Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban

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Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban
Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban
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Wendoline Urquiza: HI. Robert thanks for the video, helped me a lot but but I still have the problem with the ignition. can you help me.... 

Jesse White: Robert I have a problem.... I performed this whole procedure and managed to get my tilt steering part nice and tight, feels great. But my steering wheel or better yet pivot ball/arm is still very loose. Even more so than when the tilt part was jiggling around with it. Could that be those bearings in there or something else all together? My tilt part of the column is nice and tight but after reassembly my steering wheel is flopping around like crazy. By the way thank you so much for this video, I sat in my truck with a tablet and was able to follow your steps perfectly.

Pamela Savage: hey man thanks a lot u made it simple and with common sense

dirtrokker4: Thanks for posting man.. I was about to go buy a new column.... 

Steve Ligeikis: Thanks .. this video really helped

Steven White: Hi Robert your video was very helpful. Considering I just bought my 91 k1500 for work commute. My problem lies in the turn signals. My hazards work and flash properly both outside and in the dash. But using the lever both L/R doesn't indicate anything. None of the lights turn on. But my brake lights do work. I've replaced both the flasher and turn signal relay. And replaced all fuses under the dash. So I planned on using your video too get me to the turn signal switch and making sure the connections are good. Ive also read that making sure its grounded properly. From where am I looking to confirm its grounded? Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Peter Urban: Thanks

Donald Souther: Would it be the same for a 1990 c/k 1500 Chevy truck ?

Jonathan N: Definitely was a great help. After breaking two pivot pin remover tools in the pins, I was unable to remove them, but was still able to remove two of the three bolts and put lock tight on them. Assembly video could of helped out. That damn dimmer switch and that free float plastic piece that pushes on the rod for the head lights...... Nightmare from bell and took forever to figure that out. But thank you again.

genie black: i really need the cut-away views. BAD. let me know if you find them again. PLEASE. 

inkhaven: trying to do this, the piece you are wiggling free at the 11:14 on mine is loose and rotates around without even taking out the pivot pins (which i'm waiting on the remover tool as stores here don't carry it) is that normal? my tilt column has been loose for a bit and last night it got really messed up and now I also can't start the truck nor do lights work. and the steering wheel kinda hangs limp. could the steering column be messing up all the other stuff too. or am i looking at another problem on top of the tilt wheel. thanks

Nicole McMahan: The rod you were talking about being careful when u disassemble the steering column..how do you reassemble it..I'm ready to put my steering back together..I had to that tilt problem Like u and I'm stuck at the rod idk what to do with it or how to put it back together I never pulled it out its still in there but I'm at a loss

Charles LaRue: to all those who are still having issues getting the top to come loose. I just did this on ine, reinsert the tilt control arm and pull it forewards, it will come loose this way, because its actually connected by 2 large gears on top that are connected to the tilt

mike kane: Thanks for the video, Im pretty mechanically inclined but never did more than pull a steering wheel. Im confident with the aide of your video I can do this repair

cantway2010: Yea Il pay the 60$ to get it fixed to much little parts its a shame 

Jonathan N: Tackling this tomorrow. This will be a big help. Thank you

Brett Covey: Thank you! Exactly the problem we are having with our GMC Van. Same deal.

Robert Charpentier: @nhellman84 Thanks!

TimLenhartTech: Eh. Local Mechanic only wants 85.00 to do this for me. I think I'll pass on this job, I understand how to do it but I am NOT good with small parts.

Tim Horan: Many thanks for this Robert from a shade-tree ''mechanic''! Same here on the lunch deal if you ever get to Boston! I was told when I asked for them at 'Autozone': those inverted Torx sockets are known a s 'E sockets'. Great demo! Thanks again! -Tim ('84 GMC truck)

Greg Grand: Thank you so much really a big help. Hey keep the good work videos comin .

gm3553: This was very helpful. I perticularly like your last answer. Now I have disassembled an 87 dodge column. Almost identical. however, the key lock isn't the same and I can't get it out???

Brett Covey: We found the same kind of repair and parts needed for our Van. I forgot to tell you that it was 1990. I find it interesting that GMC has failed to solve the problem after even 15 years.

bigjim284: Sure beats buying a rebuilt column for anywhere between $250-$500 What helped me was the talking points about the tools and switch parts... I failed to complete this project because of the lack of understanding about all the swict parts and how they go back together.... Thanks for the lesson.

