Jack LaLanne Deluxe Juicer Vs Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

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Jack LaLanne deluxe juicer vs Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice extractor
Jack LaLanne deluxe juicer vs Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice extractor
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Product Review: The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor -- Part 2 - Juicing
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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor
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Juice. Juice Baby!!! Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer
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Eficiencia del Extractor de Jugos Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer
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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67601 for $42.98

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Rose Broadway: Thank you for this nice video. It really helps when you're a "newbie" aiming to stay healthy. I think I've made the choice of which juicer I'm going with.

James Carroll: thanks for the info!

esther444: I bought the Hamilton Beach Juicer and I love it:))

Avi L: I have the Hamilton Beach and love it although it is noisy. A friend of mine from the gym bought the Jack LaLanne specifically because it is quiet. Now that you have used both juicers for over two years, have you found that the lower-powered J.L. stands up as well as the 800-watt H.B. I'm curious.

elifeleth: I bought a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth at Walmart here in Miami, but after this video I wil buy the Jack LaLanne deluxe juicer I don't like loud sound the Hamilton juicer makes.

rickford75: How does the Jack Lalanne handle kale & ginger?

Jacqueline O: Researching juicers to determine what to buy and appreciate this video! In agreement with you, for the extra $20 or so would go with quieter LaLanne.

Shelly Gibson: Thanks for the post, will purchase the Jack Lalane @ Costco for myself and gift a new Hamilton Beach unit to a friend. Thanks

marrina small: lifetime warranty on the Jack LaLanne except that there is a $60.00 shipping and handling fee. That's a joke! Especially since you can get a brand new one for next to $60.00. I threw it in the trash.

natkeya crumby: Jack lalanne is on sale on Amazon for only sixty bucks! About the same price for a quieter machine. I've already bought the Hamilton Beach though :(. Great video 

T.H.E. Outlaw: I have the Hamilton Beach juicer...bought it almost 2 years ago. It's the best juicer I've ever owned. The extra large chute allows me to juice whole oranges, whole lemons, and some whole apples. I've been on a beet juice cleanse for almost a week now and feel a tremendous difference. And the easiest way to keep the pulp container clean is - as the uploader does - is to put a grocery store bag in there. That way you can just pull the bag out and dispose of it and not have to clean the pulp bin.

chiasa203: which one is more durable.....

Jacqueline McKee: Thanks for the comparison of the two juicers. I had just bought the Big Mouth just a few weeks ago and I am about to start juicing. I had watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead also. Great video. Eye opening. I just wanted to say thanks. At least I know that it will do the job.

Jane Armstrong: Good video, probably the HB is louder because it's 800W vs 250W; thanks for the comparisons!

Wanita Guzman: Amazing, I was just contemplating the purchase of one of these 2 juicers today in Wal-Mart! I am thrilled I found your video because it was very informative and honest. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

diane mirecki: I have the Hamilton and I was thinking of getting the Jack LaLanne to replace, thinking it would extract more juice. If the only real difference is the noise and a larger mesh strainer and the non drip spout I'm glad to know I made a good decision and saved a little money.. More money to buy my produce with. Thanks for the helpful video. Now lets go juice!

N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery: I just bought a Hamilton Beach big mouth juicer last night! And after seeing this video I had seen both juicers at walmart and i am glad I got the Hamilton beach very pleased with it!Yes its a little loud but you don't have it on long cause it gets the job done fast.I took a 2 year extended warranty out when i bought it !! So it may last i hope.Thanks

chiasa203: also how well do they juice leaffy veggies (spinach and all)

Monique Hamilton: Well I just got the Hamilton Beach for Christmas and I'm glad to know it's got a good consumer report. I can't wait to get started!

KIDZ REVIEWZ: @fitlifetv Thanks..


