Sig P938 Compared To Kahr PM9 - Review Part 3

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Sig P938 Compared To Kahr PM9 - Review Part 3
Sig P938 Compared To Kahr PM9 - Review Part 3
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Damitdan: Both are great options depending on your choice of manual of arms. I would really prefer a DA/SA deckocker only version of both of these.

Gene Hackman: I own a 900 dollar sig and a 300 dollar kahr. my sig is a jamming piece of crap and the kahr is a real sweet shooter. I got the sig brand new and it had feeding issues from the start. even 3000 rounds later it had issues so I sent it to them and they said it's fine, they didn't do anything to it and it still has issues and they won't offer any solutions.

John Papadopoulos: Just bought a Kahr PM9 with CT laser for $500 brand new shipped. I hate lasers anyways so I'll sell it and have only $325-$350 into the PM9.

Anber Quidrew: p938 is awesome 

Alan S: I am liking my Boberg more and more as it breaks in. As long as I watch my ammo and crimps. Very light and concealable with greater velocity/power than either of these. Beautiful firearm. I am buying a Sig 938 this week to have a choice. Steel and aluminum guns will prevail over plastic. Not likely to trust cheap Kahr.
Good video comparison. Customer service matters as well.

darrtrubb: Kahr better gun hands down!

PocketGunsandGear: I don't have a CM9, but I can give you a quick rundown on PM9 vs. Nano. Kahr = Better sights and trigger. Beretta = Cheaper mags and night sight upgrade. Better customer service. CM9 and Nano appear to be similar in price so that's a push.

PocketGunsandGear: Thanks Joseph. I appreciate you spreading the word about the channel. The more the channel grows, the more compelled I feel to keep creating new content. Right now I'm inspired. =)

Joseph Simeone: * Glad to see your # of views on the rise. You do nice work with the ballistic testing. I recommend you to everyone I talk shop with.

Joseph Simeone: I went with the Kahr cm9 over the Nano, mostly of all the great press the cm gets. I also owned a mk 9 ten years ago or so, my Mk 9 ran flawless. I only sold it because the weight was extreme for such a small gun. I would like to know how you think the Nano 9mm stacks up to the CM 9

PocketGunsandGear: I don't hate my 938, I just wish it would work with whatever practice ammo I happen to have on hand at the moment. I will give Sig another shot at updating it. Actually, I think I will call them today.

mangosnapper35: I hated my 938 for the first 100 rounds. Listening to all the haters was hurting my opinion as well. Now that I have over 500 rounds through it I can honestly say it is a completely different gun that I am more than thrilled with. The trigger is now down to around 6 lbs which is perfect and it will now eat any ammo I put in it with less virtually zero FTE or other issues over the last 200 rounds. Sig, like many others build firearms with extremely tight tolerences that need be fired for breakin.

PocketGunsandGear: There are a few that are off limits due to poor factory crimping that allows the bullet to pull out of the case when it is extracted from the magazine. There is a running list of ammo to avoid on the Boberg Forum. I've never had an issue with bullet/case separation by sticking to the approved ammo list. Plenty of cheap and spendy ammo options are approved.

irwig05: Is the Boberg picky with ammo? I'm considering getting one after owning several other small pocket 9's and always having to go back to my glock 26.

PocketGunsandGear: Mine only runs on premium ammo. My DB9 only runs on Rem 115 JHP. I've never worked with a Solo, but I've heard they are also ammo fussy. Personally, if every other gun you carry is striker fired (Kahr, Diamondback, etc) it's stupid to carry a SA as your backup. My plan was Officer's model and the 938 when I couldn't hide the Officer's model. At least they would share the same trigger system. Boberg has kind of ruined that plan for me. It has accuracy, power, and capacity.

josh walker: Hey Bruce its KyWinFan (borrowing someone's profile!). I still SOOOO want a P938 but I've been waiting for SIG them to work bugs out. I heard they changed the trigger right away. I found an extreme with the lighter trigger. Maybe use it for an iwb replacement for the DB9. Is the 938 noticeably thinner than the PM9? Also, is the 938 heading down the same problematic fate as Diamondback DB9 and Kimber solo?

PocketGunsandGear: You would do equally well with either with some practice. Two totally different trigger systems, but both can be easily mastered.

N SR: Which has better follow up shots?

N SR: Seems the they are both equally accurate and fire te same velocity.. Which do u think is more capable o follow up shots? Which is more concealable?

PocketGunsandGear: I'd pick the Kahr because it's been 100% problem free over 3 years. The Sig may eventually get to that level.
Sig P938 Compared To Kahr PM9 - Review Part 3 5 out of 5

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Sig P938 Compared To Kahr PM9 - Review Part 3