How To Unclog A Sink Without Toxic Chemicals - Using A Hose

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How to Unclog a Sink Without Toxic Chemicals - Using A Hose
How to Unclog a Sink Without Toxic Chemicals - Using A Hose
How to unclog a sink drain
How to unclog a sink drain
How to Unclog a Drain without Toxic Chemicals
How to Unclog a Drain without Toxic Chemicals
How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink
How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink
Cindy's How to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink with a Cute Little Drain Plunger!!
Cindy's How to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink with a Cute Little Drain Plunger!!

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Flyura Rabkina: very often our kitchen drain gets clogged, we tried chemicals and chlorine, baking soda and vinegar, we used plumbing snake... nothing helped, till today, my husband found out this video and he tried to use a hose, and IT WORKED! Thank you very much for educational video, for sharing your valuable experience, for helping people!

John Franklin: 1:13  Oooo Mcbeth?
HHAHAHA, she's soo cute  :D

Wilson Revelle: Great idea! Im gonna try it. Tell the kids I said hello back :) LOL!

droperosthia: I like how you fast-forwarded everything except for the kids! Nice vid! Thanks!

Va Xiong: The kids are funny. Best part of the video

JWPhoto: We bought a 25' rotary snake for $40 and it worked perfectly with no chemicals. 

Nick Rivard: Thank you so much for the advice. It totally worked for me. I didn't have my wife around so I had to kink the hose and then turn it on, then un-kink. Worked ok, but got a little messy in the kitchen. Anyway, thanks for the video.

robo2200: thank you! it worked!

M & L Espedal: This worked great for me.  I would not have believed it though.  I tried a 25 foot snake and that did nothing.  I was ready to give up and then I watched your video. Gave it a shot - what the heck nothing else worked.  You are a kitchen plugged drain savior!  Super idea guy!!!  I will remember this one for future use.  Thanks again.  Give yourself 5 stars!!!!!!!!!  The kids all get 5 stars for their roles as advisors.
Mark in Mn. and unplugged.  P.S. The wife says she will never put spaghetti down the drain again!!

Matthew McCoy: This did the trick for me.  Too bad I didn't try this first before buying a $40 drill auger.  I've been fighting this clog with for a couple of years. Thanks!

Ramon Preston: They sell a device to do this. It connects to your hose and slides into the drain. Water pressure makes it expand forming a seal to the drain pipe. The the pressure blows the water down the pipe. Mine is called a Drain King. Ask at your hardware store. Mine was about $10.
Unfortunately it didn't work this time which is why I am on Youtube looking for another answer.

Ramon Preston: Wow! You have a lot less under your sink than my wife does. Half the battle is taking the junk out.

j utopia: You have darling kids who just love the camera.  I have four sinks that I will be attempting to unplug.  The greedy plumbers want 85.00 for each sink.  I would rather the sinks stay clog an eternity before I pay this ridiculous amount of money.  I will post back when all sinks have been successfully. 

taelon757: Water is a chemical.

Tyno Vu: I could not use the water hose because of cold & snow out side So I used the water line right next to it. The water line is kinda too small for the pipe so I covered it with towels. Worked well.  This video is very helpful.  Thanks for posting.  ( I done this maybe 2 years ago) 

tigerbalm: Use a snake.

Thomas McIntyre: You got it right!  Just got through using your amazing technique - presto!  Back in business.  Thanks.

laokram: Will clog up soon down the drain pipe

vanessatx: I used this technique after I've use so many chemicals. It worked so well!! Took me all of 10 min to do this. Thank you very much!!

jucemian76: Thank u so muchhhhhhhh ! U just saved me a couple of hundreds of dollars . 
How to Unclog a Sink Without Toxic Chemicals - Using A Hose 5 out of 5

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How to Unclog a Sink Without Toxic Chemicals - Using A Hose