EP Carrillo Cigars: A Moment With Lissette Perez-Carrillo

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EP Carrillo
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jack mega: i would luv to sleep with them both !!!

RavingCrusader: I wish i was trapped in that humidor with these two! :D

radiantchristina: i had an EP Carillo cigar yesterday and it was one of the best cigars i have ever had!

Lite Dave: It would be cool to meet her and have a fine cigar. Cigar Chick is cute as a button.

98bigbutt: I wish I could meet The smoking hot cigar chick in person and could smoke a cigar together.

MrNavi402: I'm sorry, but naughty thoughts just popped in all through out this video.

Fat Bastard Pipes: Mmmmm... two brunettes. Yum!

MHSstoners4life: Love it and you
EP Carrillo Cigars: A Moment With Lissette Perez-Carrillo 5 out of 5

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David Liddle: 3.56 bruce willis
Kharmazov: And cutting them in half with a hobby knife is a problem because???;-)
Alex Awwesome: Stop! Stop! Stop! :D
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AtomicCreeperMan: It should
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EP Carrillo Cigars: A Moment With Lissette Perez-Carrillo