How To Replace The Starter On A 2001 Ford Focus Car

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John Mc Donald: I just reinstalled the new (used) starter, I unbolted the rack-pinion bracket and moved it a side. gives a bit more room, helps a lot, that way you can remove and install the wiring from below I find it was easyer that way

John Mc Donald: Just did it, hell of a job, I am really starting to hate this car.

LCCharlie: The reason you should remove the negative cable rather than the positive is that if you were to accidentally place a tool across the positive to the car's ground you would complete the circuit, and could damage a component. It's not possible if you remove the negative.

Lemuel Seale: Awesome vid m8, i cant wait to have a crapty day today. Mines an 04 focus, your vid was extremely useful, thanks lots

thaddeus mcgrath: I have a 2000 and still have the original starter in it. I am really going to get reamed good when replacing it!

Lynn Blair: The Zetec version is practically the same thing. It freaking SUCKS, man!

chad huth: Horrible got the SOHC SPI Starter is disconnected but it won't come out just sitting up there stuck by the exhaust Any1?

Erick Larrea: I am about to attempt to replace my starter on my '04 Ford Focus. If I could get an exact list of what tools I have to use... I would appreciate it.

Timothy Smothers: Man my clothes were destroyed and the oil and grease was matted in my hair, I looked like Wiley coyote after he gets blown up. And I definitely had some Fat Tire ale to drink the pain away.

Timothy Smothers: Okay. I came here to announce that after the worst 10 hours of my life, grease, grime, and hordes of mosquitoes, blood scrapes, bangs, pinches, cuts, and extreme muscle fatigue. Plus 150.00 I did this job. F*ck this. It was hell and consumed my whole day off. Thanks for posting this video it was a big help. I will answer any questions and give tips to whoever needs it.

weirdguywithaknife: This video is QUITE helpful, thankyou.

uzerap: A bloody awful job. Whoever dreamed up this design should be sentenced to an eternity of removing and installing starters on 2001 Focus SPI engines.

MrDrizzle901: Does anyone no qere the ground wire goes thats above the top two bolts im confused

cuzuman: I have a 2001 Ford Explorer sport. and there are things I can do and things I can't do, Luckily, I know this guy who knows Fords In and out. and helps me out most of the time.

Jenny Wren: I'll be spending the duration of my evening cursing the engineer that thought putting the top bolt under a bracket and making it darn near impossible to remove was a good idea. *grumble* Looks like I'm adding a few new scars to my knuckles and the tops of my hands tonight.

tomp64: I have to do that same job today... maybe i'll be looking for a lake instead.
How To Replace The Starter On A 2001 Ford Focus Car 5 out of 5

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How To Replace The Starter On A  2001 Ford Focus Car