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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Thomas Ljung: I would buy this model if it wasn't for the strap.
Bouge laal: where did you order this exhaust from? sounds good +LuckyChain
TheTacticalHouse: Buy a New Ford Explorer. I'm happy. Basically the same thing. Got me through 3 foot of fresh snow last year without a hitch.
juan diegas: Mosquitoes seem to be especially attracted to those with high sugar diets. Diabetics are even tastier. This is at least my observation.
KajiRider1997: I just bought my new shell and screw hole for the battery compartment is just a hole. I can't close it xD
insaner2play: Aside from a great conference, I again with your statement on fanboys who diminish other consoles because they refuse to acknowledge other systems besides the one they're loyal to. In my younger days I was one of them, saying Sega was better than everyone after finally owning a Sega Genesis. Of course that went away the year I finally got my Playstation and accepted all consoles. Although I did joke by saying I hated all consoles I don't own.
101lovelynails: Great video!take a look at my video:)

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