RC Motor And ESC Wiring - Part 1

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RC Motor and ESC Wiring - Part 1
RC Motor and ESC Wiring - Part 1

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harish paswan: which motor you will use? please give me name..

jimmy veeramalay: hi mate,i jst converted a 1/5th scale rc car into brushless,am using a 200 amp esc,,i was wondering if i can use a servo along on wiz the esc on same channel ''throttle'' using a y lead so wen i brake the servo pulls the cable for the front brakes and the rear brakes by the motor itself..please help

Kevin Wang: how do i connect the motor to esc? i have 3 connectors that i have no idea how to use. please help

MaryBroadcastBand: cool video, have a look at my channel too.

Nikola Milutinovic: The motors i ordered dys 1806 have 3 black wires instead of black yellow and red HELP

p coates: 11.1v minimum? what battery are you running?

BWWGL9: Grate

Lorenzo van het Hul: Is there a way to bypass the esc so i can use it for a selfsustaining turbojet engine project (max speed)? I dont want extra stuff arround in like receiver or servo testen, thanks:)

Chris Kaiser: Do you have any videos on OPTO ESC's with an external BEC and running batteries in series?

rasheed gregory: Im scratch building my first plane and I'm using esc's with a built in sbec what I'd like is how do I find out if the 4 amp sbec will be enough to power 5 tss-11mga servoes?

dryan084: New to Lipo's here- so be gentle, How do I know if I have exceeded my BEC budget? How do I know what my "budget" is?

Quinna Pro: Can u help me i got my recevier to talk to me transmitter. And my motor works but my servos won't stop running.. As soone as i plug them in thay run and wount stop or respond to my controls thanks 

Neilbrian Bernardino: My rc car is not working because first I try to fix the light of the car and I successfully fix it and next when I open the remote of the car I accident pull the wire of the connected to the batterry actually I pull all the wire and I can't remember if where the two wire connected my rc car is enzo ferrari pls help me ?

Duvan l Vandu: Should I have a normal configuration on my RC car WITH a ducted fan and a separate ESC, or should I just have the ducted fan setup. Using this for science fair.

James Guile: Thank you for your prompt reply. good luck and take care. 

James Guile: Hi Bros, does one need a servo? I'm in the middle of building a RC Skate board to mount a camera, it has 2 12v motors which works well with a speed controller but it means long cables, so I want RC. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT TUTORIAL VIDEOS.

soundadvice2k: Do you have a video or information for setting up timing for the 2 motors?

Thiago Boccio: Sir, what plugs are that you used to connect ESC to motor??? Does anyone know about that?
Thanks for the nice video!!! subscribed.

juan pabon: AWESOME INFORMATION..................THANK U .....JAY...NYC

Jose Martinez: Something I really never understood is how the receiver is being powered if one did not have an esc with the capability to power other electronic devices. Could someone explain this?
RC Motor and ESC Wiring - Part 1 5 out of 5

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RC Motor and ESC Wiring - Part 1