Red Wing 2406 Work Boots

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Red Wing 2406 Work Boots
Red Wing 2406 Work Boots
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Fredward Jones: 2:07 wtf was that?

TheCrewchief01: Red wings are very well made wore them for over 20 yrs.!!!

MrElectricstorm: I am going to take my 2406 next week to get resoled.. Ive bought about 7-10 pairs of red wings in my life so far and never thought to resoled them bc $ wasn't a big deal.. Now it's so tight I have to. I don't take my boots in to get them groomed ever. Dirt mud and cold weather groom my boots for me an it helps to keep them looking bad ass;) lol

MyHollowpoint: Looks like you stole those off a Smurf,lol. :)

phantomcharger: excellent review, I've been looking for a US brand boot, hard to come by a good one. thanks

Carlos Delao: Red wing will replace the soles? I have the same one of my soles are done. Where do you send them?

bootsniffer1: Great boots, Cowboy! I have the 8" version of this same boot; wear a 14b in Red Wings. You're right about the break-in period, but after that they're like a pair of comfy sneaks! What size are you?

kasper7106: I have the same boots w/o steel toes. I swear by Red wings, I would rather wear RW's than any pare of tennis shoes

hazman440: @23mrcowboys never doubt me son ... LOL !

alonewcompany: those boots look pretty clean..... do you actually do any work?!?! HAha! $215 DOLLARS!!!!! Your F*CKING CRAZY!!!! WOW!!! NEVER gonna happen for me! Id rather put a down payment on a damn gun! HOLY CRAP dude! You and Ebomey are CRAZY!

Hugo Martinez: check out my red wing boots review GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheLocknLoadChannel: Nice boots Ben! Im gonna check out their website! Thanks bro! :)

alonewcompany: @23mrcowboys Flippin SWEET bro! My 2nd to last company bought me some Timberlands that im still rockin today! Decent boots - but start to hurt after a while sometimes

Misty Prepper: Nice boots...

Buckrun11: Do they do the maintance free of charge? The company I work for buys us Red Wings boots. We have to wear the ones with the metguard. I didn't know they will service the boots like you said.

Jack Bailey: cant go wrong with red wing

hazman440: I've been wearing Red Wings longer than you've been around ! LOL.

dgallag339: When you say you had them back to Redwing do you just stop into a Redwing store or have to send them bag?

deputysheriff100: How "a-boot" that. Nice brogans. For a minute there I thought it was 2 pontoon boats tied up together. The "girl" could live in those.... LOL

phantomcharger: @23mrcowboys wow.

TheMultiGunMan: ★★★★★ Those are great Boots! I have a pair of Redwing King Toes. Awesome Boots!

ShepherdDawg: Who woulda thunk- a boot review. Thanks for the tip man!

MrSabotSlug: Great vid. Next time I need work boots I will check these out. In my profession I am RUFF on work boots. I have tried several expensive brands. I am usually lucky if I get 1 season out of them. About 2 years ago I got a pair of Timberland Pro Series Steel toe. They lasted me until the end of this season. I already got another pair, but next time I will definately be checking into these.

Ballistic Solutionz Channel: Nice boots bro!!

ebomey: I had a prostitute that had the same after the purchase features! You have a text!

MrJmfitch: boots are awesome but the hockey team is better

The Lone Patriot 111: Cool info

gunnwild1: I had a pair of Red Wings for work and they were the most comfortable boots I've owned.

MrDeleon9999: SWEET boots brother BEN. I had RedWings when i worked in the oilfield. CHEERS to you from west texas!!

gunnwild1: @23mrcowboys No need. I don't do work where I need them anymore.

40sigsauer: Redwing boots are awesome!!!
Red Wing 2406 Work Boots 4.8 out of 5

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Red Wing 2406 Work Boots