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Aurora Fire Starter 2SA  With Magnesium  by Solo Scientific Inc.
Aurora Fire Starter 2SA With Magnesium by Solo Scientific Inc.
amazing fire starter! aurora firesteel
amazing fire starter! aurora firesteel

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phillipcurl3: @dayingyang0 What if your near the ocean with this in your pocket and fall in?

BushcraftOnFire: Nice job Tom.. This is a fine looking firestarter.. I would love to have a few of them.. It's important to have gear that you KNOW will perform on demand. I have used some firestarters that you couldn't depend on.. they were more hit & miss. Bad thing in a crisis situation!

CampingSurvival: Good point. Again, my first video. Had no idea about how it would turn out and how it would look etc. Maybe burdock for the next one.

CyberKlown28: I just picked one up at the local Army and Navy store. I must say it is built very well,worth every cent. I noticed that you have to scrape down a little for it to work good. After I scraped a layer off it works like a charm. Also this is very light weight for something built so good. Pick one up you will be pleased.

CampingSurvival: Yes, there is a wide variety of prices on fire starters. We sell some that are a buck or two. There are thousands of these in use by the military and they find the o-ring very important such as the Navy Seals.

Josh Murdock: The video is fine. I don't think you were "trying too hard", your just showing your merch. Good stuff. (Although next time, try and zoom into the product itself a bit more)

jrash2000: I can't get over how well designed this is, it's the perfect all-around fire starter. I keep it in my camping pack with an Altoids tin of greased cotton balls, works every time.

CampingSurvival: Good question. It depends on so many variables. Some would say " the best (whatever it is gun, fire starter etc) is the one you have on you". Firesteel is smaller and easier to carry in the pocket/keychain all the time. It's harder to spark the aurora than the firesteel, but the aurora produces smoldering sparks. Whereas the firesteel sparks go out quicker.

CampingSurvival: What do you mean?

CampingSurvival: I agree. My first vid.

Jacob Rymer-Jenkins: thanks i thought this was a waste of my time

CampingSurvival: $20.00 right on our home page CampingSurvival. Thanks, Tom

CampingSurvival: I know. It was my first vid. We were rushed for time and even though my buddy is a perfectionist and that is a good thing, he came to Syracuse from Buffalo and got there at night. We were both whipped and by this take, I said the heck with it, it looks good. So, I'm happy wiht my first vid, but am trying to get to making some more. Thanks for the comment, Tom

Robert Nich: What would you consider the better, Swedish firesteel, or this Magnesium firestarter?

CampingSurvival: Arthur. Seriously, if you have an opinion of our fire starter, please fill us in. I obviously love this fire starter, but if you see it from a different perspective, please let me know. This thing is constantly being improved. Every batch has a little tweaking to it. Feedback helps us a lot. Tom

CampingSurvival: Thanks much for the feedback. I tried posting a response several times and failed. I think because I put a link or the name of a product in my response. I am hoping to make another video about tinders and comparing products to help make fire starting easier. Thanks again, Tom

CampingSurvival: Thanks for checking it out. Please let me know your experience. I've been working with fire starters for a while, and the only way this could improved would be to make the rod larger. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with it. To say it's the worst doesn't make sense to me. If you know how to use a sparking rod to start a fire, you'll know this one is better than the rest because it has a high concentration of magnesium that keeps burning super hot after you strike it.

itsArthurKomar: This item is the worst fire starter i ever used

rmsparklechick: yes, i agree, time for survival man Tom to make more videos!

CampingSurvival: Sounds good. Thanks, Tom
Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter from 5 out of 5

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phillipcurl3: @dayingyang0 What if your near the ocean with this in your pocket and fall in?
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