How To Sing - The Basics Of How To Sing Better

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Raymond Telesco: Simply best gude there is worth it.

Raver The Power: What the! I notice something on my voice was really high..



Wow this helps so much.. My voice goes too deep btw but I going to high.. When I find this video because of my cracking voice that I got hit by puberty.. My voice is not cracking anymore.. Thank you so much in this video :)

The Bronynator: I need help when I sing I yawn and cough or sneeze.

HOY MINOY: Does everyone born with a good voice or u need to develop it?

MightyMidget 1701: I am here because of day black

Estelle J. Mathews: I purchased this as I am trying to be a better singer.(Click Here To Know More Information>>> ). It has helped me to understand how important simple things like breathing and posture are. I always sounded kind of weak and I think the lessons and the exercises are helping there.

HeyImLucy: i searched this up just kidding but im surprised there are videos that actually help people to sing better... thank u

Peyton Dunham: i am here because daz black too

Oscar Moreno: me

Atri Sengupta: I sing from my diaphragm but still I sound like a kid please help

Conor Geary: omfg this is real XD

sj,shahadat: I know,,,but where I will start my carrier??

Llama Time: Anyone here from vine? (Daz_Black)

Anguracha91: Thank you so much! I've been practicing your advice and it has been really helpful!

wesleysull: this is not a how to, this is an ad.

Vocal Therapy Success: Wow thanks! I'm a vocal therapist/singing trainer too and I appreciate you sharing   ;) 

Technovids: hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to sing properly online try Megarno Super Singer Magician(do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got great success with it. 

JAYZUPP TECH: I think you used to play at my youth group in nj years ago :O

Rosa Matthews: Rubbish

rahikalhasan: Hey! Well this is interesting, but have you considered - the SonaVoyce Complete Singing System program (do a search for it on GOOGLE)? I have heard some positive things about it and my friend got brilliant progress in getting rid of a shaky voice with it. I am going to do it as well. 
How To Sing - The Basics Of How To Sing Better 5 out of 5

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Raymond Telesco: Simply best gude there is worth it.
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LPSphoebe: I got her today!!
Adolfo Constanzo: Dude I only hear the song WTF??

How To Sing - The Basics Of How To Sing Better