Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

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BeautyBabyXo: My dad just bought me one of these and I'm so excited to use it!!!!

moss: piss off

Marek Tech: Hi, Can you connect it to tv using any micro usb to hdmi adapter? Does it work with usb flash drives out of the box (nexus 10 doesn't)?

traiden Dickinson: U can do everything u do on a computer as a regular user, If ur a teacher powerpoint n stuff or movies pictures, but u get extra like water resistance

Nicolás Castillo: can i read books on this tablet

Nicolás Castillo: can it play videos on youtube?

TheMindstate: I must point out the annoying glare from the horrible curtains in the room.

Paul Neal: Bullcrap

Elliott J: any docking for a keyboard


Daniel Rondon: tem entrada usb?

HAMED HASSAN: Working to get one, great review

Mihnea Theodor: Does it float?

ahmed ali: full HD ?

San D: How about you learn some freaking russian and stfu...

Gyula Pék: Russian or ftw?

pkm100: It mostly wins, however nexus 10 has higher resolution, but you will not notice that, Xperia z tablet has resolution high enough that from the distance you will hold it at, pixels will be invisible anyway, so the difference is mostly in customers heads, its more of a gimmick to sell the product, works like a placebo.

markpitblado: He needs to improve his English? You spelled whole wrong...

Sahil Kataria: I pad is far more better!!!

Fota R: It's a micro USB cable.
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review 5 out of 5

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review