over the night? If there's any configuration able to withstand that. I'd really like to go the tarp way also for alpine nights over 3000mt (mostly in summer though). Many thanks!

10mm Double Tap & Winchester silver tip VS. Refrigerator