Genie Chainlift 2020 Garage Door Opener DIY Electronic Repair

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Genie Chainlift 2020 Garage Door Opener DIY Electronic Repair
Genie Chainlift 2020 Garage Door Opener DIY Electronic Repair
Genie® Garage Door Opener Programming Instructions
Genie® Garage Door Opener Programming Instructions
Garage door opener faulty capacitor repair part 1
Garage door opener faulty capacitor repair part 1
Garage door opener repair
Garage door opener repair

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Jay mans: such an inconvience.My problem is the cold affecting it.Now its cold out. mine just blinks and clicks when pressed.

chicagolandhobby: If there is another problem with your opener(s), you need to look into LiftMaster. I have dealt with them before, and they are *the best* at making garage door openers. Also, Genie's customer service sucks, you're better off finding a solution on the Internet.

Shawn Gipperich: Actually what those opto sensors are for is the force adjustments of the opener. There's a open force adjustment potentiometer, as well as a close force adjustment potentiometer. What these do is related to the reverse safety mechanism of the opener, and is designed to set the required rpms needed to safely open and close the door, and should it hit an obstruction, it will reverse the door, if you have it set to high you can damage the door, as well, as anything it comes into contact with.

Brrrzerk: @magnamo1234 I am not sure if I misstated something(?) However, I only wanted to thank-you for your post! I followed your repair directions via this You Tube video and successfully fixed my garage door for literally $7! Mine has worked perfectly for the past 8 months as well. Thanks again!

magnamo1234: Other than the opto-coupler problem, both of Genie 2020 units I have worked well. They've been running almost daily since 2004 so that's not bad. I'm wondering how long the optocoupler will work while driving the emitter side twice as hard. It's been two weeks with no problem. If something happens, I'll update the post.

chicagolandhobby: All right, btw, great video/fix. These RPM sensors are probably the most failing part on garage door openers these days. What this part does is it counts the RPM's of the motor, and if it senses a change in RPM, reverses the door going down, or stops the door going up.

magnamo1234: @Brrrzerk I respectfully disagree. I believe that what has been done here is that the weakened optical coupling has been restored to be functional. I will take this opportunity to mention that it is coming up on a year since I made the modifications and the door still works like a champ!

Brrrzerk: Thanks a million for posting!!! I had the exact same problem and determined the problem was with the RPM sensor. On other models of garage door openers this circuit is seperate and can be purchased. However as noted it is mounted to the circuit board on this model. Consequently, I was about to purchase a new circuit board for $80. However, with your help... I made the repair for $7 (cost of resistor(s) and solder) from radio shack. Took every bit of 30 min!

magnamo1234: ok...glad it worked for you!

chicagolandhobby: Oh! Do me a favor and test the safety reverse. Either place a 2x4 laid flat under the door and close it on it, or stand under the door and push on the closing door. The door should reverse with minimal effort. If it does not, I will be making a video in a week or two showing how to adjust it.
Genie Chainlift 2020 Garage Door Opener DIY Electronic Repair 5 out of 5

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Genie Chainlift 2020 Garage Door Opener DIY Electronic Repair