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Jafndaegur: Richard Armitage should totally be casted for Dr. Strange!
Lord Megatrron: Does ANYONE know tha name of the music played here?
Tony Garcia: Old but good video. If the 996 GT3 driver would have stopped defending his line and focused on hitting his marks, he would have left the 951. The 996 GT3, which isn't particularly fast in a straight line, still out accelerated the 951. The 951 was clearly the faster driver. Which was the only reason it stayed up with the 996 GT3.
PhysiquesOfGreatness: still lookin good
CBT Nuggets: +Keith Barker demonstrates how to discover the traffic patterns within your network using NetFlow: #networkadmin #videotutorial #videotips 
ANGELICA RODRIGUEZ: No es necesario que sean laminas puede ser grenetina en polvo, se consigue donde venden materias primas o en cualquier super viene en sobres, poner una cucharada con poca agua en el horno de microondas un minuto quedando la consistencia como miel y se coloca en el rostro cuando este tibia, cubres con papel, dejas secar y retiras.

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