Southern Dane: I just performed this on my 91 gmc plow truck. A couple things to add from the school of hard knocks: First disconnect the wiring harness at the base of the steering column to give yourself enough slack. Two...pay very close attention to how the dimmer switch linkage sits in the cover behind the tilt lever. Lastly, plug the steering column tube with a little kleenex to keep screws from falling down it during reassembly. I lost my ignition set screw that way.

malwavguru: Can I say OMG.... this video will not put you thru the steps necessary to re-assemble this project. While disassembling many pieces will fall out that are not covered in the video. HEnce many step must be taken to reassemble this and make it work. You can use this to disassemble....and even some items are not covered. However you will need a repair manual to place the items not discussed or shown in this video for the assembly to work.

Robert Charpentier: @prairieartmetal I actually had enough slack on the wiring harness to pull the upper assembly out of the way but I did see in another video that you can sometimes push a little slack up from the bottom of the steering column. And yes, the dimmer switch linkage was a real puzzle for me. The reason you don't see me dealing with it in the video is because that's the part where I was cursing and throwing wrenches. :-)

nickktm21: this vid was VERRY helpful.

Southern Dane: @charpero65 I have had mine apart two more times now. First time, the ignition linkage (cheap pot-metal) connector came off. Turned key, no starter. It had bent when the wheel was flopping around prior to the "tightening repair." Second time I had no brights... the dimmer linkage was not seated correctly due to the turn signal wire being pinched in the cover. I have the whole thing down to about 45 min now. Hope I am finally done.

Brian Wicks: ha I have a1982 Chevy impala changed ignition key switch its not starting key turns free don't jump back can u help

ishsters10: Johnny cash, is that you?

Robert Charpentier: What surprised me most in researching to do this job was that the parts from one GM vehicle to the next are virtually identical. The most helpful thing I found was a webpage with cut-away shots of a Fiero steering column. The parts looked exactly the same -- they were just a different size. Sadly, that site was pulled down for reasons unknown.

MrDirtySouthCantina: Thanks, Looks like a great thing to do next weekend.

Robert Charpentier: @nhellman84 It turns out that the link I provided is no longer active. It's a bummer because the photos made it really easy to understand how some of the components fit together -- and trust me, it's not always obvious.

Adam Wolfe: Thank you!! thats exactly the problem with my dads 88 GMC sierra pickup

CORVAIRWILD: I've tightened a few screws in steering columns, but never got all the way down onto the side pivot. I'll have to get the little puller bolts, and give it a try! Thx...

Robert Charpentier: @prairieartmetal Yeah, I would have been lost without the assembly cut-away images I found. They showed exactly how everything fits together. Too bad they were pulled down.

Southern Dane: @prairieartmetal PS: The video was very helpful! Props!

nick hellman: Mine is actually a 75, so I won't have as many extra things in the column, but I will check out that link, thanks.

hippyron: Thanks,If you ever get to youngstown ,Ohio,I'm buying you lunch !!

Tyler kozinski: you could also use a socket bolt and nut to pull the pivot pins

Tony Retuta: Thanks a lot for this detailed instructions on how to fix loose steering. I have here a 1988 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic with this kind of problem and repairing this one from a certified workshop cost a lot.

David Hernandez: Would my 89 blazer have the same process because my steering column is really loose and it just recently started to turn the blazer off and i was thinking what can cause this short?

Robert Charpentier: Glad it helped. There are a few very good videos on this topic on YouTube. I'd watch them all. Each one gives you a bit more info.

Robert Charpentier: Sorry, I can't really help with that. Was there nothing on YouTube that covered it?

ChaZacIsa: Well done Robert. Pro video! I had the same issue with my Silverado. Kudos man! Got 'er done!

Allen Frost: Thanks for the vid going to give it a try this week on my 84 monte carlo.

kimmer6: Perfect! Best tilt column video on Youtube. My 89 van got terribly loose in less than a month. Looks like a good job for tomorrow. I am looking forward to your new vid...How to overhaul an automatic transmission at night on a lonely dirt road in the rain.

nick hellman: Nice video, I'm gonna use it when I take mine apart. Thanks!

Robert Charpentier: The reason I didn't shoot the reassembly was because I literally had my hands full with all the bits and pieces. So, the substance of your critique is fair -- if not your tone. I do, however feel the video is still useful in showing many steps in this job. This was shot in my driveway with a hand-held camera and zero budget. Your cost for viewing this video: free.
Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban 4.8 out of 5

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Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban