Cranberry Smokey Eyes | Valentines Day Makeup

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MAC Club & Cranberry Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial!
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Autumn Smokey Eye Look I Covet Thee
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MsCreativeDiva: I wanted to do something different for Valentines Day, I hope you all enjoy this berry smokey eye. I paired this look with two lip colors so tell me what are you a pink type of person or do you love your nude lipsticks ? Thumbs up for more tutorials and I hope you all have a great Valentines Day

LovelyOverload: beautiful

EENA BLACK: #flawless

ItsOnlyMakeup: Very pretty!!!!!!!!

Ashley B: My favorite Valentine's day look. Excellent job love it!

Demetria Leaks: Loving it.. Beautiful

MakeupJunkie21: Your eyebrows are bomb today did you use something different it looks absolutely stunning along with makeup 

chyna colon: I love it

keliy84: Very pretty and not too many colors. Thumbs up

Demetria Wilson: YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL. TFS :-)

JesMarie Jones: Gorge! As always doll! 💕

mzzflawlessbeauty: Love EVERYTHANG about this look! The music tho!! The music was a bonus! Tfs

Fatay Baskett: Beautiful! 

GorgeousBrowneyes: Love the eyeshadow combo pretty colors both lipsticks are pretty👍💄

Crystal Sturdivant: Lovely work as always! :-)

MsDazzlinDiva: i live!!! yes! you did that! I love it!!!

Ngozi Campbell: looking good. Roses are nice extra.

Yv Cambridge: But i like your naturel hair. I will tray to do the look. Thanks

gina d: beautiful girl u always do a great job 

Kierra Jackson: all the other gurus were doing the same boring look!

darknluvly702: PRRRRETTY!!!

Ms.Manda: I love it!!! Im trying it tomorrow 

Kayla Printup: Beautiful! What brushes are you using?

Stephanie Hunter: I have a question on makeup I was wondering had to ever tried the elf high definition transition: powder in yellow?

xoxoshanta: Whats the name of this song?? Loved this look btw!!!

MsKiko K: Beautiful mamasita!

Lashonda Fortenberry: cute!

Susete Monaco: Hi, lovely do you work in a department store in the makeup area, as Macy's?

MissSweetChar: Beautiful :)

Houston Hunni: Get it girl

lisa g: Your Beautiful!!!

Berenice Montero: I loooooovvvve you♥♥ You are extremely beautiful :) keep doing what you're doing. All your videos are helpful, and unique. God bless , SMOOCHES♡♡♡♡♡

sparkle2012jt: You know I'm really loving this look!!! The cranberry eyes are gorgeous!!!

Chavela Armstrong: Very pretty#

Amanda Clarke: Gorgeous as always , what foundation do you use hun?

Sweetsbabii09718: Love it !. I'm actually wearing a purple look myself. Happy Valentine's Day .

Norma Dei Dei Nieves: LOVED IT! u look gorgeous! ♥

Shona Rucker: Berry pretty look diva! Thanks for sharing. :)

janice sykes: yes DIVA, U R BEAUTIFUL. :)

SheriLive: This is the prettiest Valentine's Day look I've seen! Thanks for sharing! 💄

Jaine's Obsession: Gurl you are KILLIN' ME! I watched the whole video...paid attention, I swear...but everytime you panned to that hair, I was just sidetracked! I don't see a video on this Sade hair and when I go to the site, I only see the Brazilian Mulatto Curly.... did you get the Brazilian Mulatto Curly and then flat iron it out or is this another one that they're no longer selling? Please do tell because there's just nothing cute about a girl in suspense with a credit card in her hand! LOL! Thanks in advance!

Lisa SoNatural: your skin is so clear and smooth. BEAUTIFUL!!

JazzMisses: Loved the look it was really beautiful. What video editing software do you use ?

Ashley Humphrey: Yes what song please 

Tyra Jackson: Beautiful!

missy brown: 👌👌👌👌

quanda091: ♥GORGEOUS♥

Jasmine Joyner: This is very beautiful!

BudgetMadam: My bad on all the questions though hehehe!

2LoveJones: +MsCreativeDiva song title gurl???
Cranberry Smokey Eyes | Valentines Day Makeup 5 out of 5

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Cranberry Smokey Eyes | Valentines Day Makeup