Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum Review

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philsalvage: Detour, do you not have a brain?

Carl Tomas Alley: ... R.I.P. Emilio Ghisoni (1937-2008) ... great inventor ... also
designed Mateba semi-automatic revolver (US Patent #4,712,466) ...

Take Detour: Do you not have a right Arm?

Mac: Thanks for some detailed Informations!
I am very interested in getting one of these. You showed up a few Details i haven't known yet. Again - thanks a lot!
Keep on doing Reviews!

v SIG: I like this revolvers but I don't know which one will be more practical the 50 or the 60 DS :/ anyone can give me an idea !

TheAusher1880: is there any rattle sounds when you shake the gun?

TheAusher1880: how flush fitting. with the frame is the side cover on your rhino? on mine, the cover isn't flush.

Mary Gemmell: my son just bought the 60ds after looking for about 9 months, spent about a 1000 on it new in box.

Emival Madeira: sei que será difícil a vida para o Brasil, más sou difícil de me cansar, vou tentar comprar até conseguir.

Emival Madeira: esse revólver e lindo, e parece preciso.

mark c: @Fitty% TACTICAL

Damn, dude.

Spartan020: Thank you for the review I love this gun!!

Completepancake Ac FIFA Cod gameplay: Hey where can you buy this?

tariq bahati: what is the name of a music u played in the beginning of the video.. 😁

Emival Madeira: gostaria de receber catalogo referente a esta arma

Samuel Stace: I recommend using moon clips.

Zombie Power Drink: I can't wait to get one.

Toxically Masculine: they can use scanners from up to 80 miles. not a bunch of BS. they can fit an RFID into a credit card, so we're talking VERY small. and these credit card RFIDs can be scanned up to 80 miles away. they can even do it with a satellite, by redirecting the signal from the satellite through antennae on earth. if i buy one i'm certainly going to check for an RFID, and remove it or break it if possible.

Aubrey Moreau: That is it I have to get one. If someone breaks into my castle they are going to get a futuristic Italian beat down. 

Michael Westmoreland: Jesus. I never would have thought to look in the handle. Thanks.

I hope you get your Mateba. I know I WANT ONE BAD.
Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum Review 5 out of 5

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LeoFloresTV: ooo he saved his magazine one second befooree
The Batman The Dark Knight Batman: Your wedding should go to the beach
Ben Hills: Another great review. I hope they sell a shed load of these but, personally, I am confused between the Spark+ and the Swift. They're the same price (currently) but the Spark+ has a smaller battery and a MediaTek CPU rather than a Snapdragon. So, can you see any reason why you'd buy a Spark or Spark+ over the Swift?
Vincent Houtmeyers: Kill urself
Jungy Gungen: I use a single MSI GTX 970 (same one as you) on Fallout 4, playing on 3440x1440 (pretty much 3.5K) all settings on Ultra and I'm getting about 35fps AVG, 28fps Lowest, and 60fps MAX because my monitor is only 60hz and all of this is while running around Boston and also in Diamond City. I just accidentally won another MSI GTX 970 for $280 off ebay so that's pretty cool, about $100 off the regular cover price after shipping and taxes. I'm guessing SLI will see a modest jump in improvement, nothing to go crazy about but at least it's good news.
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Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum Review