American Tactical Imports 1911 Review

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Lee Gordon: It's blued, not parkerized ;)

WonderBread Saltine Man: They put that much branding on it because the Philippine Islands are home to some of the best knock off 45 cal handguns out there, pretty good at it also, I think NGO the cable station did a show on it some time back, the name eludes me right now. The branding is important because those knockoff guys can use scrap metal and make a 45 to spec from junk, keeps the legit ones from the not so legit ones from coming over so easily

Marie Huff: My father has had his for about 2 years probably close to 900 rounds through it. About due for a spring kit. It is still tight and functions just as well as it did with the first few rounds. He has the Commander version. He upgraded the sights is the only thing he has done to it. He shoots mostly factory UMC and Winchester 230 grain. Probably 600 rounds from factory and 300 to 400 reloads that he says are a tad hotter than factory. So for the money this is a great buy. If you want a competition gun this is probably not the gun for you. But its a great carry gun/truck gun/ home defense gun. The only thing he said he did not like were the grips. They were thicker than standard grips and cheap. He put some Brownell wood grips on it and likes it much better.

David Combs: just got this same gun. the ati 1911. I've noticed it jams every other round. broke it down cleaned it reoiled it, and it's still jamming. any suggestions? ?

apathy2673: I just got the Military version on Cyber Monday. I'm pretty sure the GI is the same contents now too. It comes with only 1 mag made by in Italy by ACT, Cable lock, Instruction manual, a little ketchup pack of gun oil, the stamped signed certificate. The price was cheaper at just under $400, the price difference seeming to be the lack of a 2nd mag, so was it cheaper really?

Art Brown Sr.: NO Manual? That is strange!

Carlos Santana: I recently bought this particular 1911 and couldn't be more happier with it. The only thing is mine came with only one mag, but also came with a lock. I figured it was supplied by the manufacturer, but now I'm not so sure. I've taken it to the range and it fired smoothly. A buddy of mine came with me and while he normally uses his Sig, actually loved it. I feel it doesn't need any changes but I may do a few tweaks once I'm very acquainted with it.

skyefalcon6: Can you tell me what brand/type grips those are? TIA

caloyjr 1911: range report pls.

Anthony Arena: very good nice detailed review of this 1911 pistol. would appreciate some feedback on how well this pistol is holding up now since posting this. considering one of these and would like to know if any issues surfaced since you've owned and shot it now awhile, assuming you've done that. thanks again and would like to hear back from ya.

caloyjr 1911: Good guns folks!

big mike: does it shoot jhp good.

Jay Dee: At about the 9 minute mark, you mention the manufacturer. This gun is actually manufactured by S.A.M. Inc. (Shooters Arms Manufacturing) and imported by American Tactical Imports. Rock Island is manufactured by Armscor, who also makes 1911s for Citadel. I have guns from both manufacturers and well pleased with both.

Christian Bell: Did you buy a second and if so from where?

gin91652: I got the FX45 M1911 Military model last month. Very nice! Awesome fit! Very accurate! Put 200 rounds of cheap Tula ammo thru it without a single hiccup. I'm very impressed and happy with it.
I don't shoot competition and I'm not in a war zone killing bad guys every day, so I just can't justify spending big bucks on a 1911 that does what this one does but, only looks better doing it. And there's nothing wrong with the way this one looks!
For home and personal defense, it'll kill an attacker just as dead as a Colt, Springfield or Kimber. They're still "gonna miss dinner." I'll spend my savings on ammo.

Christian Bell: Do all ATI 1911's come with 2 magazines or just one?

Sandy Smith: just got the newer ATI Firepower Extreme GI 1911, it looks almost exactly like yours, I've fired 1,300 reloads through it so far without any problems what so ever! very accurate,  the trigger breaks at 2.5 lbs. super smooth!! and thinking of selling all my high end 1911's now.. ..

Chris Hutchins: Stock 1911a1's look better than tactical 1911's.

Pitt Pinz: what's trigger pull weight?

Jerry McHugh: I have the ATI FX45 w/ threaded barrel, and it is a beast.  Definitely on par with a Ruger in terms of fit and finish and for nearly 300 less.  One of the things that really struck me was that after stripping it apart, there were absolutely no machine marking I could find under the slide, in the chamber, ect... usually a really good mark for determining quality in manufacturing.  I will be looking for additional products offered by S.A.M. (ATI) in the future for sure.
American Tactical Imports 1911 Review 5 out of 5

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Lee Gordon: It's blued, not parkerized ;)
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American Tactical Imports 1911 Review