Chimney Micro Coil Build In A Kayfun Lite

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Emma Martinez: I tried your chimany build...but with a Clapton coil on the TFV4 rda & it works great... Thanks Rip

Mike Forti: I don't understand... why the concern about the coil's bottom "shorting out" to the deck? Isn't that the same deck it's grounded to? It shouldn't matter if the coil touches the deck, as long as the other end (top) of the coil goes to the positive terminal. Am I missing something?

cue zaireekaa: Wow this is an old video.. Well not really that old but it's crazy how the vape industry moves so dang fast.. Crazy rip.. you're all talking about boiling cotton and using 28ga wire.. Feels like back in the 80's lmao.. Still one of the best in the industry rip.. Stay cool and stay true my man.. Cya later buddy.. :) also you seem really mellow in this video.. I know a bunch of people always give you crap for being "loud" or " obnoxious but I think you're holding back in this video.. I personally like your crazy wild style. You're so funny when you do all the edits and funny voices. Fekk the rest of them that talk poop.. Do you

Drew Z: 2016 STILL NOTHING BETTER FOR A ML, kayfun lite rta

Aaron John: i found out for this if you space out your coil so each coil is not touching it works a lot better

Ryan Mu: Hey Rip, how many watt do you smoke on the 2nd build ? And how high can the watt go using the 2nd build ?

Austin Gazafy: I want to do babe

Austin Gazafy: Those

Patrick Olsen: you seemed kinda sad and not yourself in this video trip.. caught me off guard.. usually your giving goofing around and everything..

Michael Thomas: ooh Rip your high, oh Rip your this, your that. Seriously some of you guys really need to get a life. OK I'm done. I definitely prefer the chimney on the kayfun lite, although I haven't used it in ages. I just think there are so many better options. Thanks Rip

Don Vittorio Sierra: What drip tip are you using on your kayfun?

AnUnnamed3vil: These old video's make me chuckle every time.

Eric Ek: Nice spirit orb... Ghost vaping, new concept tv show.

Fernando Torres: can i have the mod plz

BlueTirrick: I just ordered a Russian 91, how would i make a coil like the chimney one but not as harsh on the throat, more wraps?

vincent reyes: japanese cotton you don't need to do all of that rinse. Japanese cotton has the best taste..

Ezat “Si Pitung Moderen” Whyte: rip,,,do double barrel for kayfun 4 ....

Ahmad Syakirin: Can the chimney build be done on the subtank mini?

Christos Segkounas: I just ordered my first rebuildable ever, a Russian 91%.
Gonna add this vid to my favs and try both builds and see what gives.
I'm a flavor junkie too.
Thumbs up for both the educational and entertainment value of your upload.

trakmasters: Can you please do a video on the cloupor A1? I need your advice on how to wick it. I keep flooding her
Chimney Micro Coil Build In A Kayfun Lite 5 out of 5

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bianca boatwright: I know this video is like 11 months old but I came across it while I was watching all your videos over again. I love your eye makeup in this picture ... What product did you use for your eyes?
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nawaf alharbe: simple amazing
umar saud: i hate the guy saying amazing huh
p a s t e d i t s: Reminds of the movie Ants. Anyone? Nope just me
Tommy Luksha: Have you thought about any other designs on the wood oven to be more like a traditional (in house) wood cook stove?
i.e. having a fire chamber below and oven on top? Just curious. Great videos.
Regarding a prior comment: Much better on not having the volume overlay so loud.
Great job. I'm Jealous. :D

Campbell Gildersleeve: yeah, i ride caliber 50 degrees

Chimney Micro Coil Build In A Kayfun Lite