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Hamza Ahmed: Idk how the Spurs manage to draft all these hidden gems. All the Players are humble too from Duncan,Ginobli,Parker and David Robinson. Kawhi is seriously a great player to have he rebounds, scores, plays LockDown D and can guard any position. Hes like the Next Scottie Pippen. People think Durant and paul George are better and if they were on the spurs they would win too but to be on the Spurs you have to humble and not expect to be the main superstar or leading scorer and I don't think they would be able to do what Kawhi has done. All great players but different personalities. Congrats to him though I can already tell hes going to have a bright future, oh yeah Poppovich definitely deserves a lot of credit
689coolio: I don't know if roczen is old enough to drink just yet at the very beginning of the vid
Keidios: When you do Vorago and rise of the six, make sure to show yourself die a few times too if you do. I would personally enjoy that. Haha no offense.
Simon Lagree: . Speaking as an American, Foreigners should NOT be allowed aboard " narrowboats " without proper Historic AND immersive tutelage . . .
niceroundbrown: thank u :)
2URBO2: Is this in Denmark?
Igor Chermisiv: Hey! I'm Brandon.I did -15 lbs past 2 weeks.More here hawght.so

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