RC Motor And ESC Wiring - Part 1

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Chris S: very clear instructions. thanks

Dragua Kale: I guess I'm searching wrong. I need to know what to do to get the motor to run. I took the back off my little motor so I have the housing, the power supply and then the shaft with the wires. I just need to know how to connect power and make it run. But every search comes up with this. Not what I need!

BUILD with MAULIK: can i connect the esc with a coreless motor for a drone.. i dnt have a brushless motor if yes plzzz tell how to do that

Cinetta Cannon: this is so stupid

voice of pekhawar: any principal for the power ratio between the electronic components like ESC .motor reciver .servos bettry. .....

HIROSEMPAI809: What charger are you using for your FlightPower EVO25 V-Power Battery?

tech technically: can anyone tell me how to connect a brushed motor with 2 pins positive and negative to a 6ch receiver

Eward Obaro: Can I connect different controller to a receiver?

Kenneth Wang: Do I have to use a BEC if I am powering the receiver with a 1s? Thanks for the tutorial!

John Chikie: Hi guys, Maybe you can help. I have a Catalina by Curnli bought through Nitro back in 2009. I never finished putting it together but would like to now but updating the electronics. Existing set-up: the old 72 radio, two 370 motors (geared)( have only two wires coming from each), battery was Ni-Mh 8.4-1000mAh. It has a single 40A ESC (supposedly, very small, no markings) which has the four wires to feed the motors. I switched out the receiver and changed the power leads to the ESC to deans. I hooked up a 3S 1100 for power. ESC got very hot in less then a minute with the props turning. Should I a) use a less powerful battery like maybe a 2S, b) change out the ESC and if so, what set up should I use with the 4 wires going to the motors? Would like to get it flying if I can. Seen some vids where it flys right off the grass and preforms nicely.

Adam Hung: Can you give me the link for your esc? Thanks.

Zayne Daniel Nom: I focuse on the battery volt . if I buy the 12v battery what kind receiver , speed controller, motor should I buy ? if I need servo what vole of servo should I buy ? ( I'm a beginner build a plane )

Zayne Daniel Nom: Dear brother , I just wondering how do we know the receiver is match with radio controller ? and also how we know the speed controller is match with motor ? last question how we know the batter pad is match with speed controller ? Waiting to hear from you as soon as you can , Daniel .

Andre knox: What if the esc has only 2 why use in your brushless motor has three wires is there a adapter or someway to still use that ESC that has only two wires that connect to the brushless motor

Hard Score: which motor you will use? please give me name..

jimmy veeramalay: hi mate,i jst converted a 1/5th scale rc car into brushless,am using a 200 amp esc,,i was wondering if i can use a servo along on wiz the esc on same channel ''throttle'' using a y lead so wen i brake the servo pulls the cable for the front brakes and the rear brakes by the motor itself..please help

Kevin Wang: how do i connect the motor to esc? i have 3 connectors that i have no idea how to use. please help

MaryBroadcastBand: cool video, have a look at my channel too.

Nikola Milutinovic: The motors i ordered dys 1806 have 3 black wires instead of black yellow and red HELP

p coates: 11.1v minimum? what battery are you running?
RC Motor and ESC Wiring - Part 1 5 out of 5

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Toy's Wonderland Coloring Page for Kids: Thumbs up !!! nice video
Chris S: very clear instructions. thanks
Random Name: freaking go and take ur damn inhaler. Damn sounds lke u freaking hve asthma
S7 iRapid: clicked the link saw porn 😐
xStiggymeisteRx: Didn't even hit 200kph (124 mph) my saab 93 aero 230bhp would leave this in the dust!
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bigbluegpr: Pretty cool (I could never build one!), but it's missing a couple of back wheels!! Nicely done nonetheless!

RC Motor and ESC Wiring - Part 1