Don Hume H715 IWB Holster Review

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R Dizzle83: 5 month backlog on don hume??? lmao

xcessdj: I just got mine for glock 42 and its pretty nice!

Robt. Watson: My EDC is a Glock 19, which I have carried in the DH for over 20 years. Never had
a problem.

oldannyboy37: I have one of these for a full sized 1911. It's a great holster for the money. The 1911 disappears under a large (my normal size) plaid shirt. I'm looking to get another one of these for my Glock 19. I have a pretty nice Bladetech for it, but I'd like to have a DH hoslter for it too.

swoop77777: WTF. 8 minutes of rambling. Waste of time and bandwidth.

steeler3258: Good Video. Can you use this holster w/o a belt? I'm not a big summer belt wearer. thanks

kennethdante: all the personal ramblings and suspense amounts to a 9 min video that never shows the G being holstered or on the belt. uggh.

GamerNxUSN: I am so torn between this and the old faithful holsters, I have an m&p 9c. and its sort of heavy, right now I have an Uncle Mikes, and its heavy at the single point and reholstering is difficult. Since the DH is single clip, have you had any issue of weight being at one spot? Does it ride high, or is it pretty concealable? Thats one thing I dont like about this uncle mikes, is you can tell I have it on in the summer with just a tshirt covering it.

John McKinney: Up date love the holster

thegunbarrel12: The soft pocket is also very nice for glock 27. I don't normally carry that bulky of a gun, usually Sig938 in crossbreed IWB. W/that said, I needed one for hiking in mountains last summer so I grabbed the soft pocket iwb H715. I wore it with no issues in cargo shorts and t-shirt the entire week and loved it. I still use as needed. The small holster size coupled with larger gun is pretty much a wash as compared to crossbreed w/Sig938. Best $25 you'll spend on holsters. Seems durable even tho lite

John McKinney: Will it lift up when pulling the gun ?

dasensazn: Great video dude. Thanks for the link.

Jeff Smith: Where do you normally carry this holster? Appendix or 4-5 o'clock or other?

Samuel Spry: I have been using this with my HK USPc for years and love it. Don Hume is a great company!

BigCloud1984: I have been using that exact holster for 5-6 years. Love it. Its the best cheap holster I have ever owned.

DavidSheis: DAMN... that is a nice holster. Great choice!! Im ordering a black one.

Hog Doc: I use a Don Hume IWB holster for the Ruger LCR. I love mine. One of the most comfortable concealed carry holsters I have ever used.

Vern1027: They make both

yeadallas214: Is dis left or right hand?? Plz reply

Vern1027: Yep
Don Hume H715 IWB Holster Review 5 out of 5

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Don Hume H715 IWB Holster Review