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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Vinod Iyer: Loftus-Cheek goal and the Baker goal with Colkett assist
Drewski217: I truly adore Sistar but this comeback/song is beneath them. It doesn't showcase how special they are or how well they sing. Literally anyone could sing this where as they usually do things only they could pull off. 'Sunshine', the song Hyorin wrote for this, would've been a lot better. IDK
tigerjemm: Yeah they just reskinned the jungle book and aristocats
Kr33cher: Doesn't work all too great over here. Also on the adam. Most of the time he says "no face detected". :)
dumturks: They acctually redesigned the front end of the T4 (1979) and kept the rear the same for T5 (1980). This created an issue of severe tyre wear and a step back in ground effects. Also the build quality of the T5 was reportedly as bad as the performance of the car. With regular component failures like the right suspension here. Gilles incredibly managed two points finish in the car where as his team mate scheckter circulated back of the pack all year.
vampirroldschool: Xbox 720 will have AMD's chip, I dont lie :)
phil h: that music is so pushin me forward! love it!

10mm Double Tap & Winchester silver tip VS. Refrigerator