TR-1 Gold Autopilot By Garmin

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TangoBravo: Great information, however the wind noise makes a fair amount of this video almost unusable. Should have done it inside. Thanks for the effort though--the stuff you can make out is very informative.

Jeff Nemeth: I installed an Uncle Norm's Dolphin Fin on my Yamaha T-8 a little over a year ago and I've seen a dramatic improvement in the performance of my TR-1 unit, particularly during the windy and often turbulent Spring Salmon season on the lower Columbia River. I'm confident that this combination has resulted in many more fish in the boat.

1951H2OK9: I see a lot of the guys on the Columbia River are running the TR1 coupled with the Uncle Norm's Fins. I went out with a couple of guides last fall that were running that combo. they really like the TR1 so they can get up and help with rigging and landing fish. It seems to be pretty rugged.

Bogibar: The TR1 is great. A lot of the guides in my area use the TR1 and install a "Dolphin Fin" made by Uncle Norms Marine Products on their Kicker motors. The fin makes the TR1 more effective making it possible to hold heading at lower power in wind and strong current. The side to side motion is reduced to about 1/3 of what it's like without it.

Kellie Goicoechea: Dude, the wind on the mike sounds terrrible...
TR-1 Gold Autopilot by Garmin 3.8 out of 5

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TR-1 Gold Autopilot by Garmin