SapphyreVon: I'm going to begin a fully raw diet in a few days, so I am relatively new to juicing. Does either one handle whole fruits better than the other or is it best to cut the fruits or vegetables for both? Thanks for your time.

cakeplox: im looking for a juicer for my girlfriend, im living in the uk right now and she's in the us, do you guys have phillips juicers available there? i cant seem to find any online but from my past experience they're one of the best available, even beating breville here in the uk!

datfoolishthug: Which one is faster at juicing

KIDZ REVIEWZ: Thanks!!. If you have never done fasting i would recommend that you make your workouts lighter especially during the initial 3 days while your body detoxes. You may feel increased lethargy and perhaps headache. If however you are a "seasoned" faster then perhaps you may be fine. I would take the first 3 days either way lighter as far as your workouts go and see how you respond.. Hope it helps and feel free to ask questions. Enjoy!! the fast your body cell will dance with joy and you juice up

jeffmara: @gr8in83 De Nada

kzc33: i have JLL POWER JUICER CLASSIC for almost 4 years now..it's still work good!

KIDZ REVIEWZ: for over 2 years...

KIDZ REVIEWZ: Glad to help !! Enjoy!!

KIDZ REVIEWZ: @samuelxsam You sure can. Perhaps the yield may be less than hand squeezing but it would be only slightly less. Peel off just the outer part of orange leave as much rind as possible its important for nutrients. Enjoy.

Paula Gervais: thanks for the info. BUT I have to tell you, the Hamilton Beach is NOW $50 LESS than the Jack LaLanne at Walmart.. it's adverstised at $59.99 and LaLanne's is $99.00 so that's a considerable savings.. I think I'll have to deal with the NOISE of the Hamilton Beach one... I'm going to start this juicing regimen next week.

protochris: Thanks for the video, I'm surprised by the results since consumer reports singled out the Jack Lalanne as having inferior yield than the HB Pro, and they also said the motor would freeze up, unlike the HB.

pinkspatzi: Thanks for the comparison, I'm trying to decide between these 2 devices. In the video, you mention that they both juice spinach comparably. Have you tried harder vegetables like kale or celery in them? Does one handle them better than the other?

norwaykieran: What if the difference in cost was $40? I found the big mouth for $40 shipped after all taxes.

KIDZ REVIEWZ: I didnt pay shipping. They are sold at costco. And there return policy is stellar. :)

KIDZ REVIEWZ: Your welcome. My pleasure.

prasonglucky: thank you for useful info.

KIDZ REVIEWZ: I believe i mentioned that in the video that the blade doesnt separate. I own the jack la lanne not the HB

Hesham S: good one :)

Cleretta Grant: Which model did you have for the HB because the 67650 blade does separate for easy cleaning.

KIDZ REVIEWZ: @cakeplox yes we have them here 169 dollars

Teamer Connery: Hi I just lost a deal to someone for a big mouth now my options are jack la lanne or Hamilton beach. If it weren't for noise the Hamilton beach would be no problemo. Because I just can't understand how such low rpm and watts can produce the same amount of juice. HB 800watt 14000 to 16000 rpm. JLL 250 watt 3600 rpm. If JLL is truly the better purchase can you please persuade me. Buying either or today and really need to know before 4 p.m. thanks man

RequiemFrost: Awesome vid, I actually just bought my jack lalanne tonight

TheGadgetVoice: I have both, the Lalanne is better made but the HB is stronger and yields more juice. If JL ever makes one with 800 watts, it'll be a winner!

Pete Toyos: Well done!

lanzjoshua: good question! can somebody answer?

IAJmusic: Thanks I got the Hamilton because of your video


V.DeVitto: Aside from the noise since that wouldn't bother me, would you recommend just getting the Hamilton since it is cheaper? I considered getting the Breville, but I'm not so sure if I want to spend the money on it if I can get something cheaper that works good as well. Thanks
Jack LaLanne deluxe juicer vs Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice extractor 4.7 out of 5

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Jack LaLanne deluxe juicer vs Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice extractor