Fallout: New Vegas - Night Vision Scope For Varmint Rifle - Level 6

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xRothkox: Damn! After that first shot, I'm definitely sold now on buying the scope. I wasn't sure, but if it can do that, I'm all for it. I'mma go out hunting for raiders. ^__^

verTuos1: how do you attach the scope? i bought the scope, but i dont know how do i attach it. pls help. coz im planning on buying other attachments to other weapons

kiekeku ikeke: thanks man :)

the1andonly398: You get the scope at gun runners

newbreed494: how do you put these things on your guns?

Cameron Sheriff: id put a suppressor on that

Logan Dassing: were is the scope at its not a chet at good springs?!

Bret Menezes: your awsome

damsig11: Did the same thing a little later in the game and i kicked arse then boxed some deathclaws

Trevor Harkless: to add this scope on your rifle for xbox 360 is easy. just go to the varmint rifle. hit LB and choose the scope. have fun! i am :D

Charlie Albert: there is a unique varmint rifle with the night vision scope and a suppressor called the ratslayer

Dorijan Puskarevic: How do i set that scope on that gun????

GXPlayer22: Great response you're THE MAN!! No, but seriously you're great.

ceaz13: howd u add the scope it wontt let me

CrimsonLemur: what ammo does this gun take?

xPsychoGamerX50: the varmint rifle with all mods (night scope, silencer, extended mags) is very deadly. it can kill a deathclaw if you use armor piercing ammo and shoot at the head.

Toby Morgan: @TheKaiTik Cheers dude Im getting the game and collectors edition guide for Christmas again! Cannot wait to get playing this game. I like Fallout 3 better but haven't played this one to the extent.

TheKaiTik: @TOBYMORGAN4 yes, it removes most recoil and you make more damage with any gun thats in the "big guns" section mostly perfect for minigun... so i f u have 100 on big guns then it reduces recoil and more strength. if u have a strength set to 10 and big guns 100, i believe u would be a master at big weapons. and so on...

Toby Morgan: @TheKaiTik So you upgrade your "Big guns" to get no recoil on your gun?

SamuraiCode Samurai: @MrGrand1996 left bumper for xbox it says mod then ikk for gaystation probly r1
Fallout: New Vegas - Night Vision Scope for Varmint Rifle - Level 6 5 out of 5

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Cristhian Narváez: El juego esta bien, lo que esta mal es que para homologarlo con el 3DS se hayan dejado fuera personajes como Ice Climbers y la pregunta del millon: ¿Porque esta Dr Mario ahi?... tambien me pregunto si hay villanos como Ganondorf y bowser, porque no Ridley de Metroid? Porque hay un dark pit? se pudo incluir como traje alternativo y ya, son unos skins que ocupan casillas de jugadores en las que estuvieran personajes de verdad con valor jugable, como King k Roll de Donkey Kong, por ejemplo, en lo demas el juego es endiabladamente divertido, con 8 jugadores en pantalla es una locura.
Charles Dutton: Nice job Adam!
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Fallout: New Vegas - Night Vision Scope for Varmint Rifle - Level 6