Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban

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MrJohnnyDistortion: We found out the trick for removing that inner casing @ 11:15. Reinstall the tilt lever. straighten out the shaft, pull back on the lever and it releases the two feet holding it in place and the inner case slides up and out exposing the joint and bolts. Me thinks you accidentally missed that step in your video. But hey, that's why I check other video sources. Thanks for you video nonetheless.

MrJohnnyDistortion: We're having difficulty pulling apart the inner casing @11:15 in your video.

IT'SME: Is this the same type steering column as the Saginaw in a 1990 Dodge Caravan?

IT'SME: At 11:50 you mentioned an inverted torx driver and/or socket. Can you please clarify what that is thst is? Thanks for the great video.

Bohappenstance Click: Thanks for the vid. Don't know why anyone would vote it down. I love a vid that moves right along or flows. I don't need to know every little thing, just the highlights and perils (such as the high beam rod) so this was perfect for me. I can see how someone with little mechanical experience might have an issue though. Keep up the good work Bob.

Sean Topham: I had to put the tilt lever back on and disengage the tilt.

Sean Topham: Never mind, I got it! Thank you sir! Very helpful. Probably saved me $300

Sean Topham: Robert, I have a question. I have it taken apart all the way down to removing the final collar, but there is something still holding it in. I believe it may be the tilt paws on top. You skipped that part. Did you remove something else?
Thanks for the help!

charles Herrmann: Robert: Might you know the external torx bolt size (E?)on the 3 nuts that are loose at bottom?

Chuck Norris: After fighting my way through the maze GM calls a steering column on my 85 cutlass I found out that:
a) The upper bearings are toast. plastic cages were broken into a million little pieces.
b) The damn bolts were actually tight.
c) The steering column STILL wobbles.

It seems like the lower bearings (or possibly something else down the column) are the culprit here.

Thanks a bunch though. Definitely helped me out!

roger b: I got 89 cutlass supreme and the bolt going into the right pivot pin is broke-off,i've tried drilling it out,but the metal won't cut(too hard).

tedb310: Thank you for the video. I learned several things. First, it's not a super serious problem. Second, it looks like kind of a pain in the ass. Third, I have a really reasonable mechanic that makes the cost of buying the specialized tools to do the job myself seem kind of silly.

VengefulSage: this is a pain in the freaking ass!! my tilt steering is loose but not my steering column. I don't think I will be doing this. Note to car makers, make an easier way of tighten the tilts instead of taking the whole freaking thing off

Jenny T: I will purchase the tools cozy I found them and will make all so a video with that

Jenny T: can I drill to a side just to remove the key barrel?

Evgeniy P. Panin: Dear Robert,thanks for great video instruction!!! I have the same problem on my Suburban V1500 1990...I'ill fix it soon.Than you so much!!!

Gerry K: Thanks for posting this video!
I have a 91 GMC Sierra and I was told by a GM dealer that the whole column needs to be replaced. And the quote with labor was over $600.
Now after watching this video you posted I can go purchase the pullers from Parts Source and do the job myself!
I just hope I can find that small pin puller up here in Canada.
I do have one question!
My GMC is a manual transmission So would there be less to disassemble?
And I plan to replace the ignition while I'm at it also.

ScoobyDigites: good video for if you want to change your old crappy looking steering wheel

olov244: I didn't do too bad, going back together was a pita, messed up the turning lock spring but I'll mess with that another day

Garrett Owens: this vid is pretty useful, but i have something lose behind where thoes 4 bolts are, is there anything back there that needs to be tightened up? or replaced?
Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban 5 out of 5

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Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban