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Borla Exhaust Ford Ranger 3.0L
Borla Exhaust Ford Ranger 3.0L
Gibson Exhaust
Gibson Exhaust

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manuel monsalve: VIVAA LEFT 4 DEAD 2 y 3 : 3 :3 :3 xD
joe lynch: its funny i have ctr 360 2 superfly 2 cr7 cr8 adipure 4 sl and adizero primes but still these i want these
AccordionManiac: Which one do you personally prefer out of these two?
SmiertSpionem: Oh thats some really good stuff! Nice weathering too, what scale? Nice Lippisch jet and Stirling - you have varied tastes!
Ken Stow: Take a look at this video on YouTube:
EDER ANGELO Soares: where you to buy it led ? send me link pleasy. Other question, what is your transformer, whats power and setings ?
TheDeceptabot: Man, THAT WAS AWSOME! My favorite part was when Megatron scanned his truck, awsome idea.Also, whats up with Optimus's paint job?

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