Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial And Review

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Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial and Review
Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial and Review
Short. Sweet & Sassy- {Outre Velvet Remi  - Tara Collection}
Short. Sweet & Sassy- {Outre Velvet Remi - Tara Collection}
REVIEW: Outre Tara 2-4-6
REVIEW: Outre Tara 2-4-6
My Short Cut QuickWeave FAIL!!   Outre Tara 4-6-8
My Short Cut QuickWeave FAIL!! Outre Tara 4-6-8
Short. Sexy & Sassy: Velvet Remi Tara
Short. Sexy & Sassy: Velvet Remi Tara

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Latrice Carson: Really cute!

wstpalmgal: I love this style. That's me all the way. A beautiful job.

tashie lynn: You remind me of Mc Lyte lol. 

donella gonzalez: I have this same hair but have yet to use it. I get sew-in but over time using that weave cap has caused majored breakage in the front to the point I can't use a cap any longer. Any suggestions. 

Kym Lyte: Fabulous!! Love It!!!
Recently purchased the same OUTRE REMI (luv their hair), but my color pattern is F1B/30 (lite highlites)... Haven't worn a 'Do in almost 3 years (Naturalista like you)... However, I'm ready to give my tresses a break for a bit, especially with the warm weather approaching ;) 

Now this style in your video, is it similar to what you seen on mannequin in the store??
Thanks so much for Sharing... Truthfully, I came on YT, looking to see how this hair looked, and came across your Quick Weave...

BTW... I finger-comb my hair All the time, too

Mary Gibson: would u recommend the hot glue gun

January Book: Hi there. I would like to do this style but I need to see exactly how you lay the tracks. I am a beginner. Do you have a DVD or E-video tutorial? I just cannot find a YouTube where people don't do a lot of talking. I just want to see the weave from beginning to end and instructions as to what length goes where. Thank you

Airenna Simmons: Great Jobs!!

Anita Johnson: Thank you so much for this. I did not know that I could just braid my hair and not mold it to get this result. No more molding for me.

Cassandra Daye Mccain: what number did u use in the back! I like it cause its not to tapered


Larhonda Whitt: i love this and you favor Lisa Raye :-) great job hun

blkbtrfly4: Super cute!

tairkswife: This looks really cute on you i started to get this one for my mom to do her hair with but i did a real cute do with the outre feather cut i think im still going to try this out on her though. Thank you for the tut loved it.

CynSinLovely: I love it! Looks really nice on you too

AKIYIAKELLY: Thank you so much:-)

AKIYIAKELLY: your welcome.. Thx for watching!

allabouthair10: Thanks for the vid. I love the style n color

mainero76: That's really beautiful, reminds me of my relaxer days!! You did your thing on that quick weave, LOVE IT!!!
Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial and Review 5 out of 5

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Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial and Review