Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum Review

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Dan Katz: I'd love to hack into one of these, I can't help but think they missed a trick not mounting the top rail lower down, given that the barrel is on the bottom chamber. a snubby one of these with integral holographic red dot would be sci-fi as freak.

Kron D: man i wish the unica 6 wasn't so rare and expensive. It looks like an awesome gun

JimisJames: it has a 9mm conversion kit. how many rounds does that hold in the cylinder?

FaStTurdle: this guy is very cool with those guns (:

jeff smith: Yep, bought 2 50DS models to shoot gangster style. My gunsmith has them at the moment doing the gold plating. I also need better quality holsters them as they are making my ankles very sore. Any advice would be very welcome.

John Smith: fitty, is the rail on the 6" model a separate piece or is it machined out of the frame? what do you think about the feasibility of either attaching a rail to a 4 or 5 inch model or perhaps Machining out a area in the four or five inch frame and attaching a rail down in there similar to the 6 inch?

John Smith: might a aimpoint type T1 optic co witness partially w the sights?

John Smith: damn, so w the 6"you cannot use a weapon light and activate w your trigger finger :(

John Smith: so does the bottom bore design work better for you then with theone arm? how has reliability been for you after all these years?

John Smith: can you do a long term update?

1984 Chevyguy: you have one arm

slashnagy6: Cool vid man. Keep it up

norm664 ! (norm664): Is the 4 inch concealable?

Lambom Rkinin: Is that airsoft if it where can u by it

philsalvage: Detour, do you not have a brain?

Carl Tomas Alley: ... R.I.P. Emilio Ghisoni (1937-2008) ... great inventor ... also
designed Mateba semi-automatic revolver (US Patent #4,712,466) ...

Take Detour: Do you not have a right Arm?

Mac: Thanks for some detailed Informations!
I am very interested in getting one of these. You showed up a few Details i haven't known yet. Again - thanks a lot!
Keep on doing Reviews!

v SIG: I like this revolvers but I don't know which one will be more practical the 50 or the 60 DS :/ anyone can give me an idea !

TheAusher1880: is there any rattle sounds when you shake the gun?
Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum Review 5 out of 5

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german correa: yes twice more you finish job fsater
Kun - Nguyễn Phi Trường: I like your voice :v :V
TotalMK: damn the soundtrack to this video was amazing do you sell it on CD's? 
Laura Means: Isn't that Justine's sister?!
ChancerNW: Very nice neat work on the Matchbox classic kit. Well done.
DoctaM3: Not dead when I saw him only a few weeks ago and I will see him again in 2 weeks. If that is a "driving-dead man" then, well, so be it. heheehe
ARNAULD ROBERT Tapa: Hi I have recently downloaded the student version of the autodesk cfd
2016 from the official website, but my toolbar is quite different from
what I see in this video and I do not know exactly what is the problem.
Many options are missing or is not fully given?

Chiappa Rhino 357 Magnum Review