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drbob Melamede: I loaded my oil chamber with great oil but the unit does nothing. The other to attachment work but not the oiler. drbob

Joseph Westaway: were do I buy just the battery from?

Tina Peoples: Nice

jsphjohnson: what happened to actually doing a smoke demo?

DuckY: can you just put water??

DAScray93: Bought mine from a smoke shop and the guy said this was one of the best vapes on the market. Come to find out a few days after purchase I've had some issues that most have probably experienced. First, I'm having leaking issues which won't stop despite the fact that I fill the oil tank at a 45 degree angle. Second, when I screw the oil tank all the way and press the button all I get is 3 flashes and a shut off, won't even burn the juice. I'm feeling iffy about this product.

Geoff Larson: Problem 1 day 1 leaky tank. White rhino wont replace. Problem 2 day 10 mouthpiece metal ring comes loose on tank, takes a long time to fix, white rhino also wont cover. Day 30 now the trifecta wont work at all. It just blinks and the usb charger stays green and wont charge! I buy a new replacement usb, and it charges my trifecta for about an hour. And then it also quits working, along with the trifecta after a couple of drags. Very disappointed. Now I'm going through the warranty hassle. :(

theonlyintexity1: Did realize the odd ball that didnt work had a flat tip to the battery where as the other two had a notched deal going. So, if nothing else i can add a tiny washer and hope it works.

Geoff Larson: Usws this so far for vaporizing oil. I've followed white rhino instructions online and out of the box and this (which conflict with one another ). Almost every redill MAJOR leaking of oils. And during use frequent leaking. I so aee what i believe to be some defects. I've shared this with White Rhino. My trifecta is only 2 weeks old. They have been very slow to respond and it doesn't seem like they really read my email thoroughly as all over received is generic obvious responses. I'm Unsure..

MistahElite: I hope you love the packaging, it's yours.

jaye dee: Follow Up! I am not feeling so positive about my initial review with this product. After the initial uses I started having issues with the battery. This issue turned ugly. While using the Trifecta, the battery became stuck in the ON position. (automatic shut off failed). The oil heated to the point of shattering the dank tank. The battery did not cut off until dying. Happy Endlings in LA exchanged it but said they were making an exception. The next one cracked after the 2nd usage with oil again

jaye dee: Picked up one today @ Happy Endings in Los Angeles. Great place and service. As I am typing I am also extremely happy. Yes the Trifecta is what you say it is. Wow and what a great deal. I used both wax and dry and it handles both without issue. You have a winner here.
White Rhino Trifecta™ Vaporizer 5 out of 5

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I'm coming across this video in 2016.
In all my time of growing in the UK i have seen the small stg inserts but not that big one what fits a 20 litre bucket....
that's like a large Afro or candy floss.
Is the stg re-usable. Your going overboard with the cay pebbles when i started growing back in 96 i found all that clay pebbles a real bitch to clean. Smaller air pots is the way to go...

Edgar Fuentes: Marshall! Can you review MOTM Benedetto please!!!?
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White Rhino Trifecta™ Vaporizer