Chimney Micro Coil Build In A Kayfun Lite

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Work test fire 65.5 watts 26awg coil build
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sanka: 4 years ago and we were using 20watt chips FFS. right now we have 300watt chips :D:D:D

Josh Elkins: crazy how much vape has changed since these days. im still using my Russian 91. and its my only tank. now days everything taste bad and fluid ruin coils in like 2 days.

Jeremy Briggs: Dna 20? What's the point of that

Vein O' Maly Yap: 2017 n im still watching your high on vaping.

Khairil Azwan: hey rip ! nice vid ! tried the chimney build but why does my airflow feels restricted ?

En. Pablo: 2016 still watching your video

Kirk Wasson: Love ya dude. I can tell you are a great guy, and your video skill set is amazing.

Side note: I hope you understand what is going on with global corporatism. Things be gettin' Crayzee.

Mike Wright: Can you come out with a new coil

Justin Winan: Somebody looks HIGH ASSSS TITS!!!

Mason Jones: Rips high in this vid

xmattycorex: lol 13.5 watts....such wow, much vapor lmao. we were all so lame back then. Now I can't vape anything under 200 watts

MarkPiq: hey rip..can u cut your mustache..XD

M Asif Arain: hi I am looking for a good device and got confused in 2 different box mod. 1 ipv5 200w with yihi sx pure technology, 2 kangertech kbox 200w...
you suggestions highly appreciated

Emma Martinez: I tried your chimany build...but with a Clapton coil on the TFV4 rda & it works great... Thanks Rip

Mike Forti: I don't understand... why the concern about the coil's bottom "shorting out" to the deck? Isn't that the same deck it's grounded to? It shouldn't matter if the coil touches the deck, as long as the other end (top) of the coil goes to the positive terminal. Am I missing something?

cuezaireekaa: Wow this is an old video.. Well not really that old but it's crazy how the vape industry moves so dang fast.. Crazy rip.. you're all talking about boiling cotton and using 28ga wire.. Feels like back in the 80's lmao.. Still one of the best in the industry rip.. Stay cool and stay true my man.. Cya later buddy.. :) also you seem really mellow in this video.. I know a bunch of people always give you crap for being "loud" or " obnoxious but I think you're holding back in this video.. I personally like your crazy wild style. You're so funny when you do all the edits and funny voices. Fekk the rest of them that talk poop.. Do you

Aaron John: i found out for this if you space out your coil so each coil is not touching it works a lot better

Ryan Mu: Hey Rip, how many watt do you smoke on the 2nd build ? And how high can the watt go using the 2nd build ?

Austin Gazafy: I want to do babe

Austin Gazafy: Those
Chimney Micro Coil Build In A Kayfun Lite 5 out of 5

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LifeofRyan: I'm from Chattanooga tn. Live here now what a coincidence
Patrick Mandingo: That Moncler is definitely not fake. I bought the same one for bit more than you bought yours for. Mine has become a bit dirty, any tips on washing it? Thank you!

Chimney Micro Coil Build In A Kayfun Lite