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scott yi: you guys know that ninjato is suppose to have some curvature on the blade and all the straight blades are based off of american made ninja movies.
ana onim: telefon bardzo dobrze sprawuje się we wszystkim, warto kupić :) nie polecam nokii, gdyż podobno jest wiele reklamacji, a tego samsunga jak najbardziej. jestem z niego bardzo zadowolona :)
Yanni Gogolak: Here's a good video about how to grade comics. This one goes in-depth on high-grade books. If someone knows of one that goes below a VF/NM I would be interested in seeing it.
Nakia Lawrence: You is been acting different lately
happybunny207: It's called poopup obviously people will kno 
Hexomazifra: but i thought Rob Zombie made it more realistic by makeing him mortal,but i guess not,but there ARE 2 ways Michael can die,he gets decapitated or u kill him while he has his mask off,that was also in the movies,remember?I guess Rob's remaking the whole series.

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