Samsung Galaxt Tab 3 Rocket Tab Rom Install

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Samsung Galaxt Tab 3 Rocket Tab rom install
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Matt McKean: Ok, so do I need to root my device veggie installing this Rom, or will it just work after installing from a custom recovery, or more appropriately, does installing a custom recovery (clockwork/twrp etc) pretty much root me to start flashing custom roms straight away? I know it's a bit of a noob question, but I'm unsure if I need to flash a prerooted md5 first, then cwm, then this, or if I can just install a custom recovery in Odin, then use that to install this. Currently running a tab 3 fully stock, not rooted. Any pointers you could give would be greatly appreciated :)

robb gifford: Any ROM for sm-t217s for sprint running 4.4.2 plz help 

TheGlowey Thingy: does it work on tab 3 10.1

Chris Lethbridge: by the way working great and very smooth thanks RJ

Chris Lethbridge: can i backup in twrp my roms and its setting i would like to have them all on my sd card if possible so i could switch when i wanted???

Erick Morales: I was able to install it, and it works great! but when i'm in the youtube app. it turns off and goes into Kernel Panic Upload mode.... any ideas why?? 

Ian Hasty: i've got a question. I have rocket tab 3 lite installed and running on my galaxy tab 3 7 inch. now i've been downloading some things here and there. if i want to go back to the stock rocket tab "normal" how would i do that? I have twrp also. so if that helps. basically i want to go back to the 'stripped down bare-minimum'... please help! much appreciated

Steffano Barbieri: Whats the benifit of flashing tnis rom??

Huey Mitchell: Which roms work for the sgh t217s im rooted and ready to flash a custom rom I just want to make sure its the right one. Thank you in advance

Rony Zeran Z: done it successfully after many attempts.. btw ,we should have a rooted tablet or else wont work and after root just follow his video ! he has done a great job! thank you so much brother ! xD

Saurav Das: i am using t211. where can i find the rocket tab rom for my tab

Rout C: Could you show me a link to where I can get the default ROM for galaxy tab 3

my little bronie: now after we download and install this can we delete the file or what 

Yunho Jung: How did u unlock the bootloader???

Charlie Edward: How do u do this if u already rooted will i lose all my stuff i already got like root checker and alk that u said to get in ither video want different themes new to android so any help would be great got the over clock app only so far want free movies and app info :)

c Hollars: How did you make the blue wifi signal I've tried from toolbox it didn't work

Thomas Cox: I just tried installing a different rom and it worked fine but now the screen is messed up... the colors are very different and the screen has a bit of a flicker to it. I havent seen this problem from anyone else using the one I tried... Any Ideas?

KidCydia: I tried to get twrp recovery but now all google apps say no connection

Jinx Catz: which rom for this lets you move apps to sd

Chris Lethbridge: WhT if I dont wipe because when I di I lose my zip files right?

Shaun Standing: flashed the lite version yesterday. Is great, any idea if anyone is planning a rom that removes touch wiz? 

John Dell Rivera: Mr.Root Junky sir, is this rom compatible for SM-T211? And if not can you make a video on AVAILABLE ROMS for SM-T211

UCHEY DIBIE: using a sm t211 3.7,i rooted my device n tried to install anriod 4.4 kitkat i got from 4shared,did not do a backup before installing,after the installation my device will boot only to display the samsung galaxy tab log n remain there,its been like that for days,also does same after installing rocket tab it still does the same,pls what do you think i can do about it,and im using CWM RECOVERY v6.0

Peddersdub: Had some weird things happening with the cwm, disappearing, i have to press vol up/down button to see list again but managed it. Installed this rocket rom onto my friend's tab 3 and it is a strip down of original rom as you state. Simply put my own app's i prefer on my androids and he will on this hopefully lol, and all good. Thank you for sharing this excellent tut

wanderson marques: language?

bala reddy: hello sir i am using galaxy tab 3 sm t211 model my tab gets stucking while playing games or using apps so i think i should reinstall android 4.1.2 jelly bean again sir will you pl tell me how to reinstall os again its urgent

علي محمد: Best one Ever

hasrul m:, can this rom run on gsm version SM-T211?

John Ci: Video about the deletrious ROM please? :)

Ian Hasty: This is ian hasty again on a different account SGTTOM, happen to remember trying to get a bluetooth mouse to work on this tablet? Found a way to get a pointer on my browser haha. The nyko playpad bluerooth gaming controller for android has the functions to both work as a pointer or use as a game controller! Found that very interesting considering it only costed me $25! Figure this may help questions in the future for u. The only difference is that the controller navigates the pointer with its analog stick so that is a little bite considering you cant "free-hand" the mouse if ya catch my drift. Thank you for the help this far!

my little bronie: Hi I'm sorry but I reinstalled the rocket version 3.1 and now Google play store is not opening 

علي محمد: I have this device seriously Rocket tap rom is the best rom for battery life, gaming, etc,, I tried all roms in xda like Seal rom , fast dream all of them was good but Rocket tap is better one :-) love it

Ian Hasty: our build numbers are different does that matter'

علي محمد: Best one Ever

Chris Lethbridge: If I wipe wont it delete my zip file for rocket rom? Pretty sure. How do I get around that???

Emmanuel Tennyson: Also as i can see you just formatyour device... howtoget back all my apps. 

Emmanuel Tennyson: WILL THIS WORK ON SM-T210 ??? Pleae reply at reply asap!

scottalyely: Thanks for the great video. All of your videos are very easy to follow. I am really enjoying the better responsiveness of this rom. yep. as more roms come out I will keep up on them. :-)

Reece M: can kitkat be on the tab 3?

Reece M: thanks, ive been waiting if someone makes a rom for it then yes. just need a developer to do it.

Швайкина Ольга: Класс у меня всё получилось.Спасибо

c Hollars: How did you get the blue wifi signal on notification bar ice tried from toolbox it didn't work galaxy tab 3 SM-T210R 
Samsung Galaxt Tab 3 Rocket Tab rom install 4.9 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxt Tab 3 Rocket Tab rom install