Homemade Battery Chargers And Desulfators

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homemade battery chargers and desulfators
homemade battery chargers and desulfators
DIY Capacitance Battery Charger. homemade battery charger. Battery desulfator.
DIY Capacitance Battery Charger. homemade battery charger. Battery desulfator.
The Truth About Battery Desulfators
The Truth About Battery Desulfators
SIMPLEST 555 Timer battery desulfator
SIMPLEST 555 Timer battery desulfator
How to build a Desulfating Capacitive Battery Charger. Complete with Diagram Start to Finish
How to build a Desulfating Capacitive Battery Charger. Complete with Diagram Start to Finish

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junkman6261: Can you explain how to build one? Maybe post a schematic?

donald laisure (73SuperGlide62): ive seen compressors from miro wave ?

Ben Parmer: Hi Richard, Interesting video.

Could you please put a schematics of the charger / desulfator on here or send it to me ?


Zalds Lim: how do i know my battery are being desulfated and how long do i have it in desulfation charging mode

Neil Caulfield: where might i find a rod capacitor? i have a few alternators floating aroud. I at one point had a streetlight assembly from an accident that happened nearby, and had something that looked similar to that capacitor but it may have been a ballast. either way im sure i threw it out

Peter mitchell: could you possibly upload the schematics of the desulfator or email them to me please as i am new at electrics thanks

jacobhn2: Desulfator: One ac transformer +-5 to 15 volt and one capacitor 1000uf , one light blub 12v 10 to 45 watt. Conect all of it in series. Battery + to light blub - to transformer - to + capacitor and - of cap to - of the battery. Now turn the transformer on and the light blub turns on and the battery now is changing and discharge 50 or 60 Hz. I hope you understand what I have written :). Remember that the battery is not charged, so keep an eye on the 12v over it.

Cor Blaak: Thanks Richard, btw Happy New Year !

robert reinwall: yea Just one question..You dont show hoe to make the charger you just tell the ingredients and show the charger but not the build..i dont wanta put the wires in the wrong spot you know wire it up wrong and end up in the emergency room

wacek500: hi the 50mfd Capacitor will be good for 75ah battery? how long i need to charge it ? i have 240v in my country.

Richard Lewis: Cor, you can use it with 220, just use a smaller value capacitor. Remember, it has to be a "Run" capacitor. And remember to always have it hooked to the load before turning it on.

Cor Blaak: Hi Richard, one question, i live in the Netherlands, we have 240 Volts here, have i to adjust it with a resistor, or have i have tu use an variac or transformer ?

Jammit Timmaj: Pretty interesting. I call these "suicide chargers" just because there's no mains isolation. Be careful. I saw the schematic on your website, and if you keep an eye on the battery voltage there should be no harm to the battery. One thing I would add is a 200W/120VAC lightbulb in series with the AC socket. The bulb has a non-linear resistance and will limit current to about 2A. With sulfated plates, the voltage will still rise to a high value.

JJD1913: could you please send schematics of the charger / desulfator to me ?


Mohamed Tabti: is that the desulfator is equipped with a microcontroller or controller to automate desulfation, if not can you tell me a site where I can find the shema electronic desulfator a high current equipped microcontroller or controller

da a: I made one on 220v it ok I charged two cord rill battery, and few car battery. Today I gona bild one with 10mf. BTW I conec to him 1000hz desulfator and is ok its work ok no problem so far. Once I had electrical shock 315v 16mf=1,3A and suvave. BE VERY VERY CAREFFUL use protection and fuse. I only use to trickle charge the battery to have enough energy for 1000hz desulfator.

repsolka: @rclewis01 yea right, connected in series each battery will be fully charged with only 2V...

Paul Kay: @KRAYSLiCK999 thats right.. you are charging the battery with 120v mains power.. just rectified and current limited

Richard Lewis: @cobrachoppergirl The transformer type usually are very simple and don't have any smarts. That wall wart may be designed for something that is really 13 volts, and since the battery is so much lower, more current flows. You need to use my circuit and use a capacitor that will provide 250 mA or a little less.
homemade battery chargers and desulfators 5 out of 5

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homemade battery chargers and desulfators