Descaling The Nuovo Simonelli Oscar

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Descaling the Nuovo Simonelli Oscar
Descaling the Nuovo Simonelli Oscar
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Gianni Bonfigli: I do not understand this descaling, it is completely useless and I'll explain why.
The boiler has a heat exchanger, during time if you have not used water with a low lime content you will have limestone in the heat exchanger,only on the heat exchanger, but never in the boiler. 
The central boiler is only used to generate steam and this process actually uses a very small amount of water, the descaling of the boiler is not necessary at all.
Have you ever opened a boiler ? 
Have you ever replaced the heating element ? 
I tell you that in many years of technical assistance on the coffee machine with heat exchanger I've never seen limestone into the boiler or on the heating element. 
I tell you that I have seen heat exchangers completely clogged. 
The descaling should not be made on the boiler, but must be made on the heat exchanger.
How? Simply using natural products, such as citric acid, following this procedure:
Mix well and dissolve 150-200 grams of citric acid in warm water and pour it into the tank.
The machine will be hot, operate the pump to let half liter of water and citric acid pass through the heat exchanger. 
Wait 5 to 10 minutes and repeat with another half liter. 
Again wait 5 to 10 minutes.
Fill the tank with fresh water and rinse the system with two liters of water. Finish by passing a final water adding a teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize any traces of acid that may still be present.
Before starting the procedure, it is ESSENTIAL to detach the wire of the 2-way valve. 
I explain because this points are important:
If you do the procedure after too long time and the machine (heat exchanger) is too full of lime, water inlet to the heat exchanger can be found clogged with pieces of tartar, that could obstruct the acid flow . If you see the hydraulic diagram of the NS Oscar, it is easy to understand that if the water inlet of the heat exchanger is clogged, then the water solution of citric acid passes trough the 3 way solenoid valve immediately to the coffee group, the water doesn't  circulate in the heat exchanger.
It is ESSENTIAL to disconnect the wire of the 2-way valve for the following reason. 
If during the descaling process the probe of the water level in the boiler starts, citric acid  solution  enters in the boiler, with the consequence that generated steam will have a taste of lemon. 

Tou: thanks mate, helped a lot!

AlittleSmokey: Sure has some steam power. I liked the oscar.... but didn't buy that one. Beastly machine.

Kelly Manglona: Thanks. Just did mine today.

John Alti Alti: why ppffffuuuck was the water green??? Tx for the vid

flacteMnaD: I just got an older Oscar that needs exactly this. Brewhead is already flushing blue, and soon I'll attack the boiler. This is far easier than a complete boiler removal and descale.

OKuusava: Thank You for the lesson! I'we done just as You did. And I did also flush the brewhead ;-)

kbastrup: @perzk Den kender jeg ikke - det forsøger jeg :) Tak for hjælpen!

kbastrup: Det må jeg prøve! Min laver damp når jeg vil brygge... Nogen ide hvorfor? Jeg har luret andre videoer, med samme problem som mit, men flere skriver noget med en pumpe der kan være i stykker.. Tak for videoen!
Descaling the Nuovo Simonelli Oscar 5 out of 5

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Descaling the Nuovo Simonelli Oscar